What hairstyles were popular in the 1950s

50s hairstyles

Just like the outfits of the 50s, the hairstyles of women and men were particularly neat and tidy. For men the pomade was the Holy Grail, for women it was the curlers.

50s hairstyles

Men's hairstyles: greasy fools

The gentlemen of the 50s wore their hair combed back neatly and always very well-groomed. Without pomade, of course, nothing worked. The greasy mass can be compared to today's very soft hair wax. Pomade therefore ensured stability and a flawless shine. The unbeaten trend hairstyle was the quiff in all possible variations. Whether sideways, neatly back or with a protruding curl - the hairstyle was masculine and stylish at the same time

Women's hairstyles: voluminous curls and bangs

For women, rockabilly hairstyles with bangs and large curls were popular. Bettie Page was not only "the" pinup of the 50s, but also a style icon when it came to the bangs. There were a number of options. Ponytails, updos, long and wavy or teased were popular. It was important that you could see the face clearly and that the hair formed a unit, with no strands hanging out. This required hair curlers and lots of hairspray, which had only just hit the market in 1955