How can I cure my aphantasia

Aphantasia: The lack of imagination

The definition of aphantasia

Aphantasia describes the phenomenon that suffered no visual imagination have. This phenomenon was discovered in 1880 by Francis Galton, a British naturalist, but has hardly been researched to this day. Galton is still considered to be one of the fathers of eugenics (hereditary health theory). He asked 100 grown men to imagine their breakfast table. Twelve of them failed to visualize the situation. The "Breakfast Study“Is considered to be the starting signal for research into the aphantasia phenomenon. People who suffer from aphantasia cannot form visual images, they have an “emptiness in their heads”.

Introduce yourself: You immerse yourself in a book, the landscape and the facial expressions of the main character are vividly described. Does your imagination get started while reading? Does the scene appear visually in your mind's eye? If so, there is a high probability that you will not have aphantasia.

The aphantasia concerns not just pictures, butalso music: Those affected can no longer recall melodies or texts after listening to them - so there are no catchy tunes. However, it is not a disease, but an impairment. Similar invisible impairments such as Facial blindness (Prosopagnosia) are a comparable form: those affected cannot remember faces, even if they have already seen and spoken to the person several times. Daydreams can take us out of reality for a moment and take us anywhere in the world, but aphantists cannot visualize beaches, evoke vacation memories, or visualize things that they associate with fond memories.

Many sufferers of aphantasia do not notice their lack of imagination until late because it does not have a great impact on their lives in everyday life. Often it only becomes clear when sentences like "Imagine ..." are used in a conversation with friends. Fantasy trips for children are suitable for identifying aphantasia at an early stage. In the case of aphantasists, the fantasy journeys do not work and can therefore normally can be discovered in childhood and treated accordingly. Most recently, the German model Bonnie Strange announced that she also suffers from aphantasia - but she only realized this in adulthood.