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Demeter trade training

Demeter products stand for enjoyment, taste, aspiration and responsibility. They are produced and processed with respect for fellow human beings, animals, plants and soil. So that you can find out what makes Demeter agriculture and Demeter processing special, we train new Demeter members in trade. According to the sales principles, this is mandatory for the employees in the sales outlets. Well-informed sales staff directly reinforce Demeter's impetus for the sustainable development of society. To ensure that this knowledge is authentic, the training courses take place on Demeter farms or at a Demeter processor. It is important to mention: With the training courses mentioned here by a recognized training partner, Demeter dealers fulfill the training obligations of your company in accordance with the sales principles and guidelines.

On this page you will find:

  • an overview of the goals and content of Demeter trade training courses. These points are the guard rails of the training courses, which all participants in the training courses refer to.
  • the training partners through whom you can request training for your employees. Think about planning the training courses for 2021 now and get an offer for your training needs from the recognized training partners!
  • the training dates for the one-day basic training courses, the introductory courses lasting several days, as well as the advanced training to become an organic specialist with an IHK certificate. Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, most of the training courses have been canceled at the moment. In October we aim to ensure that the introductory course for processing and trading can take place.
  • Information on the Demeter Academy's trade training network. In this network, the training partners and their trainers work actively on the content and methodological quality of the training.


Training objectives

  • Communicate knowledge about Demeter - from production in agriculture to processing to the products that carry the Demeter brand.
  • Develop an understanding of the value and quality of Demeter products.
  • Build a relationship between the participants and the Demeter producers and processors.
  • Strengthen the motivation of the training participants to contribute to the Demeter development community through their work.
  • Create language skills in order to be able to actively provide information about the high quality of Demeter products in sales.


Authentic knowledge transfer and direct viewing

The best way to find out what's behind the Demeter products and the Demeter philosophy is on site. That is why we visit farms or processing companies with you so that you can experience their work first hand. In the training courses you will get to know the character and services of the Demeter brand. By the way, you will also learn how the EU organic seal, the trade marks and the association seals stand out from each other. The transfer of knowledge takes place in a lively, vivid manner and in direct connection with your professional activity. You will encounter backgrounds to the Demeter philosophy by meeting people within the Demeter community: the trainers, people on the farms or employees of processing companies.

Practicing is also part of imparting knowledge

Developing understanding, building relationships, strengthening motivation and gaining language skills are the goals of the training courses, in which Demeter knowledge about your own work comes to life. When we talk to each other about Demeter products in the training courses, we practice language skills. When, after a tour of the farm in the seminar group, we collect the character of Demeter agriculture or processing, we put the brand image in our own words. We actively involve you with your knowledge and your work in the training, work with questions and sales experience that you bring with you. Exercises in which you are active are part of the core of a training day.


What are the core elements of a biodynamic farm organism?

Due to the lively circular economy, Demeter agriculture is considered the most sustainable form of land management and goes far beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation. You will learn how a farm with the interrelationships between soil, plants, animals, preparations and the cosmos develops into an organism and what special quality arises from all of this for agriculture and processing.

What has made Demeter a pioneer for a sustainable society since 1924 until today?

The biodynamic economy goes back to the impulses of Rudolf Steiner, who initiated Waldorf education and anthroposophical healing at the beginning of the 20th century. The pioneers in the field of organic have succeeded in continuously developing Demeter as a modern and sustainable cultivation method. You will gain an insight into selected cultural and social impulses that show up in plant breeding, animal husbandry and breeding, community-based management or the diverse relationships between agriculture, processing, trade and consumers.

What nourishes trust in the Demeter brand and what makes Demeter special?

Demeter's unique selling points are particularly important for classification in the entire organic environment. You will get a basic idea of ​​the guidelines, certification, control and brand performance. Rather, you will get an insight into how the future challenges will be dealt with with court and development talks.

Recognized training partners


Rural Education and Culture gGmbH (BBK)

Contact: Julia Harlapp, Viskulenhof 7, 21335 Lüneburg, Tel: 04131-830 88 22

The rural education and culture gGmbH (BBK) belongs to the Demeter working group "Demeter in the north - rural society". As its educational provider, it is active throughout northern Germany. For several years the BBK has been offering training courses in retail with the trainers and can therefore fall back on mature expertise. In addition to the basic one-day training course “Demeter Quality in Three Sentences”, there are two or three-day introductory courses, as well as the eight-day training course “Organic Food Specialist”, which ends with an IHK certificate. With all offers there is also the option of in-house training, please inquire about an individual offer directly from the BBK, or register yourself or your employees for one of the freely advertised courses.

Academy Schloss Kirchberg

Foundation House of Farmers / Academy Schloss Kirchberg

Contact: Anna-Lena Buchholz, Schlossstrasse 16/3, 74592 Kirchberg an der Jagst, Email akademie [/ at \] hdb-stiftung [/ dot \] com, Tel. 07954 9211880

Kugler & Rosenberger

Kugler & Rosenberger GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Alexandra Rupp, Bahnhofstr. 18, 90519 Altdorf near Nuremberg, Email a [/ dot \] rupp [/ at \] kugler-rosenberger [/ dot \] de, Tel. 09187 - 40 919 0

Kugler & Rosenberger GmbH & Co.KG decided in 2002 to support farms and dealers, service providers and processors whose focus is on organic food and sustainable products. The organic sector is our home - working in this area is our passion. We have always accompanied our customers on the basis of a diverse range of training courses and can therefore look back on many years of expertise in this area. We and our trainers have been closely associated with Demeter for many years and maintain an intensive exchange with farmers, processors, sales and retailers. Expand your knowledge of Demeter products and the Demeter brand with us and increase your advisory skills in this area. We would be happy to make an offer that is individually tailored to your needs. We are looking forward to your contact.

Learning place

Lernstatt, W-E-G GmbH & Co.KG

Contact: Verena Schmelz, Gerloser Weg 70, 36039 Fulda, Email verena [/ dot \] schmelz [/ at \] lernstatt-fulda [/ dot \] eu, Tel .: 0151/57570990

LERNSTATT is part of W-E-G GmbH & Co. KG based in Fulda. The training topics include organic food / nutrition, merchandise and sales as well as questions about leadership and organizational development. As trained Demeter commercial trainers with our own Demeter agriculture in our group of companies, we live all processes from "the field to the trade to the plate". We use creative, action-oriented methods in our trainings. It is important to us that the educational measure (whether in seminars or online learning) is practical and effective over the long term. We carry out our training courses in-house, tailored to the requirements of the company. More information at: We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to make you an individual offer.


Basic training dates

Training offers

For processing and trading, individual training partners also offer training courses for which you can register individual employees. Sometimes this is an interesting alternative if, for example, someone was unable to attend a training course that was commissioned exclusively for your company. Here you will also find the dates for the multi-day advanced training course "organic specialist", as well as for the multi-day introductory courses.

Dates - basic training

Dates of introductory courses

We also offer introductory and advanced seminars for employees in sales, marketing and the management of processing or trading companies. The introductory courses last three days. During these days we will look into biodynamic topics with you, into the background of the brand and into the possibilities of participating in the brand community yourself. Participation in an introductory course is compulsory during the first three years of your trademark usage contract in accordance with the Demeter guidelines.

Dates - introductory courses

Dates for an organic food specialist (IHK) with integrated Demeter basic training

Training offers

In the north and south, you can take a multi-day qualification as an organic food specialist (IHK). The subject of Demeter is also integrated into this qualification. With the qualification as a specialist for organic food (IHK) you will therefore also receive confirmation that you have participated in a Demeter trade training course to gain basic knowledge. The qualification is offered to you by Bäuerliche Bildung & Kultur e. V. or from the Akademie Schloss Kirchberg.

Dates - Organic Food Specialist (IHK)

Training network and quality assurance

The trainers have many years of experience with Demeter, organic farming, trade structures and / or with the history of agriculture and nutrition. They know many Demeter farmers and processors personally, so that they give a direct insight into Demeter. Some of the trainers are also in charge of projects such as the Bruderhahn initiative or farm education.

Request for training from a recognized training partner

If you only want training for your employees, please contact one of the above-mentioned training partners. During these training courses you will also visit a farm or a processing company.

Training network

All training partners and trainers of the Demeter trade training courses actively work together in a network. The training network sees itself as a collegial association for the technical and methodical further development of trade training. The network is based on the principles of the anthroposophical image of man and pedagogy. The training courses are developed and implemented on the basis of this self-image, and strengths are pooled. The trade training network is managed by the Demeter Academy.

quality assurance

The focus of the educational work of the Demeter Academy is on the actively participating, the feeling, the thinking and the person who experiences himself as self-effective. For us, this perspective makes for a high quality of training. We therefore look at the partners' training concepts for their content quality and the wealth of methods. It is important to us that the training courses are entertaining and yet go in-depth, so that you are taken along and receive suggestions. It is therefore essential for quality to provide your feedback on the respective training. This means that every training course is evaluated and the evaluations are evaluated. This makes it clear what you liked best and we are happy to receive specific suggestions for improvement for the future design of training courses. Quality assurance also includes development talks with the trainers, joint training, practical relevance of the trainers and their cooperation with the Demeter Academy in the retail training network.


Dr. Simone Helmle
Head of the Demeter Academy

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