Why are my hands always wet

Sweaty Hands: Here's What You Can Do About It

Sweaty hands are often a sign of nervousness, fear, or excitement. Depending on the situation, there is little you can do about sweaty hands. In the long run, however, certain home remedies and applications help.

Why we sweat more on our hands and feet

Most of the two million sweat glands are located on the palms and soles of the feet. Dr. Uwe Schlese, a specialist in skin diseases, explains to the "Brigitte" that the increased sweating of hands and feet goes back to the history of human development. Because people in the Stone Age had to flee quickly and nimbly from wild animals or an opponent in case of danger, they needed moist palms and soles for proper grip.

Sweaty hands: this is how you can prevent it

Even if the job interview or date is realistically less threatening than a tiger, your body still produces an excessive amount of sweat in certain areas, including the palms of the hands, when you are stressed and restless. Experts call this phenomenon "emotional sweating".

In order to prevent embarrassing moments due to sweaty hands, you should visualize the corresponding, fear-inducing scene as intensively as possible in advance and play through various possibilities. The better you are mentally prepared for mistakes and mishaps, the less they will make you sweat. Expert Schlese also recommends using relaxation techniques such as yoga or autogenic training to act on the vegetative nervous system that controls our body functions. Breathe in and out regularly and deeply until your heart rate slows.

The problem of sweaty hands: temporary or chronic?

If you are one of those people who not only have sweaty hands in stressful situations, but also permanently and regardless of temperature, you should have them checked whether you have hyperhidrosis. Certain illnesses, such as an overactive thyroid, may be the reason why your hands are constantly sweaty. According to the website of the "Clinics of the City of Cologne", excessive perspiration on the hands is genetically determined in around 50 percent of those affected. Often the symptoms appear in adolescence, but decrease with age. If a dermatologist can rule out a pathological cause for your sweaty hands on the basis of a detailed consultation and examination, you should test which of the proven remedies against sweating work best.

Remedies for sweaty hands

Deodorant sprays based on metal salts such as aluminum chloride are now available not only for the armpits, but also for the hands. These clog the pores so that sweat can no longer flow unhindered. Around 90 percent of those affected already experience relief from antiperspirant. Other remedies for sweaty hands are special gels, creams or tinctures, and in an emergency even medication prescribed by the doctor.

Other home remedies for sweaty hands include:

  • Sage:As a sage tea or an additive in the hand bath, the culinary herb can significantly reduce sweat production.
  • Hand baths: A daily hand bath with salt water or chamomile concentrate can also reduce perspiration.
  • Baby powder: Baby powder is suitable as an immediate measure for sweaty hands. As soon as the powder is applied to the hands, it closes the sweat glands.

Anyone who suffers from sweaty hands despite these measures should perform ionophoresis. This treatment involves dipping your hands in a salt bath with a weak direct current flowing through it. The goal: regular use should noticeably reduce sweat production. After a few runs, you can even use the therapy at home on your own. Private health insurance companies cover the costs. If sweaty hands are a very stressful permanent problem, you should find out about botulinum toxin injections and surgical interventions.

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