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1 TRAVEL REGISTRATION Please fill out all fields on the form. Then send it to girolibero Rad und Fun im Urlaub Cost estimate no .... Webcode ... Trip and category ... Individual tour o / Guided tour o Date ... Number of participants ... Number of rooms / cabins single ... double -... twin -... triple -... quadruple -... bike & ski tours: indicate the name of the ski and any other cabin types ... board: bed and breakfast o / half board o / Full board o special diets / allergies ... additional nights: in ... from ... to ... in ... from ... to ... Transer: from ... to ... on ... travel applicant surname ... First name ... Place of birth ... Date of birth ... Full address Mobil + ... Teleon + ... Data for the invoice (all of these are different from those of the travel applicant - these cannot be submitted later). including the travel applicant) Bicycles Last name, first name, date of birth Body size Own bike Unisex men's bike E-bike * Helmet 1. ooooo 2. ooooo 3. ooooo 4. ooooo 5. ooooo 6. ooooo Speci ele wheels or accessories (e.g. Tandem, child bike, child seat, child trailer etc.): * E-bikes are only available with unisex frames and on request. Arrival: train o plane o car o planned arrival in the first hotel / ski: ... o'clock. I will pay: by bank transfer o by credit card o Other requests By signing this form and sending it to the address given in the travel registration (within the deadline specified there), you expressly declare that you (a) the Girolibero contractual conditions listed here have read and hereby accept; (b) have understood the following articles and expressly accept them: 8) MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION OF THE PACKAGE TRIP BEFORE DEPARTURE AND WITHDRAWAL, which applies to all paragraphs and especially paragraphs A. MODIFICATION OF THE PACKAGE TRIP, B. WITHDRAWAL OF THE TRAVELER, D. CANCELLATION OF PAGES OF THE TOUR OPERATOR; 11) CHANGES AFTER DEPARTURE; 14) LIABILITY REGULATION; 15) DAMAGE LIMITS; 17) COMPLAINTS AND ADVERTISEMENTS. Please note that the digital signature, as well as the filling out (with the help of any other inormatic means) of the entire name is binding and is equivalent to the handwritten signature. You hereby enclose a copy of the transfer of the deposit as confirmation of the commitments entered into by signing the present travel registration. Date ... Signature ... (digitally or by filling in the full name; in their own name and in the name of the persons listed above) Girolibero Srl operates as a travel agency & tour operator in Vicenza, Via Conorto da Costozza 7, I Tel Freecall Germany VAT number, from. Official approval from the Province of Vicenza, Decree No. of Insurance Cover: UnipolSai Assicurazioni, No. 1/39383/319 / and 1/39383/319 / Travel Guarantee No. A / / 2/2018 / R at Garanzia Viaggi Srl, Via Nazionale 60, Rome (

2 GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE PACKAGE TRAVEL CONTRACT girolibero bike and fun on vacation These general conditions, together with the description of the package tour contained in the catalog or in the separate travel program, the cost estimate and the booking confirmation of the services ordered by the tourist / traveler, form an initial part of the travel contract By signing the contract proposal for the purchase of a package tour, the tourist / traveler confirms that he - what concerns him and all other persons for whom he books the package tour - has read and accepts the travel contract consisting of the above-mentioned components. 1. LEGAL SOURCES The sale of package tours, which include services to be provided both domestically and abroad, is subject to Legislative Decree No. 79 of May 23, 2011 (the Tourism Code) - (Art nonies) - and its subsequent amendments, as well as the EU Directive 2015/2032 for package tours as implemented by Legislative Decree 62/2018, which made changes to the Tourism Code. 2. DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this contract, the following terms are defined: a) Tour operator: an entrepreneur who organizes the trip by combining the individual elements and selling or offering it to the tourist directly or through or together with another entrepreneur; b) intermediary: an entrepreneur other than the tour operator who offers and sells package tours put together by a tour operator; c) Traveler: any person who intends to enter into a package tour contract or is entitled to travel on the basis of such a contract; d) Catalog: the information relating to a package tour - as defined under Art. 4 below - which is contained on the website or in other documents or communications from Girolibero; e) Quotation: the document or communication through which Girolibero informs the customer of the price of the chosen package as a result of his request; ) Entrepreneur any natural or legal person, regardless of whether the latter is of a public or private nature, who is active himself or through another person acting on his or her behalf for purposes related to their commercial, business, craft or professional activity can be attributed regardless of whether they act as a tour operator, travel agent, entrepreneur who mediates related travel services or as a provider of travel services. 3. DEFINITION OF THE TERM PACKAGE TRIP Package tours are defined as a trip or vacation that includes a combination of at least two of the following travel services: (I) the transportation of people; (II) accommodation that is not an essential part of the transport of people and that is not provided as part of long-term language courses; (III) car rental or the rental of other electric vehicles within the meaning of the Ministerial Ordinance of April 28, 2008 or of category A motor vehicles in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 2 of January 16, 2013; and (IV) any other tourist service that is not an essential part of a travel service within the meaning of letters a, b or c and is not a financial or insurance service with regard to the same trip or the same holiday. A combination of at least two different types of travel services for the purpose of the same trip is a package tour if at least one of the following conditions is met: a) These services are provided by an entrepreneur upon request or in accordance with a selection made by the traveler before a single contract is concluded for all of them Services compiled; b) these services are independent of whether separate contracts are concluded with the respective providers of the travel services: b.1) acquired in a single sales outlet and selected before the traveler agrees to payment; b.2) offered, sold or billed at a flat rate or total price; b.3) advertised or sold under the designation package tour or a similar designation; b.4) after the conclusion of a contract in which the entrepreneur authorizes the traveler to choose from different types of travel services, compiled or acquired from individual entrepreneurs via connected online booking processes, in which the name of the traveler, the payment details and the address of the entrepreneur with whom the first contract was concluded is transmitted to one or more other entrepreneurs and a contract with the latter is concluded no later than 24 hours after the booking of the first travel service has been confirmed (Art. 33, letter c) of the Tourism Code). The traveler has the right to receive a copy of the package travel contract (written in accordance with and in accordance with the modalities of Art. 36 of the Tourist Code). This copy can also be given to the traveler in digital form. The contract forms the basis for securing through the guarantee described under Art. 20. 4. INFORMATION DUTY - DATA SHEET - INFORMATION FORM During the preliminary contract phase, the traveler was given the information form described in Art made available. The data sheet is cited in the footnote of this contract. 5. BOOKINGS Booking requests must be submitted using the electronic contract form provided for this purpose, if necessary. This must be completed in full and signed by the traveler, including with a digital signature or by filling it out. The acceptance of the booking is only considered to be confirmed and the contract to be concluded when the tour operator sends the traveler or the travel agent a corresponding confirmation electronically. The information on the package tour not contained in the contract documents, in the brochures or in other written communications will be provided to the traveler by the tour operator - also by - in good time before the start of the journey (Art. 34 and 36 of the Tourism Code). Special requests or needs regarding the provision and / or implementation of some services belonging to the package tour, including any assistance at the airport for travelers with restricted mobility as well as special meals on board or in the accommodation, must be communicated with the booking request and expressly between the traveler and the tour operator to agree. 6. PAYMENTS A deposit of 25% of the total amount must be paid when booking. The balance must be paid 30 days before the departure date or when booking, all of which are made in the 30 days prior to departure. Failure to pay the above amounts at the specified times will result in the legal termination of the contract in the sense of Art ZGB. 7. PRICE The price of the package tour is based on the cost estimate and is limited to the validity period specified in the contract. In accordance with Art. 39 of the Tourism Code, the price can be improved - increased or decreased - up to 20 days before the start of the trip, exclusively due to changes in: Transport costs due to increases in fuel or other energy prices; Fees and taxes on some of the travel services included in the package tour that are levied by third parties who are not directly involved in the implementation of the package tour, such as airport fees, landing fees, embarkation and departure fees; exchange rates applicable to the package tour concerned. As far as these changes are concerned, reference is made to the exchange rate and the above-mentioned costs, which apply on the date of the program publication (see data sheet) or on the date of the above-mentioned possible updates. In any case, the price cannot be increased in the 20 days prior to departure and the increase does not exceed 8% of the original amount. The price consists of: a) registration or administrative fee; b) Participation fee: mentioned in the catalog or in the cost estimate of the package tour; c) airport or port fees and taxes; d) Administration and administrative costs of the tour operator and / or agent. The price of the additional travel services sold by means of vouchers includes all agency fees and administrative and administrative costs of the tour operator and / or agent. 8. MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION OF THE PACKAGE TRIP BEFORE DEPARTURE AND WITHDRAWAL A. Changes to the package tour The tour operator reserves the right to unilaterally change the contractual conditions - not the price - if these do not represent drastic changes. The changes are communicated to the traveler in a clear and concise manner through a permanent means such as an. Should the tour operator or the travel agent find it necessary before the start of the trip to drastically change important features of the travel services described under Art. 34, comma 1, letter a) or the specific requirements described under Art. 36, comma 5, letter a) can not meet or intend to increase the price of the package tour by more than 8%, he must immediately notify the traveler in writing - also by - and specify the type of change and the associated price change. Within 2 (two) days of receiving this notification, the traveler must let the tour operator know whether he wants to accept the proposed change or withdraw from the contract. In this case, he does not pay any cancellation fees and can request a refund of the advance payments already made. The refund will be made without undue delay and in any case within fourteen days of the withdrawal date. Without express notification from the traveler, the proposal made by the tour operator will be regarded as accepted. B. Withdrawal by the traveler If unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances occur at the destination or in the immediate vicinity, which have a significant adverse effect on the implementation of the package tour or the transport of people to the destination, the traveler has the right to prior to the start of the trip withdraw from the contract without having to pay cancellation fees. In this case, he has the right to receive a full refund of all down payments made for the package tour, but not the right to additional payments. A possible impossibility on the part of the traveler to start the package tour does not give him the right to withdraw without cancellation fees, as he could have protected himself against this financial risk by taking out special travel cancellation insurance. Apart from the hypothetical cases expressly mentioned in this article, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time before commencing the journey, whereby he - regardless of the advance payment made under Art. 6 - to pay the cancellation fees specified below as well as the individual administrative costs Has. In the case of groups existing before the trip, these amounts will be set each time when the contract is signed.

3 C. Cancellation fees If the traveler withdraws from the package tour contract, he always has to pay the administrative costs of 30 per person. In accordance with Art. 41, Comma 2 of the Tourism Code, the following cancellation fees are agreed (the calculation of the days does not take into account the day of the cancellation itself, the written notification of which must be received on a working day): 20% up to 30 days 25% between 29 and 21 days 50% between 20 and 14 days 80% between 13 and 6 days 100% from 5 days to the day of arrival or no-show Cancellation fees for bike and ski tours 10% to 90 days 40% between 89 and 60 days 60% between 59 and 30 days 85 % between 29 and 7 days 100% from 6 days to the day of arrival or no-show. The same amounts must also be paid by travelers who are unable to travel due to missing or missing papers or exit permits. If the traveler does not find himself at the booked accommodation / ski or if he decides to break off a journey that has already started or a stay that has already started, he has no right to reimbursement. The cancellation of the trip by the traveler is only valid if it has been communicated in writing. Package tours with flight or train travel included: If the flight or train ticket has already been issued, the cancellation fees are calculated based on the vacation amount from which the cost of the ticket was deducted. The latter will be billed in full. D. In the event of cancellations for reasons other than those listed above, the canceling tour operator will reimburse the traveler an amount that is twice as high as the amount paid by the traveler and actually collected by the tour operator through the travel agent. The amount refunded will never be more than twice the amount that the traveler would owe in accordance with the cancellation fees provided for in this article on the same date as the cancellation of the package tour. E. Withdrawal from contracts concluded at a distance In the sense of Art. 41, comma 7 of the Tourism Code, the traveler has the right in the case of contracts concluded at a distance or outside of business premises (as defined under Art. 45 of Legislative Decree 206 / Consumer Code) to withdraw from the contract within a period of 5 days from receipt of the booking confirmation without cancellation fees and without having to state a reason for withdrawal. In the case of bookings made in the 20 days before departure, the traveler is only entitled to the right of withdrawal described in this paragraph if he does not receive a significant price reduction - compared to the currently applicable price reduction (from the information brochure handed out in the pre-contractual phase obvious) offers - enjoyed. If the traveler has the right to withdraw from a booking made at a distance in the 20 days prior to departure, the withdrawal is not subject to any cancellation fees. Nevertheless, the traveler may be obliged to pay the tour operator any amounts relating to the booked package tour that have already been paid (e.g. for booking flights). 9. CHANGING THE BOOKING For every change request, regardless of the type, of an already confirmed booking, 30 per person will be charged to cover the administrative costs.The reduction in the number of participants and the change in the departure date within the period of 30 days before the intended departure are considered a withdrawal and are therefore subject to the cancellation fees listed above.The change requests communicated by the traveler after the booking confirmation are not mandatory for the tour operator if they are not can fulfill. 10. CHANGES AFTER DEPARTURE If the tour operator is unable to provide a substantial part of the travel services provided for in the contract after departure for any reason that cannot be attributed to the traveler, he is obliged to do so without surcharges at the expense of the To offer travelers alternative solutions or to reimburse the traveler for the price discrepancy between the originally intended and actually provided services. If no alternative solution is possible or the solution proposed by the tour operator is rejected by the traveler for justified reasons, the tour operator will provide the traveler with a means of transport equivalent to the means of transport originally intended for the journey home or to another previously agreed location without a surcharge (depending on availability and available spaces) and reimburses him for the price discrepancy between the originally planned and the services actually provided up to the start of the early return home. 11. ASSIGNMENT OF THE PACKAGE TRIP TO ANOTHER PERSON The traveler has the right to renounce his package tour and assign it to another person, if: a) the tour operator is informed in writing at least 7 days before the set departure date and at the same time the personal details of the person taking the place of the traveler receives; b) the person taking the place of the traveler fulfills all the conditions that are necessary for the use of the travel services according to Art. 38 of the Tourism Code, in particular those relating to the passport, the planned visas and the medical certificates. c) the same or alternatively different travel services can be provided after the transfer; d) the tour operator will be paid all administrative costs incurred due to the assignment, the amount of which will be communicated to the assignee prior to the assignment; The assignee and the transferee jointly have to pay the balance as well as the amounts stipulated under letter d) of this article. 12. OBLIGATIONS OF THE TRAVELERS In the course of the negotiations and in any case before the conclusion of the contract, Italian citizens receive general information in writing - based on the date of the cost estimate - regarding the health requirements and the papers required for departure. Foreign citizens can find the relevant information through the diplomatic missions of their country in Italy and / or through the respective official information channels. In any case, travelers are obliged to check with the responsible authorities before departure whether this information is still up to date and to adjust their travel documents accordingly. If this check is not carried out, neither the tour operator nor the travel agent has the no-show for one or more travelers. The travelers are obliged to bring a passport or another form of identification valid for all countries envisaged on the route as well as any travel and transit visas and the necessary medical certificates. In addition, they have to adhere to the rules of normal caution and caution as well as to the specific rules that apply in the destination countries of the trip, to all information provided by the tour operator and to the regulations and administrative or statutory ordinances relating to the package tour. In order to assess the social, political and sanitary security or other useful information regarding the destination countries and thus the objective usability of the services acquired or to be acquired, the traveler must obtain official general information from the responsible authorities. This information is not contained in the catalogs and / or in the documents supplied by the tour operator, as these only contain general descriptions within the meaning of Art. 34 of the Tourism Code and no information that could change over time. The traveler must therefore obtain the latter. If the selected destination is classified as an unsafe holiday destination by the official institutional information channels on the booking date, the traveler does not have the right to withdraw from the contract for the purpose of preparing or reducing the cancellation fees Failure to comply with the contractual clause related to the security conditions in the destination country. The traveler undertakes to notify the tour operator in writing of any special inquiries and needs that may become the subject of speciic agreements with regard to the trip, as far as they are feasible. The traveler also undertakes to always inform the tour operator and agent about any special needs or circumstances (for example, but not exclusively pregnancy, food intolerance, disability) and to expressly state the request for corresponding individual services. The traveler was responsible for all damages that the tour operator or agent should suffer as a result of the traveler not fulfilling the obligations stipulated in this contract. In accordance with Art. 51quinques, comma 2 of the Tourism Code, the traveler is obliged to provide the tour operator or agent with all documents, information and elements in his possession that are useful for exercising the right to enforce the latter vis-à-vis third parties, which caused the payment by the tour operator or agent of compensation, compensation, price reduction or any other compensation for the benefit of the traveler. The traveler had against the tour operator or agent for any restriction of their right to exercise. 13. HOTEL CLASSIFICATION The official hotel classification is given in the catalog and in other information materials exclusively on the basis of the express and formal information provided by the competent authorities of the country in which the travel service is provided. If there is no official classification recognized by the competent authorities of the countries - including those belonging to the EU - to which the travel service relates, the tour operator reserves the right to leave its own description of the accommodation in the catalog in order to To enable travelers to make an assessment and subsequent acceptance thereof. 14. LIABILITY REGULATION Within the meaning of Art ZGB, the tour operator had to carry out the travel services provided for in the package tour contract, regardless of whether those travel services were provided by the tour operator himself, his assistants or superiors - if they are active in the course of their profession - from third parties, their Activity he uses or other providers of travel services are to be provided. The agent, with whom the package tour was booked, in no case had any obligations arising from the organization of the trip, but only the obligations arising from his mediation activities. If one of the planned travel services is not provided as guaranteed in the package travel contract, the tour operator remedies this lack of conformity, none of which should be impossible or - in view of the extent of the defect and the value of the defective travel services - excessively expensive. If the tour operator does not resolve the issue, the traveler is entitled to a reduction in the price and to compensation for the damage he should have suffered due to the lack of conformity, unless the tour operator proves that the lack of conformity (a) affects the traveler or a third party who had nothing to do with the provision of the travel services, is attributable; or (b) was inevitable and unpredictable or caused by extraordinary and inevitable circumstances. If the tour operator does not remedy the lack of conformity within a reasonable period set by the traveler in his complaint, the traveler has the right to remedy the deficiency personally and to demand reimbursement of the necessary, reasonable and documented costs. If the lack of conformity is a non-fulfillment of no small importance and the tour operator has not made any changes to the duration and characteristics of the package tour after the immediate complaint by the traveler, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect or - everything sensible - to demand a reduction in the price, whereby his right to possible damages remains unaffected. In both cases, the exceptions set out in Art. 43, comma 1 and 3 of the Tourism Code apply, namely in the

4 cases in which the inadequate or incorrect execution of the contract is due to the traveler, an unforeseeable or inevitable third party who had nothing to do with the provision of the services or inevitable and extraordinary circumstances. 15. LIMITS OF DAMAGE The compensation described in Art. 43 of the Tourism Code and the corresponding limitation periods are subject to the provisions of this Article, the international agreements on package travel services and Art. 1784 of the Civil Code. The right to a reduction in the price as well as to compensation for damage due to changes to the package travel contract or the replacement services expires after a period of two years from the date of the traveler's return to the place of departure. The right to compensation for damage to persons expires after a period of three years from the date of return of the traveler to the place of departure or after the longest period provided for by the provisions governing the services included in the package tour for compensation for personal injury . The maximum compensation limit is 3 times the total price of the package tour; the latter limit does not apply in the case of personal injury or in the case of damage caused intentionally and / or negligently by the tour operator or agent. 16. DUTY OF ASSISTANCE The tour operator is obliged to provide assistance to the traveler as provided for in Art. 45 of the Tourism Code, in particular to provide him with information on medical care, the police and authorities. The tour operator can demand payment of a reasonable amount for this assistance, if the problem that made the assistance necessary was caused intentionally or negligently by the traveler. 17. COMPLAINTS AND NOTIFICATIONS The traveler must complain about any defective execution of the contract (depending on the circumstances) immediately and during the trip / vacation to the tour operator - directly or via the agent - so that the tour operator, his on-site representative or the Travel companions can get hold of it as soon as possible. Otherwise the claim for damages within the meaning of Art ZGB will be reduced or excluded. For the purpose of adhering to the statute of limitations, the date on which the agent should receive the messages, inquiries or complaints mentioned in the previous paragraph is considered the date of receipt, also for the tour operator. 18. ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS TO RESOLVE DISPUTES In accordance with Art. 67 of the Tourism Code, the tour operator can suggest alternative ways of resolving any disputes that may arise - in the cost estimate, in the information brochure, on its website or in other forms. In this case, the tour operator indicates the type of alternative solution and the effects that an adoption of the same would have. 19. PROTECTION AGAINST INSOLVENCY OR BANKRUPTION (Art. 47 of the Tourism Code). According to Art. 47, points 2 and 3 of the Tourism Code, package travel contracts are covered by suitable insurance policies or bank guarantees that protect the traveler from the insolvency or bankruptcy of the agent or tour operator when traveling in Italy or abroad. In these cases, the traveler will be reimbursed the amount paid for the purchase of the package tour and, if the package tour also includes his transport, he will be transported home immediately. In addition, if necessary, the costs for accommodation and board will be paid until the start of the return journey. The buyer of the package tour covered by this contract is assured of the guarantees provided for in Art. 47 of the Tourism Code through the connection of Girolibero srl to the Garantieond Fondo di Garanzia Viaggi Srl, based in Rome, Via Nazionale 60 (. The contact details of the garantee were provided to the traveler ADDENDUM: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SALE CONTRACT OF INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL SERVICES A) LEGAL PROVISIONS Contracts that deal with the offer of individual travel services, such as transportation, accommodation, etc., are not package travel contracts and therefore do not benefit from the 2015 EU Directive / 2032 and the Tourism Code (Art. 32 to 51nonies), but are subject to the specific provisions and regulations pertaining to the individual travel service. The agent, who undertakes to procure a separate travel service to third parties, also by distance selling, must hand over the documents relating to this service to the traveler, on which the amount paid for the travel service is indicated, and can in no way be regarded as a tour operator. B) CONTRACTUAL CONDITIONS The following clauses of the general conditions of the package travel contract cited above also apply to sales contracts for individual travel services: Art. 5 (Bookings), Art. 6 (Payments), Art. 7 (Price), Art. 12 (Obligations of travelers); Art. 15 (Limits for damages), Art. 17 (Complaints and notifications). The application of these clauses can in no way lead to the view of the sales contracts of individual travel services as package travel contracts. The terms used in the clauses mentioned in connection with a package tour are therefore to be related to the corresponding figures in the sales contract for individual travel services. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS Every participant has to be in a physical and mental state that enables them to complete the tour of the chosen holiday package in full. People who suffer from serious illnesses, physical and mental disorders as well as illnesses that require special care must inform the agent or the tour operator of this when booking. The latter have the right to refuse the traveler participation in the trip in the event of incompatibility with the level of difficulty of the holiday. In the case of group tours, failure to comply with this rule can, at the discretion of the tour guide, result in the traveler being excluded from the holiday. BICYCLES Each participant will be given a bicycle with a bicycle lock. The traveler undertakes to use and store this bicycle with caution and care throughout the entire period of the holiday, in order to then return it without damage and - apart from the normal signs of wear and tear - in the same condition in which it was received submit. In the event of theft or irreparable damage, the following rule applies: - Girolibero bicycles: For tours of 4 days or more, the rental of the Girolibero rental bicycles includes theft and damage insurance for irreparable damage. The insurance does not cover any costs in the event of negligent or improper behavior. This insurance only covers the bikes and does not apply to the accessories (bike lock, bike helmet, side or handlebar bag, card holder, child seat, child trailer, etc.). and any personal items on the bike or in the side and / or handlebar pockets. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover electric bicycles that are used by minors. In the event of theft, the insurance can only be activated if the customer is in possession of the following two items: - the theft report from the local police or carabinieri - the key for the bicycle lock for electric bicycles or the theft-damaged lock for all other bicycles . - Other bikes or rental of Girolibero bikes for tours up to 3 days: In the event of theft (regardless of whether the bike lock was locked or not) or irreparable damage, the traveler has to reimburse the tour operator for the entire cost of the bike. Depending on the country and model, these costs are between 350 and 600 for muscle bikes and between to for electric bikes / pedelecs. Renting a new bike for the remainder of the holiday is entirely at the expense of the traveler. Reimbursement of costs is also required in the event of theft or damage to the accessories supplied (e.g. bicycle locks, child seats, bicycle trailers for children, side bags, helmets, etc.). The amount depends on the respective country and accessories and is quantified by the tour operator and the local bike rental company. MEALS AND SPECIAL DIETS The meals included in the package price are first set menus. Special dietary requirements (dietary habits and / or allergies and severe intolerances) must be stated in the booking form and are always subject to the accommodation and the willingness of the innkeepers. There is no reimbursement for meals, which for whatever reason (e.g.but not only flight delay, change of departure time, election options, etc.) were not consumed. Administrative costs will be charged for applications received after the booking has been confirmed. Applications made in the last minute will not be accepted. NB: The request for special menus (see above) is valid for the entire duration of the trip, for all meals included in the package price. EXCURSIONS, GUIDED TOURS AND MUSEUMS It can happen that for reasons that do not depend on the will of the tour operator *, the excursions and visits that are part of the program are canceled or their order is changed. If possible, tours that have been canceled will be replaced by other tours. The admission prices given in the individual programs are to be regarded as approximate as they are subject to change. The excursions listed as guided tours are carried out with the help of a local tourist guide. * For example: church services, change of viewing times / days, large crowds of tourists, reasons of force majeure. VALIDITY OF PRICES FOR GROUP TRAVELS The prices quoted apply to groups of at least 12 people (not otherwise stated in the individual package tour). If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour operator can decide to cancel the departure. You will be informed of this at least 21 days before departure, so that you can decide whether you will be refunded the amount paid or whether you want to use it to book another trip. MANDATORY NOTIFICATION within the meaning of Art. 16 of Law No. 269 of 03/10/98. Italian law punished crimes related to child and youth prostitution and pornography with imprisonment, even if they were committed abroad. PRIVACY POLICY The personal data collected for the purpose of booking / implementing the package tour will be processed by Girolibero S.r.l., the data controller, on paper and by electronic means for the purpose of concluding and executing the contract with the client / person concerned. The communication of the data is necessary for the execution of the contract. The data will only be communicated to the providers of the travel services included in the package tour, such as airlines, hotels and insurance companies, as this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations on the part of Girolibero S.r.l. is necessary, as well as third parties who support Girolibero in its organization and administration (e.g. tax advisors). The traveler can at any time assert the rights provided for under Art. 15 to 21 of the GDPR - ie right to information, right to update, right to rectification, right to deletion, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability - by contacting GIROLIBERO Tour Operator in this regard to the address. The full version of the privacy notice from Girolibero S.r.l. was given to the traveler and will be signed together with the booking form. DATA SHEET Technical organization: Girolibero Srl is a TRAVEL AGENCY & TOURIST AGENCY in Vicenza, Via Conorto da Costozza 7, I-36100. Official approval from the Province of Vicenza, Decree No. of the entry number in the Vicenza Commercial Register and VAT identification number Insurance coverage: UnipolSai Assicurazioni, No. 1/39383/319 / and 1/39383/319 / Reisegarantieond No. A / / 2/2018 / R at Garanzia Viaggi Srl, Via Nazionale 60, Rome (IATA (International Air Transport Association) accreditation No. All prices are in euros.

5 THE PROTECTION OF YOUR DATA, AT A GLANCE girolibero bike and fun on vacation WHAT DATA DO WE PROCESS? (Art. 1, 2) Personal data: your full name, place of birth and date of birth, contact details (telephone, address), address of residence, copy of the identity card, bank data, data used for tax purposes, sensitive data, such as: state of health, possible allergies, disabilities, religious beliefs, race or ethnic origin WHY? (Art. 3, 4) To organize and carry out your trip and to be able to meet special needs (e.g. special diets in the case of food intolerances) To contact you before and during the trip (e.g. to send you a cost estimate and the inomaterial) In order to fulfill legal and tax obligations (NB: Your consent is required for these purposes). To send you information about other trips (e.g. newsletters or advertising brochures) (NB: You are free to give your consent for these purposes). WHO DO WE SHARE YOUR DATA WITH? (Art. 5, 6) Employees and employees of Girolibero srl (e.g. booking agents, travel companions) The companies that provide travel services for Girolibero srl (e.g. hotels, baggage handlers, transfer companies, bike rentals) Companies that support Girolibero srl in administration (e.g. tax consultants , Insurance agent) NB: If you travel to non-European countries, your data will be communicated to employees / providers of services who are not obliged to adhere to European data protection regulations. The data protection standard could therefore be different and lower than the European one. HOW AND HOW LONG DO WE KEEP THE DATA? (Art. 7, 8) The data are archived both electronically and in paper form. Access to the data is restricted to those who organize and carry out your trip and to the administrative staff. Your data will be stored for a period of 10 years from your trip or from your last contact with us. YOUR RIGHTS (Art. 9, 10, 11) You always have the right: to know which of your data we are processing, to ask us to change or delete your previously given consent to marketing campaigns, to withdraw the relevant authorities from any possible To report abuse of your personal data or the violation of your privacy Please read the following information letter completely and contact us at any time at the following address if you need explanations: DATA PROTECTION INFORMATION LETTER Within the meaning of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Data Protection Code) and of Art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation - EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) 1. PROCESSED PERSONAL DATA 1.1. For the purpose of negotiating, concluding and managing the contractual relationship with the customer / person concerned, the company / person responsible for data processing processes personal data of the customer / person concerned or natural persons associated with the same. The processed data include: the full name, place of birth and date of birth, information on and / or copy of the identity card, tax number, contact details (telephone number, address, postal address), address of residence, bank details and other data that - also for tax purposes - administration of the The contractual relationship with the customer / the person affected should be necessary or useful. Every person with whom the company / the person responsible comes into contact in the course of its activities declares that they have given their consent or, in any case, the authorization to use the personal data necessary for the conclusion, administration and execution of the contract to legally communicate, in particular the data of other travelers. 2. SPECIAL CATEGORIES OF PERSONAL DATA 2.1. For the purpose of entering into and managing the contractual relationship with the person concerned, the company / the person responsible may process information belonging to the special categories of personal data described under Art. 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation, including: a. Health status data - e.g. if the customer / Beroene reports special allergies or food intolerances or other health-related needs that the company / the person responsible must take into account when carrying out the package tour; b. Data from which religious or ideological beliefs emerge - e.g. if the customer / aroused informs or requests that the rest days coincide with specific religious festivals; c. Data showing the racial and ethnic origin - such as the identity card or other documents that the customer / affected person has provided for the purpose of concluding, managing and executing the contract with the company Occupational doctor processed data processed exclusively by the same doctor who remains the autonomous person responsible for their processing within the framework of the requirements for carrying out preventive examinations and periodic examinations provided for by Legislative Decree 81/08 and the other provisions on occupational hygiene and safety. 3. PURPOSE AND LEGALITY OF THE DATA PROCESSING 3.1. The company / the person responsible collects the personal data for the administration of the contractual relationship with the customer / person concerned before and during the conclusion and execution of the contract in accordance with the principles of correctness, admissibility and transparency for the purposes stated below and also in the following cited legal bases. Administration and implementation of the pre-contractual and contractual obligations arising from the travel contract with the customer / person concerned, including for example but not only the administration of the file with the traveler's data, the organization and support during the trip. Legal basis: This processing is permissible because it is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract to which the data subject is a party or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures that are carried out at the request of the data subject - Art. 6.1 (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation. Fulfillment of legal obligations (i.e. the processing and archiving of the invoice documents with regard to the contractual relationship with the customer / affected person, notifications to the responsible authorities) to which the company is subject due to national and international regulations, e.g. B. in tax matters, in administrative matters and in matters of combating money laundering. Legal basis: This processing is permissible because it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to which the person responsible for data processing is subject - Art (c) of the General Data Protection Regulation. Direct marketing through the sending of messages or materials (e.g. via) on similar products / services as those that the company / the person responsible has provided to the customer / the person concerned. Legal basis: This processing is permissible because it is necessary to safeguard the legitimate interests of the person responsible for data processing - Art () of the General Data Protection Regulation. The legitimate interest of the person responsible for data processing is identified in the promotion of his activity through direct marketing - see Recital No. 47 of the General Data Protection Regulation. 4. NECESSITY OR OPTIONAL PROCESSING 4.1. The communication of personal data on the part of the customer / affected person

6 or the natural persons associated with it for the purposes mentioned under Articles 3.1 (a) and 3.1 (b), is optional, but necessary for the purpose of entering into, managing and implementing the contractual relationship with the company / the person responsible. The eventual refusal to provide all or part of the data may make it impossible for the company / person in charge to execute the contract or to correctly carry out the obligations related to the contract. The communication of personal data by the customer / a victim or with him connected natural persons for the purposes mentioned under Article 3.1 (c) is optional. Any refusal to provide all or part of the data does not affect the company / manager in performing the contract or correctly performing the obligations associated with the contract. 5. CATEGORIES OF RECIPIENTS 5.1. The personal data can be communicated to the following persons or categories of persons in close connection with the above-mentioned purposes: Persons to whom the communication is necessary for the conclusion, administration and execution of the contract on the part of the company / responsible person: a. Natural persons who, within the meaning of Art. 29 of the General Data Protection Regulation, have been authorized by the person responsible for data processing to exercise their work duties (i.e. employees, system administrators, etc.); b. Freelance workers and self-employed freelancers who support the company / the person in charge in activities for the benefit of the customer / person concerned (e.g. travel companions / tour leaders, transport companies, hotels, trading partners of the company / persons responsible who have partially or fully organized the trip); c. Self-employed employees and administrative and management service companies who work on behalf of the company / responsible person for its internal purposes (e.g. tax consultants, management consultants); d. Persons, institutions and authorities to whom the data of the customer / affected person must be communicated due to the applicable laws or possible official decrees What the under letters a., B. and c. of Article 5.1, the company / the person responsible undertakes to call back to persons who can provide adequate data protection guarantees and to appoint them as processors within the meaning of Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation. 6. DATA TRANSFER 6.1. The personal data may only be transmitted to third countries to fulfill the customer's requirements / interests, and only if this transmission is used to manage and fulfill existing contracts with the customer / affected person regarding trips to third countries in which the customer / affected person takes part , should be necessary. The transfer of the personal data of the customer / affected person to third countries takes place: to trading partners, hotels, tour leaders, tour guides, transport companies and other external providers of services, which the company / the person responsible for the administration and fulfillment of the contracts with the customer / affected person supports (e.g. for customers who travel with package tours organized by partners). The company / person in charge organizes trips and works together with trading partners in third countries. With regard to the third countries to which the data may be transmitted, the EU Commission has adopted an adequacy decision with regard to some of the countries listed below after a detailed examination of the level of protection for personal data offered there (these countries are Andorra, Argentina Canada, the Faroe Islands, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Israel, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland and, under international ad hoc agreements, Australia, Uruguay and the USA). Other third countries could show potential risks with regard to the protection of personal data due to legal, cultural or socio-political aspects. In all cases in which personal data is transmitted to a third country, the company / the person responsible undertakes: a. to transmit only the data necessary for the above-mentioned purposes; b. to have the recipient assured of the fulfillment of appropriate security and confidentiality obligations with regard to the transmitted data, as well as the obligation to use the data exclusively for the implementation of the relationship with the company / person responsible, adequate protection of the rights of the customer / a victim and adequate protection in the case of Data Breach; c. to inform the customer / affected person prior to the transfer of his personal data to third countries that are not mentioned under this article. 7. NATURE OF DATA PROCESSING 7.1. The personal data are stored in the archives of the company / person responsible and processed in paper form and by electronic means. Suitable safety precautions are taken to avoid unlawful processing. Processing takes place according to the principles of minimization, correctness and transparency. Only those personal data are processed that are necessary for the purposes described. The data are only accessible to those processors who carry out the activities necessary for the purposes described. 8. RETENTION PERIOD OF PERSONAL DATA 8.1. The personal data will be stored for the entire duration of the contract with the customer / interests and also after the contract has expired, for a period of 10 years from the date of termination of the contractual relationship. This in view of the mandatory retention of invoice documents and the statutory limitation period for possible claims that could arise from the contractual relationship between the company / responsible person and the customer / aroused If there should be a dispute between the company / responsible and the customer / aroused, the storage period will be extended by the entire duration of this dispute and by the period of 10 years after the definitive settlement of the same (e.g. by settlement or legally binding judgment). 9. RIGHTS OF THE DATA SUBJECT 9.1. The person concerned has the right at any time to assert the rights provided for in Articles 15 to 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation with the company / person responsible: a. the right to information, i.e.the right to request confirmation from the company / person responsible as to whether personal data concerning them are being processed and to receive information about which data are being processed and for what purposes, where they come from and other information provided for under Art. 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation Get information. b. the right to request the company / person responsible to correct incorrect personal data concerning them; c. the right to erasure (right to be forgotten); d. the right to restrict processing or to interrupt processing for a period that enables the person responsible to check the correctness of the personal data, in all cases provided for by Art. 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, the victim has: e. Right to data portability, i.e. the right to receive the personal data concerning him in a structured, common and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transfer this data to another person responsible (with regard to the data that are processed with machines). the right to object to the official data protection officer or the control authorities of his place of residence or work or the place where the violation of his rights took place if he is of the opinion that the processing has violated the General Data Protection Regulation The assertion of these rights is in writing to the person responsible or to the data protection officer (DPO) using the contact details given below. 10. THE DATA PROCESSING CONTROLLER The data controller is Girolibero S.r.l., with registered office at 7 Via Conorto da Costozza, Vicenza (VI). Inquiries for an explanation of this data protection information letter and the assertion of the rights described above can be sent to the following addresses: Tel CONTACT DETAILS OF THE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER The data protection officer (DPO - Data Protection Oicer) can be contacted at the following address, as provided for by Art 37 of the General Data Protection Regulation: Via Conorto da Costozza 7, Vicenza (VI) Tel The contact details of the DPO, which are always kept up to date, can be found on our website. FILL IN AND SIGN What the processing of the personal data mentioned under Art. 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation and under type of this information letter, exclusively for the purposes described in this information letter I GIVE MY CONSENT I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT (The consent is for the fulfillment of the company / person responsible obligations arising from the contract with the customer / affected person). ONLY FOR TRAVELS TO NON-EU COUNTRIES: Regarding the transfer of my personal data to third countries within the meaning of Art. 6 of the data protection information letter and in particular to the countries listed under Art. 6.1 - in view of the fact that some have a lower level of protection for personal data offer than is currently guaranteed in the EU - I GIVE MY CONSENT, I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT (The consent is to fulfill the obligations arising for the company / person responsible from the contract with the customer / affected person in the case of trips to third countries , necessary). ** Consents can be revoked at any time. However, the revocation of the same limits the legality of the processing carried out on these consents prior to their revocation. Signature to confirm receipt and inspection: (Place) (Date) Signature (digitally or by filling in, in your own name and in the name of the persons named in the contract proposal): NAME IN PRINTING