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100+ High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites List For SEO 2020

When I started blogging in 2010, the only thing that came to mind was blog commenting when I heard the word " Backlink " saw. I found it impossible Links using other methods to manufacture.

In 2020 things have really changed. Google bots have gotten smarter and the competition has risen to new levels. Nevertheless, commenting on blogs has not lost its importance .

In the layman's word, blogging is a way to interact with your readers about a specific perspective on a specific topic. One of the basic ways bloggers use their Readers can interact , is commenting .

Today we have a list of more than 100 high quality blogs (only High DA blogs) compiled for commenting in different categories .

List of 100+ Blog Comment Pages (with DA) for 2020

Table of Contents

  • List of 100+ Blog Comment Pages (with DA) for 2020
    • Why blog comments?
    • Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Comment
    • List of Blogs with High DA Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing for Blog Comments
    • List of High DA Technology Blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020
    • List of High DA Health and Fitness Blogs for Blog Commenting
    • List of High DA Finance Blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020
    • List of High DA Travel Blogs for Blog Commenting
    • List of High DA Lifestyle Blogs for Blog Commenting
    • FAQs | Blog comment pages
    • Conclusion on the list of blog comment sites (with high DA) for 2020

Matt Cutts says:

No need to worry about creating links through comments that are relevant and meaningful to the blog.

Why blog comments?

Commenting on blogs may feel silly at first, but it has many advantages. It helps in many ways.

Some benefits of blog commenting

Connect to your readers: Readers are most important to a blogger. Without it, your blog is just an online page of text.

How can you make your readers happy?

This can be done simply by replying to their comments. It makes them feel special.

Connect to influencers: It is important that you showcase your blog to influencers in one way or another. No, not for links. They can help you achieve newer goals and grow your blog. This helps especially if you are a newbie.

Referral traffic: Blog comments can many visitors Of your blog. There may be few, but if you take blog comments seriously, there can be many.

Boosts a new website: In my previous post, I talked about blog comments and how you can add it to your new niche website improve can. While it might give you a nofollow link, it's still very useful.

Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Comment

  • The first step is to find blogs in your niche that accept blog comments. Relevance is very important. Don't ignore the relevance . We have listed some high quality blogs with their Domain Authority (DA) that you can blog comments on for your specific niche.

How do I make blog comments?

  • Create first create an account Gravatar . It's free. This will show your avatar (profile picture) in all comments where you use the email to create an account on Gravatar.
  • Make sure the blog has a DA (Domain Authority) of more than 30+. There is no hard and fast rule, but a higher one DA has its own advantages . You can use the Mozbar to check the site's DA. We have mentioned the DA of each blog below for reference.

What to Avoid When Blog Comments for Traffic and Backlinks in 2020:

  • It is recommended that you avoid blogs that have Use Disqus and Facebook comments . You won't get a link back either, but you'll also miss out on a hefty referral traffic. People integrate these to spam to avoid .
  • Avoid blogs with spam comments.

Although I've mentioned a lot of blogs to comment on, you can also find them via a simple Google search.

I use DropMyLink too to find blogs with CommentLuv. DropMyLink is one of the best blog commenting services that users can easily do that can find proper blog to comment on , be it a .edu blog, a .gov blog, a CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and much more.

After you find a nice blog to comment on, select a post to comment on. Make sure you do the blog post once have read, before leaving comments.

Some steps to follow when commenting on blogs

  • Make sure the comment is at least 100 words long . The longer the comment, the better. If possible, try to mention the highlights of the content.
  • It's good exercise in comment a question to deliver. That way, your comment will stand out from the crowd.
      You can link to the home page or the internal page of your website when you comment on the blog.

What to Avoid When Commenting on Blogs:

  • Don't try generic comment to Post . Most of the time, these comments have little or no value.
  • Use your Left not in comment . Most of the time they are not approved.
  • use No way Your key word instead of the name.

An example of a well-researched comment

3. Try to link your homepage as well as your posts.

It's not a must, yours Homepage in the website field. You can always have one Link to a new post or insert it into a landing page.

List of Blogs with High DA Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing for Blog Comments

  • Copyblogger: DA 78
  • Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
  • Backlinko: DA 63
  • SmartPassiveIncome: DA 66
  • JustaGirlandHerBlog: DA 59
  • DA 59
  • Blog on elegant topics: DA 90
  • Problogger: DA 77
  • AdvanceWebRanking: DA 55
  • DA 51
  • DA 54
  • Matthew Woodward: DA 52
  • DA 53
  • MelyssaGriffin: DA 58
  • SmartBlogger: DA 58
  • Blog: DA 42
  • BloggingBasics101: DA 50
  • DA 49
  • DA 40
  • DA 47
  • Niche pursuit: DA 52
  • HellBound Blogger (HBB): DA 48
  • DA 47
  • DA 40
  • BloggerIdeas: DA 47
  • BloggingFromParadise: DA 43
  • DA 46
  • MasterBlogging Blog: DA 46
  • DA 44
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 59
  • Authority hacker: DA 49
  • DA 43
  • RobbieRichards: DA 41
  • Inspire to thrive: DA 39
  • DA 41
  • GotchSeo: DA 40
  • DA 43
  • Human Proof Designs: DA 42
  • Philipscom: DA 37
  • CloudLiving: DA 37
  • BloggingX Blog: DA 36
  • Yaro Blog: DA 55

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List of High DA Technology Blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

  • OnlineTechTips: DA 73
  • Track: DA 64
  • AllTechBuzz: DA 58
  • TechWalls: DA 57
  • TroubleFixer: DA 49
  • CallingAllGeeks: DA 41
  • ShoutMeTech: DA 35
  • ITechCode: DA 38
  • TechLast: DA 40

List of High DA Health and Fitness Blogs for Blog Commenting

  • 100DaysofRealFood: DA 65
  • HiveHealthMedia: DA 51
  • HealthResource4u: DA 41
  • AggiesKitchen: DA 56
  • HealthBeckon: DA 53
  • FitnessVsWeightLoss: DA 35
  • Diabetes Strong: DA 52

List of High DA Finance Blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

  • MoneySavingMom: DA 70
  • SavingAdvice: DA 63
  • ChristianPf: DA 56
  • ModestMoney: DA 54
  • ManvsDebt: DA 56
  • IagoInvester: DA 45
  • OneCentAtATime: DA 47
  • Financial highway: DA 52
  • MoneyExcel: DA 31
  • SafalNiveshak: DA 46
  • BasuNivesh: DA 39
  • BeatingBroke: DA 40
  • TFLGuide: DA 40
  • SubraMoney: DA 38

List of High DA Travel Blogs for Blog Commenting

  • BoardingArea: DA 78
  • GloabalGrasshopper: DA 58
  • DangerousBuisness: DA 56
  • ShaluSharma: DA 41
  • VelvetEscape: DA 54
  • InspiringTravellers: DA 48
  • TheShootingStar: DA 52
  • IndiTales: DA 44
  • LakshmiSharat: DA 42
  • AnkiOnTheMove: DA 32
  • RomancingThePlanet: DA 35
  • TravelDiaryParnashree: DA 35
  • Wanderink: DA 28

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List of High DA Lifestyle Blogs for Blog Commenting

  • Aha-Now: DA 43
  • EverythingMom: DA 45
  • Naina: DA 39
  • HBCULifestyle: DA 52
  • MordernLifeBlogs: DA 37
  • AkanshRedhu: DA 39
  • SweetStyleBlog: DA 27
  • DashofWellness: DA 33
  • VanityNoApologies: DA 49
  • TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: DA 21
  • Purushu: DA 31

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FAQs | Blog Comment Pages

1. What does a blog comment on in SEO?

Commenting on blogs is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. Just go to the websites that have commenting enabled. Comment with your website url, once approved, you will receive a backlink for the same.

2. Does blog commenting still work?

Yes, they do. When done right, blog comments will result in better rankings.

3. What are high DA backlinks?

These are the top performing types of links you can get from high domain authority (DA) websites.

4. What makes commenting on blogs perfect?

Make sure you have created a profile on Gravatar that you can use to view your profile picture. Comment on the websites that are relevant to your niche. Next, commenting on high DA websites is an added benefit for your website.

5. How do I start writing good comments?

Try to read the post as best you can, then comment on it with related questions or feedback on your website link.

6. Should I comment with the homepage url or the post url?

While it is only up to you if you want to rate a particular page well, I would recommend you leave a comment with the page url.

Conclusion on the list of blog comment sites (with high DA) for 2020

You can use the list above to start commenting on blogs. When leaving a comment, make sure you are making relevant and useful comments. Please let us know if you have any tip on adding or a missing quality website that should be part of this ultimate list of blogs for blog commenting.