Reggae pioneer and bandmate of Bob Marley: Bunny Wailer died at the age of 73

(dpa) The famous Jamaican reggae musician Bunny Wailer is dead. The singer, songwriter and percussionist, whose real name was Neville O'Riley Livingston, died on Tuesday at the age of 73 in a hospital in the Jamaican capital Kingston, according to the culture minister of the Caribbean State, Olivia Grange, announced. The cause of death was initially not mentioned. Livingston had suffered two strokes in the past three years, according to media reports.

Together with the reggae legend Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, he founded the group Bob Marley and The Wailers in the 1960s. Marley and Livingston met as children and became half-brothers - Marley's mother and Livingston's father had a daughter together.

The band played an important role in popularizing the then new Jamaican style of music reggae on the Caribbean island and around the world. However, Bunny Wailer left in 1973, shortly before the big international breakthrough, because planned appearances in subculture clubs in the USA violated his Rastafarian beliefs from his point of view. From then on he had a long solo career, in the course of which he received three Grammys.

"Today the last living Wailer died," wrote Grange. «What Bunny Wailer, as one of the pioneers and standard-bearers of the music of our country, did for reggae, lives on.