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Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German)

(C) 2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

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Title: Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German) (C) 2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

Author: Winfried Honig

Release Date: July, 2002 [Etext # 3209]

Edition: 10

Language: English and German

The Project Gutenberg Etext of Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German)

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Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German)

(C) 2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

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Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German)

(C) 2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

This is a work in progress dictionary of phrases commonly used. This book contains English and equivalent
German phrases. We are releasing two versions of this book, sorted for the English reader and sorted for the
German reader.

This book was kindly made available to us by the author.
This book was generously donated to us by the author.

------------------ Acknowledgment:
In the 1970s Winfried Honig, known as Mr Honey, started compiling and computerizing English / German
dictionaries, partly to provide his colleagues and students with samples of the language of business, partly to
collect convincing material for his State Department of Education to illustrate the need for special dictionaries
covering the special language used in different branches of the industry.

In 1997 Mr Honey began to feed his wordlists into the LEO Online Dictionary of the
Technical University of Munich, and in 2000 into the DicData Online Dictionary

While more than 500,000 daily visitors use the online versions, CD-ROM versions are available, see: Mr. Honey
would be pleased to answer questions sent to
[email protected]

Permission granted to use the word lists, on condition that links to the sites of LEO, DICDATA and MR
HONEY are maintained.

Mr Honey's services are non-commercial to promote the language of business both in English and in
German .-------------------

History and Philosophy

The beginnings of this dictionary go back to when England was part of the European Community
wanted to join.

In a joint effort by the BBC, British Council, the Dept. of Educ. and the OUP made one up
Thoughts on how to do that
Could teach business English to young leaders on the continent.

As one of the few lecturers who was in London at the time

While teaching business English, I came into contact with the project.

Since I was looking for a career in data processing or as a college professor for at that time
Had to decide business English, I chose a combination of both.

As a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, I made use of multimedia to convey useful things
Business English for my job.

For the requirements of various seminars, focal points, target groups emerged from the practical
Work the word lists and dictionaries.

Grown up and trained in the practical mindset of A.S. Hornby, a Fellow of the University
College London, I attached particular importance to the high number possible
Application examples.

The indexed sequential word lists of the compact versions, - different and, in my opinion, still a lot
better - the big ones
sequential word lists of the CD-ROM versions with the step-by-step to global search in the word and
Example lists of increasing size allow an optimal linguistic orientation in one
extensive economic vocabulary.

In doing so, I see new ways and possibilities of acquiring and dealing with the technical language.

Probably there is a lot more to offer here than the first impression suggests. It should be playful
be able to learn easier, faster and more intensively.

Due to the large number of associations, an upscale technical language is likely to emerge faster than before
Develop competence.


10 per cent less than the amount 10 percent less than the amount 10 per cent more than the amount 10 percent
above the amount 30 day's notice monthly notice period

A1 at Lloyd's first class

Act of God Force Majeure
Act of Parliament Act
Act of Parliament Law passed by Parliament
a CIF supplier a supplier under CIF conditions
a choice of products an offer; a selection of products
a clean into an unclean B / L a clean into an unclean bill of lading
a clean negotiable B / L a pure negotiable bill of lading
a clean transport document a pure transport document
a clear agreement
a clear ruling of precise rules
a compromise is normally agreed a compromise is usually found
a copy of this latter document a copy of this latter document
a court will refuse to a court will refuse
a defective condition

a defective condition of the goods a defective condition of the packaging
the packaging is in poor condition

a deferred payment undertaking Deferred payment obligation

a definite interest clause
a definite understanding to pay
a detailed record is a detailed list
a difficult job activity
a dividend has been declared a dividend has been declared

a document of financial character is a commercial paper

a dollar a dozen a dollar for the dozen

a fair premium an appropriate premium
a falsified document
a few centrally located banks
a higher price can be charged a higher price may be charged
a judicial authority a judicial authority
a kind of advertising a type of advertising
a load less than a wagon a load less than a wagon load
a luxory we cannot afford a luxury; that we cannot afford
a major contribution
a matter of discretion is a matter of discretion
a matter of relative importance
a means of a means to
a named carrier a named carrier
a named vessel
a period of fifteen days a period of two weeks
a period within which a period within which
a point of law is a question of law
a printed clause a printed clause
a range of products

a rapid turnover of merchandise a reasonable amount of assistance
appropriate scope a regulation is applicable a regulation is applicable a request for settlement by
amicable arran application for arbitration

a request in writing a written request

a required right an acquired right
a requirement in a credit
a respectable bank a respected bank
a rogue a villain
a series of acts a series of acts
a set of rules for a set of rules for
a sizable income a sizable income
a specified period of time
a statement in writing
a steady flow of goods steadily
a sufficient weight
a suitable offer
a superimposed clause an added clause
a superimposed notation an added annotation

a tolerance of 5% less will be permissibleTolerance of 5% less is permissible a tolerance of 5% more will be
permissibleTolerance of 5% more is permitted

a useful way; Kind; wise

a wagon of suitable size
a wagon of suitable type
a wagonload lot a full wagonload
a wholesaler breaks bulk a wholesaler packs goods smaller
a wide circle of a wide circle of
a wide variety of goods
abandon abandon
abandon giving up
abandon a business giving up a business
abandon a plan abandon a plan
abandon a policy abandon a policy
abandon a position
abandon a project abandon a project
abandon a scheme abandon a project
abandon a security forego security
abandon a ship abandon a ship
abandon an adventure give up an adventure
abandon an enterprise giving up a company
abandon an option to give up an option
abandon one's family leaving one's family
abandon one's wife leaving one's wife
abandon the gold standard abandon the gold standard
abandoned goods abandoned goods
abandonee the one; to whom a commodity is left
abandonment assignment; Surrender
abandonment clause Insurance clause for abandonment
abandonment of a project abandonment of a project
abandonment of a ship abandonment of a ship
abandonment of action withdrawal
abandonment of an action discontinuation of a lawsuit
abate decrease
abatement discount; estate
abatement invalidation; Crackdown
abatement of a debt relief
abatement of the purchase price discount; Reduction of the purchase price
abattoir slaughterhouse
abbreviate a text shorten a text
abbreviated address Short address
abbreviation abbreviation
abbreviation of a text Abbreviation of a text
abducted against her wants to be kidnapped against her will
abduction kidnapping
abduction of children child abduction
abetment incitement
abetting bars of aid; Providing feed
abeyance limbo; rounded
abide by a contract adhere to a contract
abide by a decision stick to a decision
abide by the law abide by the law
abide by the regulation adhere to the regulation
abide by the rules stick to the rules
abiding by a contract true to the contract
ability ability
ability test Skill test
ability to earn a livelihood ability to earn a living
ability to earn one's livelihood
ability to pay solvency
ability to work
able to
able to work
able to be reproduced
able to earn one's living able to work
able to pay solvent
able to pay
able to work
abnormally illegal; unusual
abnormal time extraordinary time
abnormality deviation
aboard on board
aboard a ship on board a ship
aboard an aircraft on board an aircraft
abode residence
abolish abolish
abolishment repeal
abolition of private property Abolition of private property
abolition of restrictions Abolition of restrictions
abolition of slave trade Abolition of the slave trade
abolition of slave work Abolition of slavery
abolition of tariff walls Abolition of customs barriers
abound be in abundance
above capacity over capacity
above capacity employment overemployment
above par above par
above par about par
above par over par
above quotation above course
above value over value
above-mentioned above
above-mentioned company above-mentioned company
above-named above
abrasion of coin Wear and tear on a coin
abridge a book to summarize a book
abridgement of a book Abstract of a book
abroad abroad
abrupt rise sudden rise
abscissa X-axis
abscond to run away
absence absence
absence card absence card
absence from duty
absence of authority
absence of seven years seven-year absence
absence rate absence rate
absence without leave unauthorized absence
absence without permission
absent absent
absent from duty
absent without leave absent without permission
absentee absentee
absentee landlord absent landlord
absenteeism absence from work
absenteeism stay away; Absence
absenteeism unexcused absenteeism
absenteeism rate Absence in percent
absolute unlimited
absolute advantage absolute advantage
absolute bill of sale absolute transfer
absolute deviation absolute deviation
absolute error absolute error
absolute interest sole ownership
absolute liability full liability
absolute monopoly absolute monopoly
absolute monopoly pure monopoly
absolute number absolute number
absolute ownership absolute ownership
absolute privilege absolute prerogative
absolute property unrestricted ownership
absolute value absolute value
absolutely safe bulletproof
absolve deliver
absolve acquittal
absorb absorb
absorbed burden transferred loads
absorbed burden offset overheads
absorbent paper suction mail
absorbing capacity
absorption costing apportionment of costs
absorption of buying power absorption of purchasing power
absorption of costs Assumption of costs
absorption point saturation point
absorption power capacity
abstain from holding back
abstinence celibacy
abstinence reluctance
abstract summary; Overview
abstract summary
Put abstract on the page
abstract in focus; short version
abstract of a book Excerpt from a book
abstract of title Land register extract
abstraction theft
abundance abundance
abundance of capital Capital abundance
abundance of funds Abundance of funds
abundance of labor Labor abundance
abundance of money excess of money
abundantly in abundance
abundantly abundant
abuse abuse
abuse of authority abuse of authority; of discretion
abuse of discretion
abuse of office misconduct
abuse of office abuse of authority; of discretion
abuse of power abuse of authority; of discretion
abuse of power abuse of power
accelerate accelerate
accelerated depreciation
accelerated depreciation accelerated depreciation
accelerating incentive reward as an incentive to increase performance
accelerating incentive progressive performance wages
acceleration acceleration
acceleration clause requires immediate payment
accelerator accelerator
accept accept
accept accept; accept
accept a bill accept a bill of exchange
accept a bill for discount accept bills to discount
accept a compromise
accept a proposal
accept a risk take a risk
accept as payment
accept as pledge as a pledge
accept funds accept money
accept in blank
accept in blank in blank
accept liability
accept on presentation on presentation
accept the documents
acceptable acceptable
acceptable as collateral loanable
acceptable as collateral bombardable
acceptable quality acceptable quality
acceptable quality level acceptable quality
acceptable to the buyer acceptable to the buyer
acceptable to the seller acceptable to the seller
acceptance acceptance
acceptance acceptance
acceptance consent; adoption
acceptance change acceptance
acceptance against documents acceptance against documents
acceptance credit acceptance credit
acceptance for honor Honorary acceptance
acceptance for shipment Acceptance for shipment
acceptance house bank specialized in acceptance of bills of exchange (Br.)
acceptance in blank blank acceptance
acceptance in blank blank acceptance
acceptance in case of need emergency acceptance
acceptance is to be made Acceptance should be provided
acceptance of a bill of exchange
acceptance of a draft bill of exchange
acceptance of a product Market acceptance of a product
acceptance of a service Acceptance of a service
acceptance of a tender surcharge
acceptance of goods acceptance of goods
acceptance of offer Acceptance of the offer
acceptance of responsibility
acceptance on presentation Acceptance on presentation
acceptance supra protest Acceptance after the bill protest
accepted bill acceptance
accepted bill acceptance; accepted bill of exchange
accepted bill bill of exchange
accepting bank accepting bank
accepting house acceptance bank (Br.)
accepting house acceptance bank
acceptor acceptor
acceptor acceptor
acceptor's ledger acceptance book
access time Access time
access to markets Access to markets
access to the files Access to the files
access to the records Access to the awards
accessary before the fact
accessibility accessibility
accessible accessible
accession access
accession increment
accession of wealth increase in wealth
accession rate growth rate
accession to the raw materials Access to the raw materials
accession to the resources Access to the resources
accessory accomplice
accessory advertising accompanying advertising
accessory after the fact helper after the crime
accident accident
accident analysis Cause analysis
accident annuity accident annuity
accident benefit
accident benefit accident pension
accident cause cause of accident
accident frequency rate Accident frequency rate
accident hazard
accident insurance accident insurance
accident prevention
accident prone to accidents
accident prone employee Workers prone to accidents
accident proneness Accident tendency
accident rate accident rate
accident rate accident rate; Accident rate; Accident rate
accident risk risk of accident; Accident risk
accident sensitive prone to failure
accidental caused by accident
accidental accidental
accidental circumstances
accidental error Random error
accidental sampling random sampling
acclamation consent by acclamation
acclimatize acclimatize
accommodation accommodating
accommodation acceptance
accommodation address deck address
accommodation address address of convenience
accommodation bill draft of favors
accommodation endorsement Endorsement of favor
accommodation facilities; accommodation
accommodation road access road
accommodation unit accommodation unit
accommodate accommodating
accommodation acceptance maturity acceptance
accommodation allowance
accommodation bill draft of favors
accompanied by accompanied by

accompanied by commercial documents accompanied by financial documents

accompanied by payment papers

accompanied luggage personal luggage

accompany accompany
accompanying documents
accompanying letter accompanying letter
accompanying papers
accomplice accomplice
accomplish accomplish; complete; to reach
accomplish accomplish
accomplished open deed accomplished
accomplishment accomplishment
accord convention
accord match
accord and satisfaction compares to fulfillment
according to agreement
according to according to
according to loud
according to agreement as agreed
according to circumstances depending on the circumstances
according to circumstances according to the circumstances
according to contract in accordance with the contract
according to custom as usual; customary
according to custom and usage
according to custom and usance according to custom; according to the custom
according to instructions according to the instructions
according to instructions as instructed
according to law
according to orders according to the order; following the instructions
according to plan following the plan
according to plan according to plan
according to specification according to exact technical information
according to the collection order according to the collection order
according to the directions according to the instructions
according to the law according to the law; according to the law
according to this term according to this clause
account account
account book account book
account current current account
account day Billing day
account executive (in advertising agency) account manager
account executive account manager of the advertising agency
account for foreign citizens
account number Account number
account of charges billing
account of charges expense report
account of exchange bill of exchange
account of goods purchased purchase invoice; Goods purchase account
account of proceeds revenue account
account of settlement final invoice
account payee account of the beneficiary
account payee only to the beneficiary's account
account payee only only for the account of the beneficiary
account purchases Purchase invoice from the commission agent
account sales sales statement
account sales Sales statement of the commission agent
account turnover Account turnover
accountability accountability
accountable accountable
accountancy accounting
accountant bookkeeper
accountant accountant; Account manager
accounting bookkeeping
accounting department accounting
accounting for services service accounting
accounting machine accounting machine
accounting period
accounting practice Accounting practice
accounting principles
accounting procedure Accounting procedure
accounting transaction booking