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Visa Casinos and MasterCard Casinos - Online casinos that offer Visa and MasterCard as payment methods

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are among the worldwide most popular payment methods for online transactions. There are numerous reputable Visa and MasterCard casinos so players have plenty of choice. Whether MasterCard or Visa Casino payment method - credit card payments are uncomplicated, quickly completed and also safe in a reputable casino. In the following we explain everything important about Online casino Visa and MasterCard deposit Germany and also deal with the payouts in the online casino. We also present the three top casinos that offer Visa and MasterCard payments.

List of the best online casinos that accept Visa and MasterCard

Below is a list of recommended online casinos that accept both MasterCard and Visa payments. All casinos have of course been tested by our professional team.

Casino bonus Info to offer
VulkanVegas100% bonus up to € 300
  • Decent bonus
  • Ideal for slots
  • Free spins
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Casino girl100% bonus up to € 200
  • Large selection
  • License from Europe
  • good betting app
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BoomCasino100% bonus up to € 500
  • Large selection
  • License from Europe
  • good betting app
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Deposits and withdrawals with Visa and MasterCard in the online casino

In MasterCard and Visa online casinos, the two credit cards are usually treated the same in most respects. Credit card deposits are in In seconds credited. Most of the time, casino providers allow you to deposit very small amounts. As far as the maximum payment limits are concerned, every online casino regulates the payouts individually. In the Royal Panda Casino, for example, withdrawals of up to 50,000 euros are allowed in 24 hours.

When it comes to payout times, credit cards are not the fastest means of payment. Such casino payments usually take place up to 5 days in claim. This is due to the fact that a bank is interposed when the payout amount is credited, which also has certain processing times. In addition, there are the processing times of the casino providers. For example, the CherryCasino assures the players that the processing of the withdrawal orders will take a maximum of 72 hours. Other gambling providers work faster, while in some cases it can take a lot longer.

How do Visa and MasterCard credit cards differ?

Basically, there are not many differences between the two credit cards in terms of payment processes and acceptance points. Visa is the most widely used credit card in the world, with MasterCard also popular around the world. When it comes to acceptance points and ATMs, the two credit card providers are almost on par. There are also parallels between the card variants and the card products. Here is an overview of the differences between Visa and MasterCard credit cards:

Credit cardVisaMasterCard
Acceptance points38 million acceptance points and 2 million ATMs36 million acceptance points and more than 1 million ATMs
Card variantsCredit cards, debit cards, prepaid cardsCredit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards
Card productsClassic, Gold, Platinum, InfiniteStandard, Gold, Platinum, Elite
Payouts possibleUsuallyNot always
securityVisa credit card insurance, Verified by Visa TAN procedurePayment insurance, MasterCard Secure Code

As can be seen in the table, there is probably the largest Difference between the Visa online casino payment method and the online casino MasterCard payment in that the online casinos usually allow withdrawals with the Visa card, while with the MasterCard it is not said that a withdrawal is also possible. Some online gambling providers do not allow withdrawals with this credit card, while other online casinos only allow MasterCard withdrawals for players from certain countries. In the CherryCasino, for example, players can withdraw both with Visa and MasterCard.

How do Visa and MasterCard work as casino payment methods?

If you want to get into the world of casino games and would like to benefit from the casino bonus for new customers, you must first make a deposit in the MasterCard and Visa online casinos. Among the reasons for the popularity of Visa and MasterCard Casino payment options are the fast and uncomplicated payment processesthat are possible with it. Everything is done in a few minutes. After the first casino payment, the process is even easier because the card is deposited at the casino after the first transaction.

In some cases, gambling providers charge money transfer fees. How high these are does not depend on the payment method, but on the casino's rules. Most online casino providers, however, waive payment fees.

Step by step instructions for payments in Visa and MasterCard online casinos:

  1. Whether Visa card or MasterCard - before you can deposit, you first have to create a new player account. Registration in most online casinos with Visa and MasterCard is very easy and can be completed in just a few steps.
  2. After the account is created, the player must log in and visit the checkout area of ​​the player account. There he selects the credit card payment.
  3. In the form that opens, the player enters the deposit amount, his name, the card number and the card's expiry date. In addition, the user must enter the card security number, which is three digits long and is located on the back of the credit card.
  4. In the end, all you have to do is confirm the deposit and a few moments later, the deposited money is already credited.

How secure are the MasterCard and Visa Casino payment methods?

MasterCard and Visa online payments are among the safest of all. No wonder Visa and MasterCard casinos are so popular. In order to increase the security of online payments as much as possible, credit card providers with "MasterCard Secure Code" or with "Verified by Visa" additional security mechanisms introduced. These are authentication methods with which users have to identify themselves twice for many online transactions and, among other things, enter a TAN to confirm the transaction, which is sent via SMS or an app.

At the same time, the casino provider must do something to make the payment processes as secure as possible. In contrast to e-wallets, the user passes on sensitive data when paying by credit card. Secure Visa and MasterCard casinos guarantee a encrypted data transmission and ensure that the latest and most secure encryption technologies are used.

Visa and MasterCard payments in the mobile casino

Visa and MasterCard payments are possible in almost every mobile online casino. If credit cards are part of the payment portfolio in the desktop casino, then they usually are also in the mobile version. The regulations on the mobile device usually do not differ from those of the desktop casino, so that the same payment limits and transaction speeds apply.

Conclusion: Visa and MasterCard are popular means of payment in online casinos

If you have a Visa or MasterCard credit card, you can discover many casinos online that accept these means of payment. The variety of casinos is just one of the many advantages of credit card payments. With a Visa or MasterCard, players can deposit quickly and easily and in most cases pay no transaction fees. Casino providers are also largely responsible for the security of transactions. So should reputable Visa and MasterCard casinos online for encrypted data transmission to care. Payouts with the credit card take several days, so these are not the fastest online casino payment methods. Some gambling providers charge fees for withdrawals and almost all of them have limits on deposits and withdrawals. On our portal we have listed the best reputable online casinos with Visa and MasterCard payments, so that the search for the individually best casino provider is quick and easy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Visa and MasterCard payments

  • Fast and easy deposits
  • Mostly free deposits and withdrawals
  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted in almost all online casinos
  • The security of the payments also depends on the casino
  • Withdrawals can take up to 5 days to complete

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Visa and MasterCard payment methods

🛡️ Are Visa and MasterCard online casinos safe and reputable?

A safe and reputable online casino is a combination of several factors. In addition to the payment methods, this includes licensing, data protection, the prevention of gambling addiction and the protection of minors. With us you will only find online casino providers who are reputable and take care of the all-round protection of the players.

💲 Is there a minimum deposit with Visa and MasterCard?

The card providers have not set minimum transaction amounts. Rather, it is the online casino providers who set the minimum amounts for deposits. As a rule, high sums are not required, so that players can often already deposit 10 euros. The casinos try to give players with smaller budgets access to gambling and therefore do not set the minimum amounts too high.

❓ Are there any fees if I pay in and out with the Visa and MasterCard payment options in the online casino?

In the vast majority of cases, online casino providers do not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. Some casino providers may incur fees, which are usually based on the amount of the transaction numbers. It is worthwhile to carry out a corresponding casino comparison in order to determine the best payment terms.

✋ Is there a withdrawal limit for Visa and MasterCard payment methods in online gambling halls?

Yes, many casino providers set payment limits that apply either to a single payout or to all payouts in a certain period of time. For example, the Karamba Casino has limited the amount of payouts to 7,000 euros per month. In the case of large wins, however, the casinos allow themselves to be talked about and increase the set limit on request. Other casinos with MasterCard and Visa, on the other hand, set their limits far higher from the start.

💰 Can I also withdraw a casino bonus with Visa and MasterCard?

When you have cleared a casino bonus, it is ready to be withdrawn. The respective casino provider determines whether you can have the bonus paid out via credit card. So it is best to look at the payout guidelines of an online casino provider in order to discover the best possible conditions.

📱 Can I also make casino payments on my mobile phone with the MasterCard and Visa payment methods?

Yes, if an online casino provider also accepts Visa and MasterCard payments in the desktop casino, then these are usually also available in the mobile version. Basically, players can also make quick and uncomplicated credit card payments on their smartphones, whereby a good casino ensures that players have no restrictions whatsoever when making deposits and withdrawals.

⭐ Are there Visa and MasterCard casinos with special bonus offers

There are countless online casino providers where players can pay with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Many of these casinos offer their players special bonus offers. The bonuses can consist of game credits, free spins or a combination of both. You can also discover excellent casino bonus offers with us at a glance and find out where it is particularly worthwhile to register.

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