Are big belts in there

Determine belt size

In our everyday life we ​​are asked again and again how to do thatBelt sizecertainly. Unfortunately, there are two different measuring methods, both refer to centimeters, but are measured differently.



1. Determine the waistband of the beam

This is the most practical and 90% usedWaistband, d. H. With a tape measure you simply measure the circumference of the trousers (without belt!) in the loop area of ​​the trousers. The measurement result rounded up or down to 5 or 0 is the waist measurement. Example: Measured 93 cm: Then take either size 90 or 95, both fit.



1a. Determine the waist size on the belt

Simply measure from the inner end of the buckle (see drawing below) to the middle hole and you will get the waist measurement.



2. Overall length

The second dimension is thatoverall length, the more impractical measure, which is also rarely used. If you only know the total length, just subtract 15 cm from the total length, then you have the waist measurement. This fits 99% of all belts, belts are usually 15 cm longer than the waistband.


The dimension is impractical because when measuring on the person, the measured dimension has to be increased by 15 cm to get the total length. In order to save the honor of the total length measure, however, it must be said that it is easiest to measure on the belt.