Nerve agents were actually used during World War II

How do I fight a kitty army?

"Sir, we have identified a class 1 memetic attack that is effective in combat and that transmits line of sight."

Drones, we're going to need a lot of drones.

Long range weapons. Artillery crews that can kill from 10 miles away.

Fire missiles and forget.

High altitude bomber.

ICBMs are launched from hundreds of kilometers away.

Land mines. So many landmines.

Do these creatures care for their own fallen or injured? If so, then remember that there are no rules of war here. So expect liberal use of an equivalent of castration mines.

Nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

After all, if you can't see the enemy through the clouds of mustard gas and nerve agents, they can't affect you.

Does their power work when their skin is melted?

From your troops, you want to select the minority of psychopaths who can find something adorable and lovable and still murder it with a smile, knowing that for every kitten scalp they bring in, they'll get a generous bounty.

Once the threat is known, soldiers may want to use an AI system like this:

in smart glasses to block direct view of the creatures. "Just shoot in the middle of the black circle soldier."

A couple of decades ago, such an attack could have easily hit the civilian population, but since everything goes on the internet, there really isn't the same type of broadcast, they would have to have hard connections to the internet to do a lot that is difficult to do before You are in orbit.

Edit: I've neglected the civilian side, we are going to need some re-education centers for affected civilians and military and inquisitors to exterminate those affected. After all, we can't have sympathizers who may have mastered any of the weapon systems or spread the hostile memes.


I think they may have influenced me by now - you really gave it your all and I feel kind of bad for them.


@DoubleDouble Ah yes, I have neglected the civilian side, we need some re-education centers for affected civilians and military personnel and inquisitors to exterminate those affected. Now come with us citizens.

Mason Wheeler

Mustard gas? Nerve substances? You think too much like a human. What we need are catnip bombs!


The internet can actually be the perfect infection vector: think about how many cute kitten photos are already being shared. All you have to do is get one or two on a social network and let the memetics do its thing.


Damn kitties, have you been doing this on youtube all these years?