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HP Instant Ink: Users despair of the HP printer subscription

HP Instant Ink will automatically order new ink cartridges when needed.

Hewlett-Packard offers its customers the opportunity to easily order ink cartridges: With the instant ink service, users do not have to worry about supplies, but receive printer cartridges on a regular basis. The service has a fixed price that starts at 2.99 euros and provides 50 pages per month. For 4.99 euros, customers can print 100 pages, 300 pages a month add up to 9.99 euros. According to the provider, an increase or gradation of the required number of pages is possible at any time.

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Instant Ink: Printer goes on strike after termination

But very few people know what happens if you cancel the service. For example, some users report problems with Instant Ink on social media. Ryan Sullivan canceled his Instant Ink subscription without further ado because, according to a Twitter message, he did not know what he pays monthly for. A short time later he found out: From then on, his HP printer could no longer be used. “The cartridge cannot be used until the printer is registered for HP Instant Ink,” was the error message. Other owners of HP devices have also reported limitations in the functionality of their devices. For example, a multifunction device cannot be used as a scanner until a new printer cartridge is installed.

It is unclear whether Ryan Sullivan's printer is still on strike. According to information on the HP site, cartridges from the Instant Ink program can no longer be used after cancellation - even if they are not empty. Users then have to replace them with commercially available printer cartridges.

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