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The trading center on BERGFÜRST - stay flexible and invest when you want

Andrea Kummermehr, April 7th, 2021

Did you actually know that there is a trading center on BERGFÜRST? We offer you a secondary market for your investments so that you remain flexible and independent of the duration of your investment strategy!

On this secondary market, you can offer your investments to other investors for sale at any time and thus be liquid again before the end of your loan term. The secondary market costs buyer and seller a transaction fee of € 10 each.

FreeTrade, what is that, actually? With a FreeTrade you save the listing or purchase fee of an order in the amount of € 10. You can save FreeTrades in your account under "Settings" and then "Enter voucher". FreeTrades are only valid for the secondary market, as the subscription to new investment opportunities is free anyway.

What is the secondary market?

You can find all projects successfully placed on the BERGFÜRST platform on the secondary market. You can act as either a buyer or a seller. If you hold shares in investment opportunities, you can offer them for sale here at individually determined rates. If you would like to participate in projects that have already been successfully placed, you can take a look at them in detail here and purchase them afterwards.

Where can I find the secondary market?

The secondary market can be found under the navigation point "Invest". There you can see an overview of all projects. If you would like to find out more about the respective real estate project, all you need to do is click on the “Go to trade” button. In the navigation points there you will find details about the project such as the synopsis, the VIB and the trading center.

Important: You can only see the current offers on the secondary market with the details of the courses when you are logged in.

Tip: When you are logged in, you can view all secondary markets at a glance.

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How does a transaction work?

The process in the secondary market is very simple:

  1. Seller publish their sell orders on the secondary market, set the price, the volume and, if necessary, the minimum purchase.
  2. The Buyers can choose an offer of their choice. By clicking on “buy” the transaction details are displayed to the buyer. In addition to the purchase price, this is the interest that has accrued since the last interest date. The buyer pays the seller additionally this pro rata interest claim at the purchase price and then receives the full interest for the interest period on the next interest date.
  3. The seller is informed of the purchase intention by mailbox message. Then the seller takes outside the BERGFÜRST platform (e.g. by e-mail) contact the buyer, conclude the contract and transmit his bank details. The buyer then transfers the money to the seller both purchase price and accrued interest.
  4. As soon as the purchase price and the accrued interest have been received by the seller, the seller informs BERGFÜRST of the receipt of payment and applies for the Assignment of the share to the investor register to be entered. BERGFÜRST then documents the transfer of the share in the investment register.
  5. The loan acquired by the buyer is now listed in the personal overview "My Investments".

By the way: 90% of sales offers find a buyer within the first week. To calculate this number, we looked at all sales offers from the last 12 months at the issue price. Also clear: As a seller, you of course receive all interest accrued so far.

How is the secondary market structured?

Our secondary market shows you in a table at a glance, among other things, the planned end of the project, the price (as a percentage of the nominal value) and the total return that can still be achieved at the current point in time. The specified return p.a. results from the respective offer price, the fixed rate p.a. and the maximum remaining term.

Please note that - unless the issuer has announced otherwise - the planned term is displayed. As a rule, issuers have the option of repaying loans early after a minimum term, provided that the projects have been successfully completed. An early repayment has an influence on the total return for prices deviating from 100%. This can change when an early repayment is announced.

Common questions about the secondary market

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