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When you enter the Feinkost Panzer store on Arndtstrasse in the west of Stuttgart, you are greeted with a friendly smile by Silvia Panzer. The shop around the corner is particularly characterized by the personal flair that the lively power woman gives it.

Whether delicious jam, pralines or fresh fruit, chocolate from Latvia, salty caramel from Switzerland, whiskey from Scotland or real gin - everyone will find what they are looking for at Silvia! There are also fresh baked goods from the Kratz bakery, the Bosch bakery and the Stöckle café.

Some management consultants would be amazed, because with part-time worker Alica, two temporary workers and a lot of passion, Silvia manages the business every day. That means 90 hours a week. This is passion at its best! If anyone deserves success, it's Silvia! The owner of Feinkost Panzer was born in Bad Cannstatt and after her apprenticeship as an office clerk, she started the delicatessen behind the Olgäle with her mother and two part-time workers (for non-Stuttgart residents: Olgahospital) in Breitscheidstrasse. Since December 16, 1991 - Silvia knows the date exactly - the shop at Arndtstrasse 38 has existed.


Fresh fruit and vegetables have been available here for many years, straight from the region. Spring is approaching and at this time of the year salads and asparagus are in season! In summer you can try raspberries, strawberries and crunchy rhubarb, in autumn plums, apples, grapes and pumpkins beckon and in winter root vegetables and crispy cabbage varieties. In addition to the treasures of the season, mangoes, pomelos and citrus fruits also find their way to the west of Stuttgart, regardless of the season. So if you value freshness and quality when it comes to food, like to try new things and love sweets, this is the right place for you.

At Feinkost und Delikatessen Panzer you have been getting the best quality from all over the world and the region for almost 41 years. Of course, the corona lockdown also left its mark on the deli. But Silvia is a fighter and always comes up with something new: With the online gin tastings, she sweetened our time at home. Soon there will also be whiskey tastings with Philip from Scotland. Because instead of complaining, she just picks up on the shop and continues to supply the people of Stuttgart with selected delicacies.

Every day (except sundays) The cute shop is open for you from 6:30 a.m. Perfect for all early risers to enjoy a delicious coffee before work! A special insider tip that you should definitely have on the “Stuttgart bucket list”.

We visited Silvia in her shop and asked her a few questions:

How did Feinkost Panzer come about?

My mother took over the shop from friends in 1980 because they couldn't find any staff. When my mother opened the deli that year, there were around 60 small mom and pop shops in the west of Stuttgart. Thirty years later, only a few survived.

In your experience, what has changed over the years?

Awareness of regional products. In the past, food had to be on the table quickly. The good housewife helped herself out with Maggi Fix, everything was already seasoned and that was not frowned upon. Today you are already looked at askance if you do not boil the vegetable broth yourself. But seriously, the trend is of course towards high quality products and sustainability. But special things are also highly valued. We currently have no less than 40 different types of whiskey. But regional wineries such as KSK Vintage and many others also meet people's tastes.

What does a normal day look like for you?

My alarm goes off at 3:45 a.m. Then my day starts and after a nice cup of coffee I go to the Stuttgart wholesale market. When it's not Corona, there is a lot of activity here. You try your hand at the goods, negotiate with the exhibitors and dealers, calculate and buy. After two hours I'm usually finished, so I'm in the shop around 6 a.m. and prepare everything for the start of business at 6:30 a.m.

What is more important when choosing: quality or appearance?

In the end, it is the quality that is decisive. No matter how great a strawberry can look, if it doesn't taste like anything, I don't want to offer it to my customers.

That's why I naturally try the strawberries very carefully at the weekly market.

What is special about your shop for you?

The moment of pleasure comes from shopping. Sometimes customers come into the store with no expectations and then go home with a full shopping basket. There is something for everyone here and you should definitely not miss the exquisite chocolates.

Are there any special products for spring?

In any case. For example cream cheese, pickled olives and fresh herbs from the region. We have over 30 different herbs on offer. You can really look forward to that.

What are you missing the most at the moment?

The culture! Stuttgart has such a great offer. It hurts a lot when you can't go to the theater or to dance. I also miss the whole city quarter festival enormously: Heusteig quarter festival, bean quarter festival, executioner's festival on Wilhelmsplatz ...

What went best during the lockdown?

Honestly? All alcoholic beverages! People have consumed the spirits at home that otherwise go over the counter in the pub. But there is also simply a large selection of rums, gins, whiskeys and wines. Everyone will find what they are looking for! And well, during Corona people liked to make themselves comfortable at home with a glass of wine.

What's the first thing you're going to do to lockdown?

Dancing, going to the theater and then swimming.

Then when you have free time, what do you do to relax?

Then it goes to my brother's holiday apartment right on Lake Constance. I clear my head and can really relax, which is good for the soul. This is where I gather strength for the normal, everyday madness.

What do you particularly like about Stuttgart?

The closeness to nature! After a few steps you are already in the middle of the forest (Crow forest). I go for a walk there almost every weekend. It is best to do it early, when no one else is out and I still have a clear head.

Your favorite hood in Stuttgart? Favorite café, restaurant, bar, etc.?

Bad Cannstatt. But I also like to be at the tea house, on Karlshöhe or in the Kräherwald.

Favorite Swabian dish?

Lentils, spaetzle and string sausages.

Do you have a life motto?

No, I don't have one.

“Life is a take and give, you say every day,” Alica calls out to us from the praline counter. “That's right,” says Silvia.

We are impressed by Silvia's power and warmth.

"To the next 40 years!"