Oil pulling helps with arthritis

Oil pulling - which oil?

Cold-pressed sesame oil or sunflower oil as well as virgin coconut oil - all in organic quality - proved to be particularly suitable for oil pulling.

Many oils have antibacterial properties. However, most of the studies have been carried out with the three oils mentioned. All three shone with excellent antibacterial properties. Sesame oil and coconut oil also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for oil pulling due to its outstanding antimicrobial properties. You can read here how great coconut oil can have an influence on oral flora and dental health: Coconut oil stops tooth decay

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Oil pulling - pure habit

In the beginning it can be very difficult to put the oil in your mouth in the early morning. Comfort yourself, almost everyone who starts oil pulling feels the same way. In any case, choose an oil that you particularly like from the three types of oil.

Then start with small amounts of oil. Even 1 teaspoon has an excellent effect and the mouth is not that full. If necessary, start with just half a teaspoon of oil.

Basically, oil pulling should be fun and pleasant. So it is never carried out by force.

You are also welcome to rinse for only 5 minutes and then continuously extend the time to 15 or 20 minutes.

Oil pulling - several times a day?

Once you get used to oil pulling, it may do you so good that you wonder if you could possibly do it several times a day as well.

Yes, you can. Always do the oil pulling before meals and, if possible, on an empty stomach. But oil pulling is also worthwhile in the evening before going to bed, because it improves the cleaning of the oral cavity and the teeth / interdental spaces.

Oil pulling with amalgam tooth fillings

Hot and acidic liquids can dissolve mercury from amalgam fillings. But also when chewing gum, mercury is released from the dental fillings. It is not known whether mercury can be released from the fillings during oil pulling. However, the probability is to be assessed as rather low.

Oil pulling for children?

Oil pulling is also suitable for children from 6 years of age - however, a few drops of up to half a teaspoon of the oil are sufficient.

It is important that your child understands that the oil must not be swallowed.

Oil pulling - effective, simple and inexpensive

The particular advantages of oil pulling are - in addition to the undisputed detoxifying, caring and antimicrobial effect - the ease of use and the low cost factor. It is best to start oil pulling first thing in the morning :-) and experience the positive properties of this very easy method of detoxification.

Have lots of fun with it!

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