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Job search via recruitment agency - how helpful are recruitment agencies?

Personnel service providers are interfaces between applicants and companies. How do these agencies work? What are the advantages for job seekers and employers? Do recruiters only fill executive positions? Many questions that will be answered here.

Anyone who has already reoriented themselves on their career path, who is starting their professional life or was looking for a suitable part-time job during their studies knows it: the application marathon. It is important to present yourself in the best possible way. To highlight his qualities. To make it clear that you are the ideal person for the respective job. It is well known that this in turn involves a lot of work, time and sometimes a lot of frustration. Conversely, this also applies to companies, which often wait a long time for the right candidate.

How a recruitment agency works

More and more applicants and employers rely on the help of recruiters (PV). These act as an interface between the two sides. Applicants send all of their application documents to the recruiter, which in turn are compared with the available job offers. HR departments and personnel decision-makers in companies bypass the entire recruiting process using recruitment agencies. Many companies only turn to recruitment agencies when it comes to staffing.

Advantages of professional personnel service providers for the applicant:

What is very important is the fact that the applicant only has to send one application to the recruiter. This then compares the profile, preferences and strengths of the applicant with the open job offers. If one or more positions match the profile, the recruitment agency will arrange a meeting.

Further advantages for the applicant include:

  • Professional recruiters offer their services to applicants free of charge!
  • Recruitment agencies already provide assistance when writing the perfect application.
  • Personnel service providers have access to numerous direct contacts and exclusive connections to the personnel decision-makers.
  • Applicants benefit from the wide-ranging national and international network of the personnel service provider.
  • Recruitment agencies have a gigantic job exchange with numerous vacancies in a wide variety of industries.
  • During the entire application process, the applicant is supported and accompanied by the recruiting experts. This support continues for some time after the successful placement.
  • The placement rate of renowned personnel service providers is impressive! This is achieved by analyzing the professional skills, potential and strengths of the applicants. Based on this, an individual applicant profile is created.
  • The applicants benefit directly from the know-how as well as the long-term market and industry knowledge of the recruitment agencies.
  • Applicants are constantly kept up to date with the evolving application process.

Advantages for the company:

The benefits of a recruitment agency for businesses are obvious. As a rule, the recruitment of new skilled workers takes a lot of time, a lot of staff and therefore a lot of capital. By delegating this task to professional PV, companies ultimately save money.

Personnel service providers take over the entire recruiting process. Starting with the job description and the applicant profile through the selection of suitable candidates to the review of documents and the analysis of the interview. This is done extremely discreetly and always in the interest of the client. The remuneration is predominantly performance-based.

Which positions are filled by recruiters?

Contrary to the often held opinion that recruitment agencies only find positions for top executives, recruitment agencies cover the entire spectrum of the labor market. We are looking for specialists, from engineers to designers - with and without managerial responsibility - for a wide variety of sectors and regions.

The various industries in which recruitment agencies provide vacancies are very broad. The online job exchange personalvermittlung.de for example, offers permanent positions in the following industries:

  • Accounting / controlling
  • Assistance / administration
  • Financial services / tax advice
  • Development / Research / Pharma
  • Call center / customer service
  • Medicine / Nursing / Health
  • Gastronomy / tourism
  • Human resources / HR
  • Industry / production / mechanics
  • IT / communication technology
  • Craft
  • Lawyer / attorney / notary
  • Sales / Purchasing
  • marketing
  • Logistics / transport / storage
  • Aviation / space travel
  • and much more m.

In addition, students looking for a suitable part-time job can also find a suitable position through personnel service providers. Applicants who only want to enter into temporary employment relationships are at the right address with personnel service providers. Project support and temporary work are an integral part of the job advertisements.

A conclusion on looking for a job via recruitment agencies

The mere fact that renowned recruitment agencies offer their services to applicants free of charge makes this route to get the right job quite interesting. The applicant has literally buttered his bread on both sides when looking for a job via recruitment. The chance of a suitable job increases many times over, while the entire application process is reduced to a minimum.

Author: Bettina Weiss
Published on August 25, 2014

Tags: application, HR, IT industry, job search, personnel service providers, recruiters