Mazdas are cheaper to maintain than BMWs

Used car service offers: Maintenance for used vehicles

The average age of cars in Germany is increasing: the vehicles in stock currently have an average of 8.8 years on the sheet metal boss. Of the around 44 million cars in Germany, 28.8 million vehicles are more than five years old, and the trend is rising. But even if drivers save on new purchases, they have to pay for maintenance and repairs. Because the older the car, the more extensive and therefore often higher the repair costs. It is hardly surprising that more and more workshops are making special offers for this group of customers.

Special programs from manufacturers

Independent workshops and workshop chains such as A.T.U., Pit Stop or 1a Meisterservice often offer affordable vehicle repairs that are outside the warranty period. The hourly rates are often lower and the spare parts are usually cheaper than those of the authorized workshops. The brand-independent companies carry out inspections and repairs on all vehicles - regardless of the brand or age of the vehicle. Part costs can also be reduced thanks to the large workshop network. For example, the top car service includes over 1,500 independent workshops nationwide.

The older car business is also important for manufacturers. In order to bind customers to the brand after the warranty and guarantee has expired, they have developed special programs. They often achieve the price reduction through lower hourly rates or cheaper spare parts. They are also trying to score points against the independent workshops with low-cost all-inclusive price offers. Manufacturers such as Nissan, Seat or Skoda offer customers, for example, cheaper spare parts from other suppliers, the so-called second line, in order to enable repairs and maintenance in line with current value. At Mercedes there is a 20 percent discount on certain services for older vehicles.

Whether customers drive cheaper at independent workshops, workshop chains or at the authorized workshop, they should compare directly on site. Because when a local company advertises with a time-limited offer, the competitor two streets away often also reacts with a price reduction. Nobody has to worry about the parts used. Because regardless of the workshop installing them, wear and spare parts are subject to the mandatory statutory warranty of at least one year.

This is what manufacturers offer

Audi: A2, A3, A4, A6 and TT: all-inclusive price offers at a fixed price for first registration before December 31, 2008. Service: Complete price offers for services without exchanged hardware such as B. inspection, battery test, HU check, air conditioning service, CarCheck and complete price offers (original part including installation) for z. B. Brake pads, brake discs (with pads), starter batteries, timing belt changes, wiper blades.

BMW: All-inclusive price offers for older BMW and Mini vehicles for certain repairs or checks such as B. Air conditioning service, disc repairs or replacement of the brake pads. With the Service Inclusive package, the vehicle owner is entitled to various workshop services, depending on the scope of the package, with terms between three and six years and mileage of 40,000 to 150,000 kilometers.

Ford: Ford Motorcraft parts offensive for models older than five years, inexpensive spare parts, various maintenance offers such as Motorcraft service with vehicle inspection, activated carbon filter change as well as oil and oil filter change, front brake pad replacement, brake fluid change.

Mazda: No special program, but every customer with a Mazda from April 2007 onwards receives the Mazda mobility guarantee until the next due maintenance (even if this has already expired due to maintenance at a non-brand company) if they have the work carried out by a Mazda contract partner .

Mercedes: Service advantage card for older A-, C-, E-, M- and CLK-class vehicles as well as SLK and 190 series: 20 percent discount on wages and parts in the service categories maintenance, brakes, shock absorbers, battery and exhaust system.

Nissan: Value Advantage repair and maintenance: second line of spare parts - especially for vehicles from five years of age such as for Micra, Note, Almera, Tino, Primera and Qashqai. Inexpensive replacement parts such as engines, gearboxes, turbochargers, injection nozzles and cheaper maintenance parts such as filters, batteries, brake discs and wiper blades.

Opel: Opel service all-inclusive price offers: exchange and assembly e.g. B. of exhaust mufflers, brake pads, shock absorbers and exhaust mufflers for almost all models, z. B. Omega from 1994, Vectra from 1993, Agila from 2000.

Seat: "Inexpensive & guaranteed" program: Discounted hourly rate for repair and maintenance as well as Seat Economy parts from the second parts line. Complete offers for Ibiza and Leon, built 2002-2006, on exchange of z. B. shock absorbers or brake discs and pads.

Skoda: Skoda economy parts for vehicles from the fifth year of operation - own, cheaper product line with typical wear parts such as front silencers, rear silencers, starter batteries, brake pads, brake discs, shock absorbers or spark plugs.

Toyota: Optifit wear parts program with cheaper spare parts, inexpensive campaigns for wear repairs or upcoming inspections such as new rear silencers, timing belt changes after 100,000 kilometers or major inspections including an oil change.

VW: VW Bank's "Maintenance and Inspection" program (monthly flat rate for maintenance and inspection), plus sales such as "Summer Service", a special parts program for older vehicles ("Economy Parts"), discounted inspection prices, e.g. B. for models built after 2006.

That is what free chains offer

Pit stop: Fair price: regular flat-rate offers such as oil change with branded oil and filter change or brake service with discs and pads.

A.T.U .: Various offers such as oil change with oil and filter. Fixed prices for part changes such as shock absorbers, seasonal offers.

1a: Various offers, current value repairs, use of cheaper replacement parts from suppliers such as Bosch.