How to learn 11th grade trigonometry

Mathematics 11th grade

Here you will find an overview of the math content of the 11th grade. An important note: Depending on the country / federal state, there are some differences in the curricula.

A list of links to the respective areas now follows. Below the links you will find a more detailed description of the content.

Math grade 11 content:


Math grade 11

Derivation / Analysis: Many students start with the basics of calculus as early as the 11th grade. As a rule, it starts with derivations. To do this, follow the link to the derivation overview.

Root account: In our article root calculation we look at the (mathematical) extraction of roots. Follow the link to the article Root calculation.

trigonometry: Trigonometry deals with sine, cosine and tangent. You can find more about this in the overview of trigonometry.

logarithm: In order to solve an equation for an unknown one needs the logarithm in some cases. This is partly still dealt with in the 11th grade. You can learn more about this in our article Logarithm.

geometry: Geometric shapes, volumes and surfaces of bodies, pyramids, cones, spheres, etc. This is what geometry is concerned with. Some of the content is already available with us and is also dealt with in the 11th grade of the school. Details on this in the Geometry chapter.

Stochastics: Some schools deal with more advanced concepts of probability theory as early as the 11th grade. You can see our available articles for this area in our Stochastics section.

Functions: We deal with different types of functions and what they look like in the Functions section. Go to the functions area.

Vectors: You can find everything about vectors and vector calculation in our article vector calculation.

Analytical geometry: We deal with lines and planes in 2D and 3D space in the field of analytical geometry (together with vector calculation).

statistics: Students in grade 11 also deal with statistics. You can find the available topics in the statistics section.

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