Can I wear a tailcoat in India?

How do you wear a cummerbund?

First things first: the folds of the waistband are facing up. The fact has to do with the origin of the sash, the English once imported the cummerbund from India - and the Indians already stored small things like keys or money here.

At the time of British colonial rule, the belly band replaced the waistcoat under the tuxedo. No wonder: in warm tropical climes, layering is not a good idea - the vest had to believe in it. Soldiers later imported the look to England and with it the original name kamarband, which was translated phonetically into English as cummerbund and finally into German as "cummerbund". So the federal government really has nothing to do with grief!

The style rules

1.The cummerbund is only worn with a tuxedo (black tie).

2. And only in combination with a single-breasted tuxedo and a bow tie.

3.The bow tie and the cummerbund can be of the same color (there is Bordeaux red, red, blue or white, for example). But we always prefer the black version.

4. The cummerbund covers the waistband and the groin area and a little over the stomach. The closure at the back is adjustable and ensures the right hold.

5. One carries none Belt under the cummerbund, and this never replaces it (which is also not possible). That's why the tuxedo pants have to fit like a glove. Consult your tailor.