What games must be in smartphones

Best Mobile Games - You Must Know These Game Apps

Attention: the best mobile games for the iPhone

Depending on which smartphone you are using, different best mobile games are available to you. There is a large number of games for both major operating systems, but by no means all. If you are an iPhone user and looking for interesting games for in between, we would like to introduce you to four games that you cannot ignore.

1. Fortnite

When people talk about the best mobile games, the name "Fortnite" probably won't come up straight away. The game is popular around the world, but this mainly relates to use on the PC. You can now play the popular shooter Fortnite on a slightly smaller screen, i.e. on your iPhone. In the game you are up to 100 other users in a world in which there is only one rule: survive. The game is free and can be expanded to include new skins (i.e. outfits) for your character at an additional cost.

2. Pokémon Go

Everyone has heard of Pokémon Go at some point. Even for those who have not yet played the game themselves, it was difficult to get past the mobile phone game that suddenly became popular in 2016. Based on the worldwide successful anime series, the numerous video and card games, the little pocket monsters with the suffix “Go” are now also available for your iPhone. With this free game you can catch monsters, trade them or compete against each other. Additional benefits can be activated via in-app purchases.

3. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

When the term “Best Mobile Games” comes up, then the game app “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” should not be missing for your iPhone. In the game you slip into the role of the protagonist from the well-known book and film series. At the Hogwarts Magic School you will learn how to solve tricky tasks and how to fight against opponents. The game is free of charge. Unfortunately, it has extra built-in waiting times that delay a smooth game play in between. You can shorten these for a surcharge - called "Gems" in the game.

4. The Sims Mobile

There are many supposedly best mobile phone games. One game that really deserves this term is The Sims. Already published in 2000 for the PC, the life simulation game is now also available for mobile Apple devices. Nothing fundamental has changed in terms of the game principle: Your task is to build a home for your characters, make friends, pursue hobbies and, of course, work. The free game offers the virtual "SimCash" currency and other furnishings for a surcharge.