Are there age restrictions on Facebook

Age restriction: Use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Co. in a child-friendly manner

Owning smartphones earlier and later means that children come into contact with social networks at an early stage. But from what age is the use of social media applications allowed? You can find out which age restrictions YouTube, Facebook & Co. have set in their terms of use here.

Why are there age restrictions on social networks?

The purpose of the age restriction is to exclude the processing of personal data in the case of minors or to only allow it from a certain age. Individual countries can adjust this age limit individually, but the minimum age of 13 years, which is stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR), must not be fallen below. In the course of the introduction of the European data protection regulation, many social networks have therefore adjusted their conditions of use with regard to the minimum age.

How is the age limit checked and what can parents do?

The registration in social networks is usually not subjected to a strict age test. In almost all cases, entering an incorrect date of birth is sufficient. Parents should therefore deal with the various networks and assess from what age they perceive the respective application as appropriate for their child and what they trust them. It is important to keep talking to the children at all times. Alternatively, you can also equip your child's mobile phone with a child lock to prevent unauthorized registration or to limit the time of use.

Age restriction: YouTube

The minimum age for using YouTube is included in the terms and conditions 16 years or at 13 years, provided the consent of a legal guardian via the app Google Family Link is present. Using the free parental control app YouTube kidsthat we have tested for you here Children of all ages Use age-appropriate videos as long as a parent or legal guardian allows it. However, YouTube advises that under 18-year-old generally require parental permission to use the service.

Minimum age on Facebook and Instagram

Unlike the Facebook network, there was no age limit on Instagram for a long time. In the course of the General Data Protection Regulation, the minimum age for creating an Instagram account was increased to 13 years and accounts of younger users are blocked. Accounts for users under the age of 13 must indicate that they are managed by a parent or manager. Facebook users must also have at least 13 years be old to be able to create an account.

Age rating at TikTok

With the video portal TikTok (formerly, users must also at least 13 years Be old to use the services and create an account. Registration is also possible earlier with the written consent of the parents or a legal guardian.

Age restriction for the messenger services WhatsApp and Snapchat

With the messenger service Snapchat, people under 13 years neither open an account nor use the services. WhatsApp even has its age restriction in the course of the GDPR 16 years raised. However, the age check when registering is not particularly strict here either. With Snapchat, you enter your own date of birth (D), which is not verified in any way. With WhatsApp, a simple click on the question whether you are over 16 years old is enough.