What charities are known to be scams

+++ Beware of fraud +++

How to spot the fraud

- Contact via various web portals.
- Prescription of false identity.
- Request for a donation payment via viacash.com or QR code.
- Specification of a cooperation between Save the Children and help alliance.
- Fake letter from Save the Children.

Unfortunately, individual cases have been reported to us in which fraud was attempted, apparently by feigning our identity. People are contacted via various web portals and asked to allegedly donate to Save the Children or other organizations via a QR code.

A man pretends to be a police officer or an employee of a German bank. For example, Marcus Eppig is used as a name. Viacash.com was used as the payment method, for example.

Legal steps have been taken

Save the Children has already taken steps to prosecute this brazen scam. We have contacted other organizations that may also be affected in order to issue warnings - if this scam is not yet known to them.

In general, we do not receive or accept donation payments via viacash.com and we do not have any cooperation with help alliance. It can be assumed that the fraudster (s) will only abuse the logos and names of donation organizations for a short time (a few days) and then try to harm others. We hope that the investigation will soon be successful and that any perpetrators will be quickly brought to justice.

If you have also been contacted or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our donor service at: