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Amazon GameLift FAQs

Compared to running servers in a co-location environment, Amazon GameLift can save up to 70% on data processing costs with Spot Instances and Autoscaling. Check out our video or the sample cost comparison below.

We'll start with the AWS Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to estimate the cost of running the game servers in a colocation environment.

For this example, we have calculated costs in the US East (Northern Virginia) region using Linux as the operating system and 2 CPU cores and 3 GB of RAM for our servers. We have assumed that there are 2,500 instances running during peak demand. These inputs add up to a total compute cost of $ 4.5 million or approximately $ 125,000 per month for three years.

Next, we selected a similar configuration to Amazon GameLift. A c4.large instance fulfills the requirement of 2 CPU cores with 3 GB of memory.

Now let's calculate the cost savings from using Amazon GameLift Spot Instances. Spot prices change throughout the day, but typically Amazon GameLift Spot Instances on Linux are on average 70% cheaper than equivalent On-Demand Instances. The on-demand price for a c4.large instance in the US East (N. Virginia) region is $ 0.127 per hour. That's equivalent to a spot instance price of $ 0.04. With 2,500 instances running 24/7 for a month (30 days), that's $ 229,000 per month for On-Demand Instances, but only $ 72,000 per month for Spot Instances. So Spot Instances offer savings of 42% compared to co-location.

However, most games do not require peak capacity 24/7 based on the variability in player traffic. To automatically handle changing capacity requirements depending on current player needs, Amazon GameLift scales the number of instances up and down during the day. & Nbsp; The daily demand of all games is difficult to predict, but we have estimated that the hourly average is 50% the peak capacity is running. Autoscaling can cut costs to just under $ 36,000 a month.

Compared to the $ 125,000 we calculated for the co-location solution, this is a saving of $ 89,000, or 71%. Note that this calculation does not include data transfer costs. The fees for the data transfer arise from the data traffic between the game servers and the game clients. Incoming traffic is free. For outbound data transfer pricing to other AWS services and to other AWS Regions, see the data transfer pricing page.