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That's not a difficult word.

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"It is difficult words for the horrors of Chernobyl, "said Brian CROWLEY (UEN, IE).
En opinión de Brian CROWLEY (UEN / Irlanda) sigue habiendo riesgos gravísimos como son los residuos radioactivos.
I would like the President-in-Office of the Council to offer us genuine consultation in his statement, even if he is unable to do so difficult word to use.
Quiero que en la declaración del Presidente en ejercicio haya una oferta sobre lo substancial de la consulta, aun cuando no pueda utilizar esa difícil palabra.
When you have an idea, you just write it down, then you pay someone to add the commas and the spelling of the difficult words to get the row.
Tienes una idea, la escribes en un papel, y contratas a alguien para que ponga bien las comas y corrija las faltas de ortografía.
But it is difficult, the Words to be heard pronounced out loud.
Your Words are difficult to understand.
No maybe is difficult not the right one word.
These difficult Thing with such Words describing is not very helpful.
La caracterización de este difícil asunto de ese modo no ayuda nada.
To this difficult Time need this Words action follows more than ever.
No obstante, en estos tiempos difíciles, más que nunca es preciso que a las palabras les sigan los hechos.
For difficult Times that applies word of Epictetus:
And the J word is more difficult pronounced as Dada!
What is so difficult to the word "Sword"?
¿Cuál era tan difícil sobre la "espada "?
However it is difficult, the Words to find to accuse what we find most distressing and to express our bitterness.
Pero it difícil encounterrar palabras para denunciar lo que consideramos tan triste, para expresar nuestra amargura.
It is difficult that with your Words to say Dr Song, but as I understand it ... the angels are laughing.
It difícil de explicar, Dra Song ... pero para que lo entiendas, creo que ... los ángeles se están riendo.
What is so difficult to the word "Sword"?
¿Esto era tan difícil como "espada"?
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