Why don't cool people chill for the president

Power is sexy: the coolest US presidents in films!

The election thriller in the US didn't leave any of us indifferent this week. Why easy if complicated is another option?! But life is not a pony farm and you have been able to experience that again in the last few days.

Then it would be better to have a clearly defined leader who comes across as cool and / or sexy, as Hollywood would like us to believe! In any case, the US election is the perfect opportunity for us to once again introduce you to the coolest film presidents we've ever met!

Everything fictional, so biopics are dropped. And real horror scenarios a la Trump. One thing is certain, US presidents must be prepared for all kinds of dangers - from aliens to comets to super villains, something always happens ...

President Thomas J. Whitmore

Bill Pullman in "Independence Day"

Honestly, we would all like to have such a cool sock as heads of state.Bill Pullmans President Whitmore not only makes extremely rousing speeches in the face of our impending doom. No, he also flies fighter jets and makes disgusting aliens realize who's boss on this planet! It really wasn't easy for him: White house destroyed, First Lady dead ... Then just deliver, respect. Cheers to the Independence Day!

Dave Kovic aka President Bill Mitchell

Kevin Kline in "Dave"

You don't become President of the United States overnight, it takes years of preparation. But what if the incumbent president suddenly fails? Then you can consider yourself lucky to like a doppelganger Dave to have someone who steps in and has the ambition to really make a difference instead of just "seemingly governing". Kevin Klines Time in the Oval Office is short-lived, but it shows what can be achieved if words are followed by deeds.

President Tom Beck

Morgan Freeman in "Deep Impact"

Morgan Freeman you buy pretty much every role, including that of the US president, of course. Its Tom Beck offDeep impact (not to be confused with the German actor of the same name) has gone calm and always keeps a cool head, which is one of the most important prerequisites for this job. Even if a comet the size of New York hits Earth. With someone like him, such an "extinction-level event" becomes much more bearable.

President James W. Sawyer

Jamie Foxx in "White House Down"

Channing Tatum While there is no harm in having as a protector, it is definitely beneficial to be able to take care of yourself. Just like President Sawyer, who was in White House Down proves to be a specimen of the more defensive variety, although not entirely voluntarily. But heyJamie Foxx fires a bazooka, what other US president can say that? Ultimately, the terrorists also understand that they have messed with the wrong person.

President James Dale

Jack Nicholson in "Mars Attacks!"

The same year that Roland Emmerichs Alien invasion took place, it was also said Mars Attacks!. Actually, the Martians come in peace, but a small misunderstanding leads to the massacre of humanity. But President Dale means well, you have to give him that. Mutual slaughter is not his thing, he extends the hand of friendship to the alien leader. Well, fatal mistake. Also: Jack Nicholson as POTUS, how awesome!

President Thomas "Tug" Benson

Lloyd Bridges in "Hot Shots! The Second Attempt"

IfHot shots! the mother of all films is must Lloyd Bridges probably the grandpa of all US presidents. Or something like that. In the first part of the slapstick series, he was still Admiral Benson, inHot shots! The 2nd attempt then President Benson. And pounded as ever. No wonder with so many lost and replaced body parts, after all, the man can pull a handkerchief through his ears. The world has never seen such a president. At least not then.

President Lindberg

Thomas Lister Jr. in "The Fifth Element"

Has a rather atypical (galactic) president The fifth Element. Tommy "Tiny" Lister is 1.96 m tall and around 140 kg, which gives him an intimidating presence. He was already wrestling against Hulk Hogan and doesn't look like someone you'd like to meet alone in the dark. Or met at all. But as President Lindberg he cuts a fine figure, as a futuristic citizen of the world you feel all the more secure.

The president

Tim Robbins in "Austin Powers - Spy In A Secret Missionary Position"

Just a cameo, but what a cameo. InAustin Powers - secret missionary spy ruled Tim Robbins the USA and laughs in the face of evil. Literally, because when Dr. Evil makes his demands, he finds it to shoot. The laughter quickly goes away, however. Evil means business: he threatens to blow up the White House with his gigantic laser. Unless the president puts his little finger to his mouth * $ 100 billion!

President Andrew Shepherd

Michael Douglas in "Hello Mr. President"

A US president without a first lady, where can you get something like that? At Hello Mr. PresidentMichael Douglas doesn't have to deal with aliens or Russian terrorists, no, he's trying to win the heart of an environmental lobbyist. Which in no way means that he is neglecting his duties. President Shepherd brings personal and professional life together in an exemplary manner and is more involved than anyone else in matters of global warming and gun violence.

President James Marshall

Harrison Ford in "Air Force One"

We have four words for you: Get out of my plane! Just hijack the US President's plane and then dare to take hostages on board? Not with Harrison Fordbecause the terrorists did the math without President Marshall. He solves the problem the John McClane way and turns off the intruders one by one until the Air Force One belongs to him again. This is how you do it and no other way.