What are Dominos Pizza Hot Spots

Domino's now also delivers to the beach

A total of 150,000 different outdoor locations are on the pizza giant's delivery list, which customers can access via the Domino's app. These include the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign in the desert metropolis and the statue of soul singer James Brown in Augusta, Georgia. Customers can find out exactly where the Domino's delivery points are in the 'Domino's' section Hotspots' of the app.

Delivery is part of Domino's core business and for years the company has been a leader when it comes to making the delivery process smoother and more convenient for customers through the use of the latest technologies. Among other things, the pizza can be ordered via Twitter, SMS and Amazon's Echo.

In view of the growing competition - McDonald's is now delivering through UberEats, KFC and Taco Bell are expanding their delivery range with the Grubhub ordering portal - Domino's is also under pressure to further improve its service. Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney points to a test run that was previously completed in Miami. Here, customers ordered their pizza from the zoo, among other places. He does not reveal how many orders were delivered 'outside' during the test, but confirms that the number was sufficient to expand the offer to the whole of the USA.

The hotspots were selected by the franchisees. So that the drivers can recognize the customers, they can, among other things, specify in the app which clothes they are wearing.