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Mork from the orc

Mork from the orc (Original: Mork and Mindy) was an American sitcom from 1978 to 1982. The series was an offshoot of the series known in America at the time Happy Days[1].

It's about an alien named Mork from the planet Orcwho watch people and his supervisor Orson should report about it.

For this purpose he flew to earth with his oversized space egg. As a greeting he used "Nano-Nano" (in the original: "Na-Nu Na-Nu"), he could drink with his fingers and demonstrate telekinetic tricks. He did not use violence.

The gags were usually based on the fact that, thanks to television, Mork had already acquired extensive knowledge of earthly civilization, in particular American society, before his arrival, but could not classify it correctly. Accordingly, the German dubbed version suffered greatly from translation problems that could hardly be solved. The concise greeting by pushing each other's buttocks with the words "Hamsti-Bamsti", for example, in the original by no means goes back to Mork's extraterrestrial customs, but rather to untranslatable stereotypes about greeting rituals and phrases used by African Americans.

Awards (selection)

Lead actor Robin Williams received the Golden Globe in 1979 for his role. In the same year, the series won the People's Choice Award twice.

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