Pre Enya New Age Music

"New Age (Music)" Version Difference

Based on these approaches, the following definitions of New Age as a music genre can be derived:
* '' New Age in the narrower sense '': Very melodic, easily digestible and meditative music, often with elements of [[world music]] such as & nbsp; B. Use of exotic musical instruments or folk songs. In this sense, New Age would be largely congruent with the music genre [[Ethno]]. Typical representatives of this New Age are music projects and artists like [[Enigma (music project) | Enigma]], [[Enya]], [[Era (music project) | Era]], [[Deep Forest]], [[Cusco (band ) | Cusco]] and parts of the music by [[Delerium]], [[Bradley Joseph]], [[Kitaro]], [[Gandalf (musician) | Gandalf]], [[Mike Oldfield]], [[Rick Wakeman]], [[Peter Gabriel]], [[David Darling (musician) | David Darling]], [[Jean Ven Robert Hal]], [[David Arkenstone]], [[Jean-Philippe Audin]] or des [[Paul Winter Consort]].
* '' New Age in the broader sense '': Any form of melodic electronic music. Accordingly, in addition to the artists listed above, electronic pioneers such as [[Jean Michel Jarre]], [[Vangelis]] and [[Tangerine Dream]] would also be included in the New Age, as well as all electronic artists whose music style was inspired by one or more of these pioneers was inspired. This New Age term is also often used in practice; the band Tangerine Dream got a [[Grammy]] nomination in the “New Age” category in the 1990s.