How can I get money from Tunisia

International bank transfer to Tunisia


The recipient can dispose of the money in their account after just a few working days. Online providers can offer such a fast implementation due to global networks and innovative methods. In this case we are talking about a maximum of three to four working days. It can be faster with the provider Azimo with a SWIFT- Transfer to be made. The process only takes 24 hours.

Banks are sometimes very distant from these periods. Double or triple the number of working days is not uncommon for an institution to process an international transfer. When transferring money to Tunisia, several reasons for this long time come together. On the one hand, Tunisia does not belong to the EU / EEA / SEPA, which is why a classic international transfer with no Implementing regulations is carried out. On the other hand, other banks are often included in this type of transfer, which can make the duration longer.

An overview of the statutory implementation regulations


The total cost of sending a money to Tunisia with a Bank are made up of various individual fees. Only some of them can be found in the price and service descriptions of the institutes. Further fees can for example through the bank in the African country or a so-called Correspondent bank consequences. The latter bank in particular is often involved in international transfers, which ultimately carries out the order and any currency exchange.

Other factors contributing to the formation of the fee at a bank can be:

  • Fee option chosen by the customer or the bank
  • Graduated fee depending on the amount of the transfer
  • Contained margin in the offered settlement rate

Due to the advantages of global networks and new methods, transfer services can also offer very low fees in some cases. The mere fact that no intermediary bank has to be involved is clearly visible in the fee. Often there are even free offers for new customers. But existing customers can also save a lot. The provider Xendpay does not charge any mandatory fees up to an annual maximum amount (transfer amount).

Exchange rate

From so many Transfer service provider an exchange into the local currency of Tunisia, the TND, is offered when making a transfer. The exchange rates are good, but sometimes contain a small margin. If necessary, a change with another provider in the USD can be cheaper. Here everyone trades first TransferWise at the real exchange rate. Without a margin, the full amount is exchanged and ultimately arrives at the recipient.

Margins can do the Exchange rate significantly, so that a currency exchange can result in a loss of up to a three-digit sum. Accordingly, the settlement rates of banks are to be viewed critically, as they usually contain a fairly high margin, which should ultimately be profitable for the institution.

Send money to Tunisia

A popular transfer option with online providers is that the transfer is made for the purpose of collecting cash on site. Some providers also offer this service to Tunisia. Like from WorldRemit, Xoom or Western Union. The providers offer various locations in the country where the recipient can receive the money after just a few minutes. The provider WorldRemit works with the following institutes:

Transfer is free of charge