Why isn't Shazam joining the Justice League

The Road to the Justice League: Part V - Shazam!

After visiting the fabled city of Atlantis last month, today we travel to the Rock of Eternity, where an ancient magician is looking for a protector for humanity, although both Wonder Woman and Aquaman have certain connections to the magical side of the DC Universe they are not necessarily particularly gifted at mastering magic themselves. Thankfully, the Justice League has been in the US since its inception New 52 a member who is very knowledgeable about magic, this character owes his powers to an old magician. This wizard bestowed the little one Billy Batson enormous powers, making him the most powerful mortal in the world: Shazam!

Who is Shazam !?

An old creepy guy said he was 'bestowing' me this power so I could defend the world from supernatural evil. He called me 'The Champion of Magic'!

The beginning

Shazam! is one of the oldest characters in DC Comics and has already made its debut 1939 in Thrill Comics # 1. At that time, however, under the name of Captain Thunder. Before the second volume in the series could be printed, his name was changed to Captain Marvelous, which the editors of the comic became Captain Marvel has been shortened. Captain Marvel was created by C. C. Beck and Bill Parker.

Captain Marvel was inspired by the success of the Superman comics, but this also posed some problems as there seemed to be too many parallels between the two characters. A legal battle ensued that resulted in the Captain Marvel Comics being discontinued for several years. Ironically, it was DC Comics that later acquired the rights to Captain Marvel after the publisher was responsible for the character's temporary disappearance. However, DC was no longer allowed to publish Captain Marvel under its original name because a competing publisher licensed the rights to the word Marvel: Marvel Comics. DC was then forced to change their hero's name, and so Captain Marvel eventually became SHAZAM!, named after the word Billy Batson has to call out to transform himself into his superhero alter ego.

In his early days, Captain Marvel was the most successful and popular superhero in America, even more popular than Superman. Even if that old fame was fading a bit by now, it belongs to Shazam! still one of the most important characters in DC Comics. He not only made appearances in over 1700 comics, but was also allowed to appear in various animated series and animated movies as well as one or the other video game.

The time after the reboot: The New 52:

As with Flash and Aquaman, the return of Shazam! in the New 52 Comics DC mastermind Geoff Johns his fingers in the game.

Billy Batson is an orphan and accordingly lives in an orphanage. When a potential adoptive family appears for Billy with the Vasquez's and the couple invites him to their home for a few days, Billy appears overjoyed. But when they left, Billy shows his true colors, because he has no desire to come back to a foster family who is not interested in him. However, shortly after he was handed over to the Vasquesz's, Billy's life was to change forever, because one night he left his new home. He messes with some guys on the way, but realizes that he's not up to them and runs away. In a subway he suddenly notices that something is wrong, because when the doors of the train open again, Billy is standing in the entrance hall of an old mystical fortress: The rock of eternity.

As the boy ventures further inside the fortress, he meets an old man. This tells Billy that he belongs to a group of magicians who watch over the earth, but all of his brothers were of Black Adam murdered, the magician's former favorite. The magician tests Billy and sees into his heart, but, like every other person, he also finds bad in Billy, which is why he considers the boy to be unworthy to become the new protector of magic and to stop Black Adam. Billy tells him that good no longer exists as it is tainted by the temptations of the modern world. The magician tells Billy to take the word SHAZAM! Express yourself and always with goodwill, because then he could unleash his true potential. Lightning strikes Billy and transforms the little boy into a muscled adult who from now on is the only one standing between the world and magical dangers. From that moment on, Billy Batson must identify himself as a Shazam!, the most powerful mortal in the world, to deal with all sorts of dangers, because not only Black Adam has come to life again in the modern age, but also the manifestations of the Seven deadly sins are up to mischief on earth, which, without the knowledge of magic, is helpless at their mercy. After his fight against his predecessor Black Adam, Billy joins the Justice League with and fought with the league, among other things, against the despot Darkseid.

The recent events:

Last fought Shazam! with the other members of the Justice League im Darkseid War. In this war, Billy lost connection with the gods that gave him his powers, but he found new gods that made him even more powerful. Now is Shazam! no longer just the most powerful mortal in the world, but the God of gods.

Powers and skills:

Superman? I just knocked down Superman ... I just knocked down Superman!

At Shazam! the thing with his powers must be approached a little differently than with the other characters in this series, because Billy gets his power through a magical lightning bolt, which gives him the powers of various gods and heroes. For the sake of simplicity, I will ignore the new gods that give Billy his powers at this point.

S for Solomon

S stands for the wisdom of Solomonwhich enables Billy to speak and understand different languages, gives him a photographic memory and gives him a vast knowledge of warfare and tactics.

H for Hercules

H stands for the strength of the Hercules, the most powerful hero of the ancient world. Lightning gives Billy the sheer limitless power of the son of Zeus, making him not only the most powerful mortal in the world, but also one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Shazam! plays with his physical strength in a league with some of the strongest characters in DC Comics, such as Superman, Black Adam or Wonder Woman. In a Justice League series from the early 2000s, Shazam! Even knocking Superman unconscious or, in the case of Kingdom Come, almost kill. Since his powers are magical, he is easily superior to even a Superman and perhaps he is even the most powerful member of the Justice League. The Limit of Billy's Physical Powers as Shazam! is unknown, if there is any.

A for Atlas

A stands for the endurance of the Atlas, the titan who carries the world on his shoulders. Simply put, this means that after he has transformed, Billy does not need to sleep or eat and has almost infinite stamina.

Z for Zeus

Z stands for the power of the god father Zeus, the most powerful member of the Greek pantheon. The power of Zeus protects Billy from other magic, so only magic of the highest class, such as her Dr. Fate or the Specter (more on this in Part IX: Beyond Horizon) can hurt him. Like the Father of Gods, Shazam can! use the lightning as a weapon by shouting the word SHAZAM summoned and let down on his opponent, causing enormous damage. That way, Shazam! Superman almost killed once. With this lightning bolt, Billy can also heal himself should he be injured.

A for Achilles

The second A stands for the hero's courage Achilleswho fought in the Trojan War. Shazam! always protecting others before he thinks about himself, which often gets him into trouble. After his transformation, Billy is almost invulnerable and cannot be injured by any opponent. His invulnerability is comparable to Superman's, except that Shazam! does not have the weaknesses of the man of steel against kryptonite and magic.

M for Mercury

The M stands for the speed of God Mercury. This power grants Billy the speed of a god and the ability to fly. Shazam! should even be faster than Superman and even be able to take on a speedster like Flash. Thanks to its divine powers, Shazam! also travel through the depths of space and survive there.

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