How can I get an RPA job

RPA technology in JobRouter®: Connect third-party systems without an interface

When digitizing business processes, there is often the additional desire to connect third-party systems. These can be used to automatically exchange data or documents. Newer applications offer interfaces that are easy to integrate and set up. But there are also exceptions: older software or in-house solutions that do not offer any interfaces or for which the solution developer at the time is no longer available. In addition, applications in which the costs and effort for the implementation of an interface go far beyond the benefit or internal IT guidelines that make the connection of an interface more difficult or directly prohibit represent a problem. In these cases, the use of RPA offers a sensible solution Alternative, since the manual interaction of a user with the affected third-party application can be recorded and then repeated as often as required by so-called bots.

In cooperation with Automation Anywhere, a leading provider of robot-controlled process automation, JobRouter offers a solution for integrating RPA into JobRouter® processes. Users can create and manage their processes as usual in JobRouter® - any bots can then be started in Automation Anywhere from each process in order to carry out manual tasks automatically. In this way, these can be digitized throughout.