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Coronavirus: What does the new rapid test bring?

As of: 09/23/2020 9:25 a.m.

A new antigen test is said to detect an infection with the coronavirus in less than 30 minutes. However, the rapid test is less reliable than the tried and tested tests using the PCR method.

Until now, anyone who can be tested for Corona has had to wait a long time for the result. It takes at least two days for a laboratory to evaluate the sample. A quick test, the antigen test, should now show the result in less than half an hour. In contrast to the so-called PCR method with which the laboratory tests work, the new test does not detect the genetic material of the corona virus, but proteins.

How reliably do rapid tests detect a Sars CoV-2 infection?

The rapid test is less reliable than the laboratory method. Even when used correctly, the error rate is around four percent. Out of 100 people infected with the coronavirus, it shows no infection in four people. However, if the test detects an infection, the hit rate is almost 100 percent.

Who will do the antigen test?

At the moment, the rapid tests are not intended for self-tests by medical laypersons. Rather, a doctor or trained staff must take the sample. The correct smear from the nasopharynx is a prerequisite for a reliable result, according to Professor Melanie Brinkmann, virologist at the TU Braunschweig, on ZDF.

Is there a quick test in the pharmacy?

The antigen test is not initially sold freely. If you want to be tested with it, you should speak to your family doctor, who can order the test.

How long is the result valid?

The rapid test is - like the laboratory test - a snapshot. The result has no meaningfulness for the future, not even for a few days.

Who is the antigen test of use then?

The great advantage of the rapid test is that the result is available within a few minutes. For example, employees or visitors to retirement homes could be tested before they enter the home. Even those who come from vacation can find out the result before they can infect other people on the way home, for example. The test cannot be a substitute for everyday masks or the rules of distance.

What does the Corona rapid test cost and who pays for it?

The price for the test has not yet been determined. However, it will probably be cheaper than the PCR test in the laboratory. It is also still unclear who will bear the costs.

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