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What to do if the mother or father forget appointments and birthdays more and more often? Or even the names of your own children? The Augsburg dementia consultant and humor therapist Markus Proske recommends keeping calm and getting advice:

"You have to know that changes in behavior and states of cognitive confusion do not necessarily have to result from dementia; there are many illnesses and mental emergencies that also cause confusion and that needs to be clarified with a good doctor."

If the suspicion is confirmed, the first thing you should do is find out about the disease, says the expert: "Dementia is like traveling to a foreign country. And like everyone who goes on a trip, I ask beforehand what will happen to me . " Of course you would like to take this trip together with your mother and at the same time it should be as pleasant as possible for everyone involved. The dementia advisor from Wertingen has three tips for this:

Tip 1

"People with dementia need Saint Bernard dogs, not pinschers. All the attributes that we ascribe to a Saint Bernard would also be very helpful when dealing with a person suffering from dementia. A pinscher as restless as he is is simply a no-go."

Tip 2

"People, take it slowly, it is urgent. If you have to go fast, you have to be slow. A person with dementia needs significantly longer than we do to process information.

Tip 3

"You support me so that I can do it myself for as long as possible."

So be attentive, patient, and support where you can - but no more than necessary. It is also particularly important not to make the topic taboo. Do not stay alone and get outside help if necessary!

Markus Proske: The dementia etiquette

Markus Proske: The dementia etiquette. Practical tips for dealing with people with dementia. Reference book for nursing staff and caring relatives.

Paperback, April 2018

16,95 €