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Without a doubt, the most common golf club used on the course is the putter, which is used for nearly 50% of all shots. It therefore seems particularly disproportionate that many golfers lack in-depth knowledge of putters. For an optimal appearance on the green, however, you should be well informed!

Putter and balance


First launched by PING with great success, the mid-slant putter has established itself as a classic and is very popular with both amateur and professional golfers. With a full shaft offset, the mid-slant levels off at around 45 degrees. Less rotation on slightly rounded strokes ensures a higher balance.


With face-balanced putters, the center of gravity is directly below the axis of the shaft. As a result, the club head is always in a right-angled position for a straight alignment of the putt. They are ideal for hits with a slight back-and-through behavior.


As the name suggests, the toe of these putters points downwards in a horizontal position. The popular club is particularly effective for golfers with an in-to-out-to-in shot or a very pronounced arcuate shot, where the putter swings powerfully without missing the hole.

Forms of golf putters

Mallet putter

Golfers with a higher handicap and less self-confidence are very well served with a mallet putter. With a larger face in the crown, the racket offers plenty of space for a wide variety of alignment aids and therefore makes putting easier, but delivers the same performance. Mallet putters are usually face-balanced with peripheral weighting. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 # 7 putters and the Titleist Scotty Cameron putters are among the most popular models.

Blade putter

Old school golfers often have a thing for the traditional blade putter. This is one of the oldest of the putters used in modern golf and is perceived by many golfers to be very effective. Usually made as a toe-down putter, a small club head and a higher center of gravity mean there is little room for error. Blade putters are therefore suitable for a wide variety of players. Outstanding new blade putters this year include Wilson ProStaff HDX I putters, PING Golf G Le Caru women's putters, Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 # 1 putters, and Ping Golf SIGMA G Anser Platinum putters.

Putter with peripheral weighting

Peripheral weighting is a popular technology throughout putter manufacturing history. In the oldest to the newest models, more weight in the heel and toe results in a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia), which indicates the twist of the club head. The higher the MOI, the less chance there is of the club twisting on off-center strokes. This means that bad putts also turn out to be more straightforward.

Club face technology in golf putters

Metal blade

A metal club face ensures that you get the important feedback conveyed by the hit and sound. The contact with the golf ball can be heard immediately and helps you to determine the center. The feedback is weaker with softer materials.

Grooved club face

One of the newer technologies is the grooved club face, which pushes the golf ball onto its lane as soon as it hits. This club face has hardly any disadvantages, which leads to its ever increasing popularity. It reduces the golf ball slipping and jumping, as well as the ball "bouncing" before rolling onto the green.

Insert technology

Inserts are one of the most interesting technologies in the further development of golf equipment in recent years. Ceramics, metals, rubber, elastomers, and composite materials are just a few examples of various materials that can be used in putters that can significantly improve performance. Lighter material ensures higher MOIs and prevents frustrating problems such as slipping or jumping.

Shaft lengths for putters

Standard length (84-89 cm)

For standard length putters, the putter acts as an extension of the arm. As with a pendulum, an arc-shaped path is described and a constant swing is carried out without much effort. To determine the correct length, the height and posture of the golfer must be taken into account. If the length of the putter is perfectly adjusted to you, you will be able to look directly over the golf ball in a functional but comfortable posture.

Belly putter (107-117 cm)

Belly putters are of medium length and are attached to the navel. The high stability achieved in this way makes them very popular with many golfers. However, the expected rule changes regarding the third contact point mean that fans of the belly putter will soon have to look for an alternative.

Long putter (122-132 cm)

Long putters sometimes require a completely new grip technique that requires a lot of practice and experience, especially in windy weather. Are therefore less common. In contrast to the belly putter, long models can also be attached to the chin or chest in addition to the navel. Most golfers hold the putter in their left hand and press it against their body, while the right hand grips the putter in the middle and lets the club swing like a pendulum.

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