What does bloatware

Remove bloatware: How to delete useless apps from your smartphone

Who does not know the sublime feeling that comes with the first use of a new smartphone? A seemingly virgin device, without data garbage and superfluous apps. New, clean and at the zenith of performance. Unfortunately, we have to destroy your illusions now: Smartphones are already stuffed with lots of bloatware at the factory.

1. What is bloatware?

The term bloatware describes useless, pre-installed software, such as demo versions of commercially available programs, partner apps or links to advertisements. The German word bloat is derived from the English term bloat. But why do manufacturers install so-called bulky goods?

The question of why is quickly cleared up. Bloatware has a clear benefit for smartphone manufacturers: customer loyalty and targeted advertising. Manufacturer-specific apps for calendars, e-mails or music create an ecosystem that the user should get used to quickly and of course want to continue using it even after purchasing a new device. As we all know, Apple has mastered the art of its own microcosm to perfection. In addition, manufacturers gain customer information thanks to the apps, which they then use for advertising purposes.

2. Bloatware as a security risk

Apps that are preinstalled on many smartphones offer a wide attack surface for hackers and are therefore a popular target for malware. It becomes particularly dangerous if there is no longer enough storage space on the smartphone for security-relevant system updates or patches. So it's time to tidy up your phone, free it from ballast and delete preinstalled crapware.