What are the best aroma diffusers available

Aroma diffuser test - for a good scent in the whole apartment - comparison of the best aroma diffusers 2021

Aroma diffuser in the test

Aroma diffuser are the modern counterpart to classic incense sticks - only much more practical. A Aroma diffuser is usually even cheaper than incense sticks and definitely a real alternative in terms of design.

Furthermore, one cares Aroma diffuser not only for a pleasant scent in the house, but there are also models that additionally humidify the air and thus create a pleasant room climate.

With a Aroma diffuser you have almost infinite areas of application at your fingertips.

It doesn't matter whether you use the Aroma diffuser at home in the bathroom during a foam bath, at night to promote a deep and restful sleep or in the kitchen for optimal Neutralization of unpleasant food odors want to use a Aroma diffuser is a positive addition for many areas.

Fragrance atomizers are also getting more and more attention in the professional environment. Not only in beauty salons and yoga studios, but also in offices and meeting rooms you can see the cheap ones more and more often Aroma diffuser in action. These are also with a Home24 voucher to buy.

To you the Purchase decision for one Aroma diffuser To make it easier, you will find the currently tested products that can currently be found in stores here. A special focus was placed on a good one Value for money of theAroma diffusertestwinner2021 placed.

What is an aroma diffuser?

A Aroma diffuser is practically a modern fragrance atomizer. Today's models mostly work with electrical ultrasound technology.

This technique allows you Aroma diffuserthat need Fragrance oil or to nebulize the fragrance used very finely in the air.

With this technology, modern aroma diffusers can be used effectively for a quick and large area Penetration rate to care.

Humidifier and a wellness atmosphere

Lots Aroma diffuser also act as humidifiers. So can Aroma diffuser not only air-conditioning the room air, but also actively doing something for your health.

For example, if you have dry or sensitive mucous membranes, a Aroma diffuser Relieve your discomfort in combination with the optimal fragrance.

A Aroma diffuser So not only improves the room air and the room climate, but also lets you breathe easier and more symptom-free.

Aroma diffuser bring the best Active ingredients of essential oils in the daily environment.

Some models can also humidify the room air. After all, we have known the beneficial effects and healing since time immemorial essential oils.

Regardless of whether you use them for colds or for relaxation - the well-known scented oils help with many ailments and have long been considered good home remedies. In addition, we know essential oils as a smooth massage agent, which mobilizes people around the world with their health-promoting powers.

A Aroma diffuser can also evoke your own personal wellness feeling with the simplest means. Not only a pleasant scent, but also the combination with light quickly lifts our mood.

Some Aroma diffuser could in Aroma diffuser test comparison2021 even score with a pleasant (integrated) color change. However, they are more recommended for use at night and especially in bedrooms Aroma diffuserthat can be operated entirely without lighting.

1,000 Amazon customers recommend this diffuser

The Aroma Diffuser TaoTronics has already 1,025 ratings on Amazon, of which 79% gave full 5 stars. Overall, it is rated with an average of 4.5 stars, which makes it the most popular aroma diffuser on Amazon.

We ask ourselves: what makes this aroma diffuser so special compared to other models? The answer is: nothing. The aroma diffuser TaoTronics has nothing that another model would not offer. There are even models like that Aroma Diffuser Homasy by VicTsingthat looks confusingly similar and is also about the same size and even the same price. But only 5 buyers have rated it with 4 stars - who wouldn't prefer the top seller?

The Aroma Diffuser TaoTronic can be filled with 300 ml of water. The lower shell is made of light or dark wood (walnut wood for an extra charge) and the cone-shaped lid lights up in 7 colors with LED light.

The buyers like the lighting, which can also be changed in brightness, as well as the handling and the smell distribution.

Many also appreciate the humidifying effect. Some buyers have bought the Aroma Diffuser because they suffer from dry nose or dry eyes. The Aroma Diffuser TaoTronic would provide immediate relief and therefore often finds space on the bedside table or desk. Many buyers even report that they have bought or want to buy a second model for an additional room.

The sound is called "quietly" described. During the day you would not even notice it and at night it would "not bother".

Once the water has evaporated, the aroma diffuser switches itself through the Automatic switch-off himself off.

Of course, there are also some customers who don't like the model. They perceive the "humming" as too loud or there is not enough humidity for them.

If you like this aroma diffuser optically, but are looking for something bigger, you could Aroma Diffuser Promed AL-1300 WS interested. It comes in the same design with wood and LED light, but has a capacity of 1.3 liters. According to the manufacturer, it should run for 10 to 14 hours at a time.

The Aroma Diffuser Anjou wants to do 12 hours at a time with just one 500 ml filling. This model has no LED light, but is made entirely of wood.

The second most popular model on Amazon is the Aroma Diffuser VicTsing. This model is completely made of wood and has only a subtle light ring with color-changing LED light. The Aroma Diffuser VicTsing almost 300 ml and was of over 700 buyers with 4.6 stars rated.

Our personal favorite in terms of optics is this Aroma Diffuser SALKING. An LED light is also hidden behind the oriental metal ornaments Aroma Diffuser SALKING always appears in a new light. The model is a bit more expensive, but has already been rated with an average of 4.7 stars by 326 buyers.

Advantages and disadvantages of an aroma diffuser

A Ultrasonic fragrance atomizer or Aroma diffuser can act as a true all-round talent in your household. In addition to the pleasant humidification and beautiful ventilation of your rooms, these devices stylishly emphasize each one Living ambience.

In their practical functionality are Aroma diffuser Very similar to an ultrasonic humidifier. An integrated, vibrating membrane is used to atomize the water that has already been filled in when it is cold. This process is released into the ambient air as a fine mist.

In order to spread a pleasant scent, a few drops of essential oils are added to this water. This cold mist leaves the sensitive, oily ones ingredients well preserved and can thus develop their full and beneficial effect.

Furthermore, in this way, the pleasant scent spreads through your entire apartment after just a few hours, making it pleasant and calming Wellness feeling.

Disadvantages of an aroma diffuser at a glance

Depending on how the amount of water the Aroma diffuser different fragrance atomizers can also noticeably humidify the room air. Many people find this very pleasant, especially in winter or in the cold season.

It is known that it is very beneficial to health when the room air is humidified. The humidity in inhabited rooms often falls below 30%, as heating has a strong influence on the indoor climate. This often leads to the drying out of the human airways.

The consequence of this is a strong one Poor concentration and, in many cases, severe headaches. In the worst case, these poor indoor climates lead to colds, because the dried out and damaged mucous membranes are less able to ward off bacteria and germs.

Of course offer Aroma diffuser But not only advantages - after all, it is a product that im Aroma diffuser test comparison2021 artificially or even electrically supported changes the room climate. In the following, you can weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Spread a pleasant and soothing scent
  • Essential oils have a particularly positive effect on the mind and body
  • Can increase the humidity positively
  • No danger when leaving an apartment or a company or while sleeping
  • Integrated automatic switch-off - this prevents unnecessary energy consumption
  • Lighting can usually be set and controlled individually


  • Devices must be descaled at regular intervals
  • Aroma diffusers constantly cause quiet noises, which can be disturbing during yoga, sleeping or meditation
  • Cold evaporation can lead to an accumulation of germs in any room air
  • The aroma diffuser without the lighting that can be switched off can be perceived as annoying at night
  • Cleaning and disinfection must be carried out at regular intervals

How does an aroma diffuser work?

There are various ways to get a pleasant scent in your home. From a classic fragrance lamp (operated with tealights) to classic fragrance or incense sticks to fragrance pillows, there is a large selection in the trade. All products have one thing in common: They constantly and permanently release fragrances into the room climate.

Some Aroma diffuser (also Fragrance nebulizer called) also offer the possibility of being operated at intervals or at time-controlled intervals.

But how does one work Aroma diffuser or other electrical room fragrance devices and what should you pay attention to when using essential oils?

This is how an aroma diffuser works

Aroma diffuser form a very fine spray mist due to their special ultrasonic technology. This is evenly distributed in every room in which the Aroma diffuser is applied. The vapors created in this way are cold and can be touched without hesitation or come into contact with textiles etc.

They are harmless and harmless - that is why they are Aroma diffuser in Aroma Diffuser Product Tests 2021 been suitable for every place. Thanks to modern ultrasound technology, one Aroma diffuser neither the oils used nor the water filled in are heated.

With this process, the important and valuable ingredients of all essential oils can be preserved. The Commissioning a Aroma diffuser works in the same way for all products:

Open the lid, fill the possible amount of water and the desired essential oil into the aroma diffuser and switch on the device. These simple operations are common to all Aroma diffuser in the aroma diffuser test comparison2021 been equally good in handling.

Battery operated aroma diffuser

Of course there are now also in specialist shops Aroma diffuserthat can be used mobile. The manufacturers are responding to a society that is always on the move, but does not want to do without a healthy and good indoor climate in a camping car or mobile home, for example.

Sometimes the decision has to be made for a mobile Aroma diffuser also very unspectacular reasons: Maybe you simply don't have a socket in the room or in the place where you have the Aroma diffuser want to use.

Here you can easily switch to the battery-operated version of a Aroma diffuser To fall back on.

Small, battery-operated ones are particularly suitable for rooms without a suitable and direct power connection or in those rooms that do not require permanent scenting Aroma diffuser a very good and workable solution.

If you have such one Aroma diffuser search, you will unfortunately not find a very large selection in the aroma diffuser trade. There are actually only three products that promise good and mobile use here.

This also includes the new model “Pebble”, an aroma diffuser that is a powerful Battery with a running time of a good 50 hours offers - that has a diffuser in the aroma testComparison 2021 liked it very much.

Can the aroma diffuser be used as a humidifier?

In principle, you can use any commercially available Aroma diffuseruse as a humidifier. Note, however, that most of them Aroma diffuser are only designed to scent a room and through which very low evaporation capacity do not noticeably contribute to the change in humidity in a (larger) room.

Do you want one Aroma diffuser primarily to Air humidification be sure to check the capacity of the Aroma diffuser and that it is sufficiently large for the desired space.

A Aroma diffuser, which is suitable for very large rooms, could create uncomfortable humidity in small rooms - you should also consider this aspect before buying one Aroma diffuser note.

The most important purchase criteria for an aroma diffuser

To help you choose the one that's right for you Aroma diffuser To make it easier, here are some (important) criteria for a good purchase decision.

Room size and capacity of an aroma diffuser

Before you get one Aroma diffuser you should think about the space for which you want to use the product. You should waste another thought on whether the Aroma diffuser should also be suitable for additional humidification of the room.

If the Aroma diffuser namely, is only purchased for the distribution of essential oils, the size of the room to be scented plays a subordinate role - this is due to the fact that commercially available oils are usually widely and reliably distributed.

Would you like to use the Aroma diffuser but also one Air humidification reach, it is definitely worth paying careful attention to the size of the filling quantities and the specified room size. Especially in the winter months, a Aroma diffuser It will help your health if an optimal air humidity of 40% to 60% per room is achieved.

Essential oils for an aroma diffuser

Not every commercially available Aroma oil allowed in one Aroma diffuser be used. You will often find specific information from the manufacturer on the respective packaging of a Aroma diffuser.

This information provides information about which essential oils you are allowed to use with the respective device. Do not adhere to the manufacturer's recommendation or use an oil improperly in one Aroma diffuser, in the worst case scenario, the product may fail. In Germany it is also common practice that the Aroma diffuser in this case excludes all guarantee claims on your part.

It is therefore advisable to have a Aroma diffuser which also expressly allows the (appropriate) use of a wide variety of essential oils. In this case you have a lot of leeway in the product selection of an oil and are therefore not tied to a specific manufacturer or a specific brand.

In addition, commercially available, essential oils high quality and also free from unnecessary fragrances and additives. This makes their use practicable and pleasant without exception - these oils, for example, usually do not cause any unpleasant side effects such as headaches or other discomfort.

Illumination of an aroma diffuser

All Aroma diffuser in different Aroma diffuser price comparison tests 2021 had integrated LED lighting. Often this lighting was also equipped with a color change function.

If you look at the models of Aroma diffuser However, if you look closely at different manufacturers, you quickly notice that there are considerable differences in this area Aroma diffuser Lighting there. Between four and six or seven different colors are when tested Aroma diffuser available. A real one Aroma diffusertestWinner 2021 is for example the HOWSAN aroma diffuser.

This Aroma diffuser could do seven different colors Show. This product has both a color change function and the option of constantly glowing in one color. Thus, this product has proven itself in the Aroma diffuserProduct tests 2021 as a particularly good device for your Bedroom or children's room qualified.

Precisely because this product can also be switched off completely, or just that lighting can be switched off separately. So if you are one of those people who can only sleep in absolute darkness, this is this one Aroma diffuser the perfect product for you.

This in turn showed in different Aroma diffuserTest comparison 2021 also that most Aroma diffuser due to the permanent LED lighting are rather unsuitable for use in bedrooms.

What do I have to look out for when buying an aroma diffuser?

Various Aroma diffuser also have different advantages and disadvantages. Some data and facts can also be attributed to personal taste and area of ​​application.

in the Aroma diffuserComparison test 2021 could have different strengths and weaknesses of Aroma diffuser to be found out. To help you make the decision to buy one Aroma diffuser To make things easier, here is a list of the facts to keep in mind:

  • How big is the capacity of the aroma diffuser?
  • How is the energy supply (with battery or with power supply) of the aroma diffuser?
  • Does the aroma diffuser have a protective mechanism (for example if the container is empty)?
  • What is the volume of the aroma diffuser?
  • How long is the operating time of the aroma diffuser?
  • Does the aroma diffuser have an interval or time control?
  • Does the aroma diffuser have an integrated (switchable) LED light?

Comfort and usability of an aroma diffuser

Also pay attention to the operation of a Aroma diffuserso that you can enjoy your new dream product for a long time.

A complicated start-up, for example, has an adverse effect on the frequency of use of a Aroma diffuser off - it ensures that you use the fragrance atomizer less often and, in the worst case, get annoyed about the purchase.

Most Aroma diffuser had in Aroma diffuserProduct tests2021 however, via comfortable and clear control elements. This category rarely had to be in Aroma diffuser Comparative tests are objected to.

The situation is different, for example, when refilling the water tank. This is where the usual manufacturers of Aroma diffuser on different methods. Sometimes it happened with some Aroma diffuser even a mini-flood. You should therefore pay particular attention to tank sizes and their handling (for example the locking mechanism, etc.) when buying one Aroma

important functions

A Aroma diffuser can do all of this is often not necessary at all. You are well advised when you are with that Buying an aroma diffuser pay close attention to the room in which the Aroma diffuser should be used. This factor completely rules out some models from different manufacturers.

Like this in Aroma diffuser test comparison 2021 you can see from the following examples:


For a good, restful sleep, you should pay attention to how loud the Aroma diffuser in operation is. In addition, the Aroma diffuser a switchable LED light, or even have a night light mode.

There are also different interval levels with one Aroma diffuser Highly recommended - this ensures that the product does not continuously spray scented mist all night or until the tank is empty.

Bathroom and toilet

In the so-called damp rooms, small ones are usually more suitable Aroma diffuser. They usually only have a small capacity and are seldom operated continuously. Are particularly practical in these rooms too Aroma diffuserthat have interval levels and / or a timer function.

Living room and kitchen

In the living room or in the kitchen you will hear a low level of operating noise Aroma diffuser hardly perceive. This noise usually fits into the other operating noises and is no longer perceived by the human ear after a short time.