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Mannish boy

Last Ticket To Rock'n'Roll Land, Redux: Extended Tour Edition

Mannish boy from Stockholm, Sweden, plays classic rock, without any frills and frills and musically to the point. Two guitars, bass, drums and a little keyboards. The first song on the current record Last Ticket To Rock'n'Roll Land, Redux: Extended Tour Edition, breathes the spirit of the Rolling Stones as they played around 1969.

According to their own information, the band members grew up with music from the seventies, inspired by bands and musicians such as The Sweet, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. With the classic rock line-up, they are in fact celebrating exactly what they obviously grew up with, because with every new song I hear more influences from the above-mentioned bands, the guitar sound of Thin Lizzy on `` You '', there also harmonies of the Beatles , Borrowings from the glam rock on `` Beat Of The Drum '', or I associate a little with the music of Mitch Ryder at the time of his albums at the turn of the seventies to the eighties when I hear the song `` One Of These Days ''.

For me the clear highlight is the title song, `` Rock'n'Roll Land '', here supported by the full harp of Tor Lundgren. This piece runs absolutely loosely and with its pulsating rhythm is a real rocker, both in the original version (# 12), here without harp, as well as in track number 5. This music reminds me a lot of a band I strongly prefer the late seventies / eighties, I mean The New Adventures from the Netherlands. This is what fresh and uncomplicated rock should sound like, rock that is relentlessly driven forward and knows how to inspire with a hearty expression, that definitely has a trace of AC / DC in it, a great song!

`` We Better Fly '' comes a little quieter and here, too, associations with bands from the seventies are awakened, at least the mood is appropriately settled, and that sound has been well integrated into today's times. Vocally you share the job of the lead singer. Unfortunately, it is not explicitly listed which song is sung by whom, but I suspect that the two of them sing at least on their own compositions. Ekblad would then be the singer with the rougher voice (see # 7) and Sjögren the somewhat softer voice (see # 9). What both have in common, however, is their passion for lecturing, no matter how they may not be among the best in their field. But all in all, this music with its direct and blunt nature contains a large portion of freshness and you really like to listen.

Wolfgang Giese

Track list
1 Trash Boogie (Wanna See You Dance)
2 You
3 Berlin Nights
4 Beat Of The Drum
5 Rock n Roll Land
6 Who Are They Fighting For
7 One Of These Days
8 Darkest Water
9 We Better Fly
10 Blessed With Passion
11 Woman (By My Side)
12 Rock n Roll Land (Original Version)

Erik Sjögren (lead vocal and rhythm guitar)
Pär Englund (lead guitar, keyboard and backing vocals)
Anders Ekblad (lead vocal and bass guitar)
Emil Olin (drums, percussion and backing vocal)
Tor Lundgren (harmonica - # 5)