I want someone to harm you

Thought Power Factors

Let me give you an example here: many years ago a woman came to me for advice. She said she felt guilty for killing someone. I was already wondering whether that would fall under the confessional secrecy or whether I should inform the public prosecutor ... Then she explained it a little more: She would have been terribly annoyed with her boss for a few days. One morning she said to herself, “I wish he had an accident and died.” That same evening, the boss actually had a car accident and was killed in the process. Since then she has believed she had killed him, and it took me a great deal of persuasion to teach her that she did not kill him, but that this meeting of inner fantasy and outer event in this case was only accidental. You can't kill someone with just a few thoughts. I spoke to the woman a little more. She had often had these thoughts: When she was annoyed with someone, she said to herself almost automatically: "I wish he would die in an accident." Except for this boss, all of the others were still alive ...
Quite a few people have thoughts that are self-destructive and even suicide. Others have violent fantasies. In Jungian psychology this is called "shadow". Of course, one should learn to deal with it and not put such thoughts into practice. But an aspirant shouldn't believe that doing so would negatively affect the world.
So please don't fall into this magical thinking that one wrong thought can lead to great catastrophes. Don't feel guilty just because you thought badly.
Make an effort to make your thoughts mostly positive. Develop self-confidence and trust in God. Send thoughts of benevolence to all beings. Use visualization and affirmation to help others in the service of God.