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Interesting facts about the symbolism and the culture-specific meaning of colors.

The culture and tradition of a country have a significant impact on the meaning of colors.
Each cultural area has its own symbolic colors and conventions.
The sight of green nature, green meadows and forests, for example, is everyday and abundant for us in Europe.
For a people who live in the desert, however, green is something very special and symbolizes paradise
and life-giving oases.
For us again very strange: The Eskimos divide the color white into so many nuances that it gives them many
have given different names.




General symbolism


The color in foreign cultures

Red - the color of blood, love,
the joie de vivre, the passion and life energy.
The most dynamic, but also most aggressive Colour.
Red symbolizes fire, but also blood, struggle and anger.

Too much red generates irritability, stress, and anger aggressions, it is unsettling and can create a restrictive spatial effect.

The strongest of all colors gives us courage, strength and determination. It conveys physical warmth and sex.

red touches the depths of our soul
and shakes the animal side of the unconscious.
Red is a very close and dynamic color.
It also stands for body awareness, self-confidence, fearlessness, strength, perseverance, independence, lust for life, power and conquest;

Red is often the favorite color of young children.

In Russia the color red stands for the terms valuable and expensive

In China the bride is carried to the place of the wedding ceremony in a red wedding dress and a red litter. Even in ancient China, red was the color of happiness that drove away forces and evil spirits and was also the color of wealth.

In the old Egypt red was a precious color with which the daughters of the pharaohs adorned themselves.

In certain regions Central Africa and Oceania sick people are coated with red ocher to stimulate their vitality.

Green - the color of nature,
of harmony, of life of calm,
Rest and relaxation.
We associate it with spring, hope, well-being, balance, willpower,
beginning love, calming center.
Green is astringent freshness, sour, bitter, healthy, but also immature.

Is green Synonymous with the cycle of nature, Security and security, growth and thus hope.
Is green Life, is forest and meadow, green grows, green comes - hopefully - again and again.

Ancient knowledge tells us that our survival is only ensured when fresh green sprouts from the earth again.
Green promotes creativity and connects with nature. Green expands oppressive spaces. Green has a balancing effect and is an important factor in health.
A dirty green can be harmful to health, symbolizes the departure and negation of life and joy.

Green is the symbol of hope for life and survival.

Different zones of the earth, races, cultures and religions find together under this sign of hope

In all Islamic countries the color green stands for the Muslim religion and is only used in a religious context.

Already in pre-Christian times it was customary to bring an evergreen Christmas tree into the house as a symbol of hope.

Blue - the color of the reflected water,
of silence and relaxation

Blue is considered a deep color and creates a calm, relaxed and stabilizing atmosphere.
She comes with many beneficial properties
associated: sympathy, harmony, friendliness,
Peacefulness, contentment, serenity,
Balance, serenity, peace and
She is the color of trust and reliability
the color of intuition and communication, wholeness and connectedness, passivity.

In insomnia, the idea of ​​being enveloped in a deep blue can relax you. Too much blue can cause addictive behavior and depression

Blue is the color of the distance, the vastness and the
Infinity: As Color of the sky Blue also stands for eternity and truth.
Light blue tones enlarge rooms and have a fresh, cool effect.

Blue is by far the most popular color.
Blue is also the color that can produce the strongest perspective effect in photos or pictures, which is called "aerial perspective" in painting circles.

Ultramarine used to be that Color of the king, only he was allowed to wear a coat of this color. Blue was incredibly expensive. Even today, a kilo of pure ultramarine blue made from rubbed gemstones would cost 14,000 euros.

In the old Egypt dark blue was the color of the water and thus also of the life-giving Nile deities.

Also in China blue symbolizes the powers of heaven and immortality.

In India different deities are depicted with blue heads or blue skin. An elephant painted in blue is considered to be the symbol of the highest spirituality and divine enlightenment.

In oriental countries Doors and windows are painted blue to attract the good spirits and gods (who in most religions are in the sky or on high mountains beyond the clouds).

From the ancient orient comes the custom of wrapping babies in blue cloths.

Turquoise - the color of conviviality
and friendship.

Blue-green is also called turquoise or cyan.
Cyanide = the salts of "blue" acid.

Turquoise is associated with contact, communication, inventiveness, grace, self-confidence and happiness, as well as humor and charm.

It also stands for the ability to balance and strengthen artistic and healing abilities.

It stands for serenity and honesty.


This color is found in sea or glacier ice, it is the shade in winter and on icebergs. Therefore, turquoise is perceived as the coldest of all colors.

Painters used to use ground turquoise.

The clear, greenish blue
symbolizes the liberated soul in some religions.


Yellow - the color of the sun, spiritual vitality and warmth. The brightest and most cheerful of the colors is also considered a "good mood" - and communicative color. Yellow is the color of inventiveness, savoir-vivre, the power of thought, language skills and memory. It stands for serenity and serenity.
With the Sun color everything is in flux. Good for people who can no longer think of anything creative, who are unimaginative, lost in thought and forgetful.
With yellow thinking becomes easier and solutions can be found more quickly. It stimulates the brain, makes you alert, clear your head and strengthens the nervous system.

Yellow also conveys:
Limitlessness, serenity, joy, friendliness, development, enterprising spirit, imagination and a thirst for freedom
A bright and clear yellow: Mind, intellect,
Shining gold: the purification of thought through spiritual power.
Dirty yellow: Greed, arrogance and cunning
Saffron yellow: Very high spirituality; the stronger the saffron, the sooner the spirituality manifests itself
Light yellow: Mental predominance, strong brain activity
Golden yellow: gives rooms freshness and triggers a cheerful mood.

Yellow is the brightest color and is associated with the sun.

The most religions therefore ascribe a central meaning to the sun and worshiped it as a life-giving deity.

Yellow is the color of the Lamaism.

Many cultures say the color yellow has a protective effect.

In India Before the wedding, the brides wore torn yellow dresses to drive away evil spirits.

in the Orient, in Egypt, Russia, and in some Balkan countries yellow is the wedding color

Orange - the color of change,

of psychic energy and spiritual strength.
Orange stands for energy, optimism, joie de vivre, sociability, activity, tenderness, courage, strength,
Open-mindedness, health, youthfulness, self-confidence and warmth

Orange is an essentially serene, uplifting color that makes you happy.
It is associated with cheerfulness and independence.

It can have a stimulating and stimulating effect, promotes creativity and activates the spirits.
Orange promotes the desire to eat, socialize, open-mindedness and solidarity.

Orange is good for nervous exhaustion, it overcomes self-pity, improves mood and inspires interest in life

Orange gives cool, light-poor rooms warmth and space.

Orange represented in Ireland Protestantism.

The Dalai Lama and other enlightened Buddhists show themselves in orange.

in the Buddhism orange is the color of the highest level of human enlightenment.

The official dignitaries China also wear orange.

In the Netherlands orange is considered the color of freedom.

Furthermore, orange is the body-related color of the through and through Caribbean, samba and happy open encounters.

Pink is the color of tenderness and childliness
Pink is tender, sweet, cheesy.

It stands for romance, gentleness, sensitivity, restraint, affection, but also
an increased need for protection

- see something through rose-colored glasses
- float on a pink cloud
- paint something in the rosiest colors

A pink mixed with some blue is called pink


The oriental customWrapping babies in blue towels was dated Occident adopted as female equivalent female babies in the role behavior corresponding to the social role soft pink stuck

pink refers in the dream to regressive longings,
to refined (refined or over-refined) needs, to the desire for or resistance to lightness in love and passion.


Purple - the color of love for people
and idealism

The color purple does not exist as a spectral color. It's a shade between red and blue. It only arises in our brain - as a short circuit of an imaginary color wheel. This color is also called magenta or pink red (after an Italian city). The shades of fuchsia and mauve are also related.

Purple / magenta expresses creativity, emancipation, dignity and mysticism.

The real purple dye is one of the most expensive dyes in the world and is obtained from purple snails.

While the Phoenicians killed the snails to obtain color, they were only milked by the Miztecs, a Mexican Indian tribe. This technique has been handed down to this day

In ancient Rome, purple was the dye used in the toga of triumphators and the emperor

As a liturgical color, purple symbolizes penance.

The official attire of the cardinals is “cardinal purple”.


Violet / purple - the color of spirituality,
and communication, of ghosts, magic and the mysterious,
Violet also symbolizes decadence and ambiguity,
Enchantment, emotionalism and
strong sensitivity

Violet also comes with Dignity and wisdom associated.
Violet is supposed to promote mental balance and determination, but it can also have an ambiguous, mystical and magical effect.
Violet stands for the transition into the harmony of opposites, between the familiar everyday life and the unknown, uncanny realm of spirits, ghosts and demons

It looks extravagant and individualistic, but also a bit artificial, as it rarely occurs in nature.

A violet that is too intense can create an oppressive, sacred, melancholy mood.

Purple is also seen in connection with sexual frustration.

Both medieval mystics of Occident, but also in many other cultures, the world of the body (red) connects with the world of spirit and heaven (blue) to form a fascinating mystery (violet), in which completely different laws than the known apply.

in the Buddhism In addition to yellow and orange, there are many purple garments.

The color of the Hinduism and des feminism.
In feminism, violet symbolizes women's claim to power and equality between men and women.

in the ecclesiastical area Violet symbolizes on the one hand the color of rank of the bishops, on the other hand the color of the penance and fasting season, before Easter and Christmas.

White is actually not a color, but a state of:

White means the unity of all colors, the highest possible consciousness,
Color of Christ Consciousness, Spiritual Perfection.
The color that contains all colors.

It is radiant, encouraging and peaceful.
White refers to innocence, sublimity, spiritual purity and wisdom, virtue, perfection and compassion,
Reliability, sincerity and love of truth

White is factual and clear.

White shows the willingness for change and personal perfection and also stands for spirituality, angels, spiritual divine principle.

Peace symbols: white dove and
white flag: immediate stop of the battle, surrender, armistice or peace

White is the opposite of black, the home of light, which gives birth to everything that is visible.
This idea runs through them most religions this world.
In them, the light principle of a male creator god, the dark, female primordial deity earth, is usually contrasted.

In the beginning there was nothing, everything was born out of it, say the sacred books of the Asians.

God said: "Let there be light," she says Bible.

In eastern cultures such as.China, Japan or Korea Weiss is a symbol of age, autumn, the west and deceit.
In a broken creamy tone, it is the color of grief and death. The people there wear white clothes and flags at funerals.

In western cultures the bride is usually dressed in white.

Gray - the color of neutrality,
of invincibility and renewal.

Gray also symbolizes dignity and wisdom.

Gray stands for the transition between the known and the unknown.

The color gray can be considered elegant, boring, factual, simple or even just neutral.
As achromatic color it still has many Nuances such as ash, concrete, mouse, smoke, slate, silver, pigeon or cement gray.

In photography, gray tones are also known as halftones.

Neutral gray is everything that is darker than white and lighter than black.

Gray has the advantage that you don't see any dirt :-)

Gray refers to the Mixture of light and darkness, is connected to the dead.
Ghosts are often shown in gray on works of art, probably because they are in one State between lives (White) and death (black) are located.

Gray is often seen as a boring color. Gray is the typical "color" of the shadow in its meaning as the unconscious.
The actual properties of this color can be disputed; it is generally associated with humility and caring.

Black - the color of mourning
and negative feelings,
can make you melancholy and narrow
Loneliness (but only in certain
Cultures, such as the European).

But black also means:
Elegance without risk, modernity, objectivity,
Clarity and functionality.

Black polarized: It is very popular with many people, while others face strict rejection.

Black can intensify all emotional reactions, appears distant and heavy, conveyed in this way Respectability,
also stands for Dignity and elegance.

Black often symbolizes the man, but also the dark, unconscious sides of the personality that one is often afraid of.

Black is the "color" of the darkness but also the color of the creativitybecause everything is born out of the dark.

Black and white were from the beginning of the Human history ascribed great importance, they embody the principles of light and darkness, good and evil, life and death, the greatest human
moving opposites in general.

Both together are only being in its totality, this worldview lies almost all religions underlying.

Black is the color of the church and of those who mourn.

In India To this day, mothers still surround their children's eyes with black lamp soot to protect them from the "evil eye"

Brown - the color of the earth connection,
Domesticity, motherliness and stability;
Brown can indicate a reticent nature or poor self-esteem.

Brown does not appear in the rainbow, there is no brown light, and the sky, which can be tinted in almost any color, does not know this color.
But we've been brown since Familiar to primeval times, brown is the ground, the earth, that Firm and secure under our feet.
It grounds and exudes warmth and a down-to-earth attitude.

Brown is a cozy color for people with a deep longing for security - but it also darkens and depresses. It is the color of mother earth.

Braun is also classified as undemanding.

But brown also has to do with the suppression of feelings, fear of the outside world and narrow-mindedness.

In the Nazi dictatorship was brown state color. The origin of the brown uniform comes from exaggerated Germanic mythology.
The "brown shirts" consciously wanted to awaken memories of the "berserkers", the bear slayers (an archaic, bearskin-wearing men's society), and in this sense believed that they were elitist outside the law.
They embodied the law itself, the right of the strongest, who is allowed to kill and (due to their mystical belief in fate) must kill

Gold - the color of the magnificent

Gold is noble and noble.
Gold comes with Sun, warmth, wealth and understanding associated.

It is Wisdom, clarity as Life force andinspiration.
It increases self-esteem and also helps with fear, insecurity and indifference.

In the esoteric realm, gold represents the highest point of spiritual development.

- Have gold in your throat
- Talk is silver - silence is gold
- the Golden age
- Golden wedding

Too much gold can arouse the longing to find perfection in the material.

Silver - the color of the psychic abilities,

the color of the ever changing Moon.

Silver stands for that female principle and the intuitive side of the mind.

Silver harmonizes and has a cleansing effect, opens up media skills.

Silver symbolizes flowing feelings,
Solidity and Prosperity.

Silver is noble, rather conveys coolness.
Silver offers protection from negative energies.

- have a silver look
- Celebrate silver wedding anniversary
- silver something (to make money)

Too much silver can cause allergies, or lead to talkativeness and loss of truthfulness.