Premiere Pro is worth the money

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  • Hello dear community,

    On the occasion of the new MacBook Pro models, which will most likely be presented at the Apple Keynote on October 27th, I would like to ask you whether it is worth spending your money on an Apple notebook.

    I produce music as a hobby and edit films from time to time. Now I've heard many times that MacOS / OS X should be more suitable for film and music than Windows. (For example lower audio latencies than with Windows and overall better integration of audio in the operating system ...)

    I would like to hear who has had good or bad experiences with a MacBook Pro.
    I would be particularly happy if someone describes their experiences who are also involved in music or film.

    Best wishes


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  • So I have a Mac of the older generation (2011) and I have to say that I have had very good experiences with Apple, especially in the field of film. In general, I personally think Apple is easier and more beautifully structured than Windows. For music production I downloaded an extra one to my Mac, because I don't find the band to be of high quality for real recordings and the same garage; superimposing tracks never worked properly for me, but all the better with iMovie with sound and image.
  • If you make music and movies on your Mac, I can only recommend it to you. On my Mac, Ableton Live 9, FL Studio 12, and GarageBand run great, cutting with Adobe Premiere Pro is fast and rendering for the foreseeable future, and the speakers have lots of bass, good quality, and are very loud. The battery lasts about 7-9 hours with normal use, so you can work on ideas on the go when there is no power socket within reach. It's a bit heavy because it's made of aluminum, but it feels sturdy and can survive a fall or two. You won't have any problems switching, in less than half an hour I'll have everything I need to know :)

    You will definitely like it. The only thing you might miss is the CD drive, because all models after 2011 don't have one anymore ... (Luckily I have a 2011 MacBook that still runs well: D)

  • Thanks for the quick replies!
    That all sounds very positive :)
    Now I'm looking forward to the new model.
  • As a razor, these things are also great! I once had a 1700 € 15 "MacBookPro on my feet when I was doing normal web development with it, and thanks to the great energy-saving system that the fans only turn on when it's really necessary, and the excellent aluminum case, I got on my feet Incredibly efficient, and that without having to interrupt my work. Warning 2015 model, presumably a manufacturing defect, n / a. That happens the best, but it's an experience that I've had with the hardware and that literally branded me has (even if you can no longer see it).

    Personally, this user interface bothers me the most. If they finally developed an operating concept that is understandable ... When I had to work on macOS because of the XCode compiler, I actually booted a LinuxVM, mounted a shared folder, and worked with the Linux, and with the terminal on the macOS managed the compiler + simulator. To this day I can't get used to this user interface - even though I absolutely love user interfaces like Ubuntu's Unity. Unity has been so amazingly good since April 12th, so nicely thought out, as if it was created for my hand ... No mouse required, just massage the keyboard and the pictures process themselves ... The software is being developed ... But that's a very subjective thing. Just be told that the user interface is really hard to see through. But there is a terminal for that :)

    In addition this "MacSafe connection" for charging ... There is a reason that this device has a long battery life: You cannot use it stationary when it is connected to the mains. With the device mentioned above, the cable fell off with every slight pull. Especially if you read a book in bed and turned, the cable was immediately out. Every other cable uses the given cable length, here the connector always comes out immediately. No, whether this is really wanted so sensitively, it was a nuisance for me, but not an obstacle (how often do you have a laptop in bed, and how often do you move it more often when it's attached to the cable. That's what the battery is for ... .).

    The hardware itself is very solid, usually well built, nothing rattles, nothing wobbles, the battery runs quite well, and the touchpad is actually really awesome. I used the same thing under Linux for a long time (so simply configured the XServer so that it behaves identically). The stable value is also exciting, if you don't treat it badly. You can buy the current one for a few hundred every year if you sell the old one.

    Most of all, I'm curious to see what kind of connections will be available. My guess is that there will be 3-4 USB-C ports. You can usually cover everything with this, there are adapters for everything else. More connections are actually superfluous.
    You can also have the well-known OLED touch functional bar, joa. I hope this has haptic feedback. I would find a button bar without haptic feedback really pukes because I would always press between the buttons.
    Others have the hope that they will finally also install OLED screens. I know that Apple disciples in particular always howl that they are the most sensitive of all, and that every little inconsistency (audio latency as you said, for example) is noticed, but whoever really notices the interference of a PWM-controlled OLED display ... Najo ^^ the last one who said he couldn't buy an OLED TV had an LCD TV at home and didn't notice anything with it (same PWM of 240Hz) ... But that would be really nice. OLED screens look so good ...

    So, and now to the general topic: The topic of audio latency is a very exciting one - because how long is "too long"? As far as I know, the average human's brain intercepts 11ms of audio latency. If you are now super sensitive and have a less powerful brain and therefore need a lower audio latency, you can usually adjust the configuration of your audio software accordingly so that the buffer size for Sampes is adjusted accordingly. This is independent of the operating system and, by the way, depends on many more factors than the hardware. The distance to the audio device also plays a role. Sound moves at 1m / 2.9ms, even if you don't take this unit, there is an exciting factor between: The 2.9ms can be decisive depending on your room constellation - unless you use beautiful headphones, then this time is actually omitted.
    In fact, audio latency depends on so much that the generalization of "is better under system A than under system B" is simply not possible. It's just like the tiresome subject of FPS. Yes, you can see a difference between 30 and 60 FPS when the panel does it. It is irrelevant that you start to say that the game "looks even better" when you play it at 120fps + without replacing the panel (which continues to show 60fps). It's worse with the people who say "My television set can do 600Hz, so much better than standard 50Hz!" And then you can only say, "yeah, with your lame brain that doesn't even think that the television can calculate 600Hz by doing increases the input lag and calculates intermediate images between the still only 50Hz signal, and then discards them because only a 100Hz panel is installed "(and this is the case with a lot of televisions). It gets worse when it says "for gaming with my [insert console name] 600Hz are cooler" xD
    To cut a long story short: You shouldn't take this generalization so seriously. It is often mentioned and always results from the assertion "I can hear / see this", which means "my brain is so lame that it cannot interpolate itself".

    The fact is and remains that the hardware is solid, relatively high in price (but only relatively, Windows Ultrabooks cost about the same. If you want an Ultrabook, the devices are very nice), but price-stable (er). The system takes getting used to, but there are people for whom it is a perfect fit. I am not one of them, but I know people who have it the other way round (when they are sitting at the Win10 computer they are happy when they find the start menu again, because it is now down ... "so unintuitive").

    As I said, let's take a look at the connections and see if it will be an OLED screen.
    Until then - have fun with Buzz-Word-Bingo, you might survive the first feature

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  • Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

    After the keynote was last Thursday, I can say that I think it's a shame that Apple has increased the price of the new MacBook Pro models by a whole corner. I like the new Touch Bar very much, but then again you don't really need it. Other advantages include the larger color space and the increased brightness of the screens, as well as the lighter weight.

    Still, I decided to buy a 2015 MacBook Pro. It's cheaper, compatible with my equipment, and good enough for me.
  • I just bought a MacBook Air from 2015 and I'm super satisfied, and I'm one of those people who are dissatisfied with everything
    Best regards
  • I have had a MacBook Pro with Retina display since 2014 and I have to say that there are some advantages. On the one hand, the devices are really well made and run really reliably and quickly. I also really like the software (but it's a matter of taste some of my friends don't like OSX at all). In terms of pure hardware, there is a much better Windows device for less money. I would only buy a Mac if you absolutely want or need the software (for example to develop apps with XCode).
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