What's next in Python

How it goes on¶

What you can do with Python¶

Well, that's a good question! Look, practically anything you can imagine that has even remotely to do with electronics - from your remote control, via a smartphone, the backend of a popular web service, the planning of airplane landings, to the software you use every day - it has anything to do with programming!

And it's not just a great practical field, it's also a technical and academic one. Once you have a general understanding of a basic language like Python, you can work on all sorts of topics: web frontends, web backend services, data analysis and statistics, artificial intelligence, GUI design, robotics, software development of all kinds, online transactions, automation of everything, and much more.

We can understand if that sounds intimidating, so here's some practical advice that will take advantage of the size of the Programming field:

Use your new skills whatever you're passionate about.

Whether that means starting a new business, helping you do a task faster with data, putting a page online, calculating odds in a game, creating art and music, or anything else, figuring out how to code your hobbies can help makes learning much more exciting and relevant. Feel free to ask someone with more experience if you have no idea how to proceed, but always keep your interests in mind.