Rolls Royce now makes electric cars

Rolls-Royce wants to charge the planned electric car with a "robot arm"

The luxury brand Rolls-Royce is working on its entry into electromobility. Compared to the parent company BMW and most other car manufacturers, however, the British will probably only use electric drives much later. To do this, the company is skipping partially electric vehicles and bringing an electric car directly onto the market.

The first fully electric Rolls-Royce will be offered “this decade”, said company boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös in an interview with Automotive News Europe. The focus is on pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid models with a limited electric range are not planned.

Müller-Ötvös believes that the electric drive will appeal to Rolls-Royce customers, as the alternative drive type is “perfect” for the brand. "It's quiet and high-torque, which is why it goes straight from combustion to electrification," said the Rolls-Royce boss. The first electric car is already in development and is based on the same aluminum space frame platform as the current portfolio. Automotive News Europe According to the E-model could replace the Coupé Wraith and its convertible derivative Dawn, whose term is nearing the end. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

According to a company spokesman, customers are not currently asking for a luxury battery car. In the future, however, legislation could force them to switch to e-mobility, as more and more cities are considering driving bans for cars with internal combustion engines in their centers. Should gasoline engines be locked out of city centers, Rolls-Royce must have an alternative on offer, the spokesman said.

With the 102EX (pictured), Rolls-Royce presented an electric car back in 2011, but the concept did not reach series production. The reason given was that the technology was not yet advanced enough. Rolls-Royce also believes that unplugging a cable and plugging it in does not fit in with the brand's luxury image. The 102EX was equipped with wireless charging technology, but this is still waiting for its breakthrough. Automotive News Europe reports that Rolls-Royce is now working with a partner on a “robotic arm” for automated charging.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a Rolls-Royce with electric drive sooner or later in this decade. Müller-Ötvös emphasized that the currently used V-12 internal combustion engine will play a central role for a long time to come. “We see a future for the machine probably until the end of the decade,” he said.

Via: Automotive News
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