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Psst! These are the 12 best comedies about spies

James who? Forget corona scared Bond! Spy films can not only be deadly serious, but also incredibly funny and still really good! We have the proof in our top 12 best spy comedies.

Dave Bautista last demonstrated it in THE NEXT DOOR SPY in 2020. His not-so-secret mission was to attack the laughing muscles!

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He is thus following in the footsteps of the following 12 films, which have already delighted audiences and critics.


It starts with the wonderfully absurd comedy by the Coen brothers, which - how else could it be with the directing duo - lets loose loads of bizarre characters on each other. Brad Pitt plays the completely crazy Chad Feldheimer terrific.

He finds a CD with awesome secret shit. From then on it gets complicated and somehow nobody really knows why what is happening. Brad Pitt's appearance as an unsuspecting fitness dumbbell alone makes BURN AFTER READING - WHO IS BURNING YOUR FINGERS HERE? already to an absolute festival! Who can get one in the face like that?

The community of the world's largest film rating platform IMDb gave it 7.0 out of 10 points.

Place # 11: "R.E.D. - Older. Harder. Better."

"The older the bigger!" is the motto of this agent film. Retired CIA agent Frank (Bruce Willis) can't really enjoy his retirement. At first he is almost bored and then suddenly there is a killer squad in front of his door. So Frank takes flight with his beloved Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). He gets help from his former colleagues Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren), because they are fed up with retirement and are only too happy to swap their walking aids for machine guns and the like.


The cinematic implementation of the comic trilogy "RED" by the German director Robert Schwentke scored points with the audience and the critics with its black humor, good-humored stars and great camera work. The action comedy was even nominated for a Golden Globe in the “Best Comedy / Musical” category. The sequel “R.E.D. 2 - Even older. Harder. Better." unfortunately not to tie in.

IMDb rating: 7.0

Rank # 10: "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"

This spy film takes a close look at the dazzling life of show master Chuck Barris and plays out the rumors that he himself spread that he worked as a hit man for the CIA. The inventor of the "Gong Show" and the dating show "Herzblatt" is said to have killed 33 people.


This comedy is as crazy as it sounds, in which laughter sometimes gets stuck in your throat in view of the bitter media and social criticism. Until then, George Clooney, mainly known as a woman magnet, made a sensational directorial debut with “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. The black spy comedy initiated a change in his career, away from films like “Batman & Robin” and towards high-profile projects like “Good Night, and Good Luck” or THE IDES OF MARCH.

IMDb rating: 7.0

Place # 9: "OSS 117 - The Spy Who Loved Each Other"

In the spy film parody "OSS 117 - The Spy Who Loved Each Other", the eponymous hero stumbles from one misery to the next on his mission in Egypt. No faux pas is too big, no joke too bad. He owes the fact that he survived his mission at all to his pretty helper Larmina (Bérénice Bejo). What's worse than his failure as an agent is his steadfast grin.

Before Jean Dujardin became an Oscar winner as “The Artist”, the director Michel Hazanavicius cast him as a cocky and incompetent agent. Dujardin did this so well that he will soon be able to slip into the sleek suit for the third time and make the moviegoers laugh with his unspeakable self-love.

IMDb rating: 7.1

Place # 8: "Top Secret!"

Number eight on this list pushes the stupid factor up again. In 1984 Val Kilmer gave in "Top Secret!" in his very first screen role the singing sunny boy Nick Rivers, who gets in the way of the regime's secret plans during an appearance in the GDR.


Already in 1980 the Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams, the dream team behind “Top Secret!”, Had their first coup in the cinema with “The unbelievable journey in a crazy airplane”, before they got the laughing muscles of the audience back four years later In the best sense of the word, attacked crazy gags and word jokes.

IMDb rating: 7.2

Rank # 7: "Our man in Havana"

“Our Man in Havana” from 1959 has everything a classic agent film from this time needs: an exotic setting, beautiful women and chic suits. Only one thing is missing: a capable agent. As such, the vacuum cleaner salesman Jim Wormold (Alec Guinness), who lives in Cuba, is hired. Since he can use the money well, but has absolutely no idea and even less desire to work for MI5, he spins some secret information together. Before he knows it, Wormold's fictional espionage activities call real spies on the scene.


Ten years earlier, the celebrated director Carol Reed created a film adaptation of Graham Greene's thriller "The Third Man", a cinematic work of art for eternity. Greene was also enthusiastic about Reed's film adaptation of the novel "Our Man in Havana" had found the perfect cast for the title hero in the savvy Alec Guinness

"An excellent feeling for finding the right actor for the role."

IMDb rating: 7.2

# 6: "True Lies"

In the spy comedy "True Lies", the greatest action hero of his time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, pokes fun at himself under the direction of his discoverer James Cameron. Disguised as an honest sales representative, Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) lives a quiet little life with his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis). Little does his frustrated wife suspect that her husband's bore is actually a top agent. When she learns of his secret identity, it gives her marriage a real kick again.


In "Terminator" James Cameron filmed his dark version of the apocalypse. In "Aliens - The Return" and "Terminator 2 - Judgment Day" his sense of humor shone through between the hard action. And “True Lies” finally proved in 1994 that the director, who was most recently associated with his mega-success “Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora” and the criticism of environmental destruction packaged in it, can also be damn funny.

IMDb rating: 7.2

Place # 5: "Codename U.N.C.L.E."

Guy Ritchie's comedy takes place in the golden era of espionage during the Cold War. As American and Soviet agents, Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer want to eliminate each other until they have to form an alliance against an even more dangerous enemy. Her constant argument about who makes the taller ha ... uh, the better spy makes for a lot of funny moments.


The film offers Guy Ritchie's typical mix of humor and testosterone-charged action, which thanks to the enchanting Alicia Vikander gets special momentum.

IMDb rating: 7.3

# 4: "The tall blonde with the black shoe"

The clumsy violonist François Perrin (Pierre Richard) suspects no harm when one day he descends an escalator with two different shoes on his feet. However, because of his strange footwear, agents incorrectly identify him as an enemy spy and then become the pawn of two rival secret service agents who try to get their hands on him by all means, first with beautiful women, then with various assassinations.


But the Fiedelfritze has more luck than brains and survives them all. Curiously, it was not his native France, but rather the German audience that helped Pierre Richard to achieve his international breakthrough. “The tall blonde with the black shoe” was first successful in Germany and won the Silver Bear at the 1973 Berlinale. The enthusiasm of the Germans infected their French neighbors. Also thanks to the sequel "The big blonde returns" and the offshoot "The big blonde on free feet", in which Pierre Richard happens a lot of new mishaps, the Frenchman became a clumsy man on duty.


This image, with which he was not always at peace, shapes Pierre Richard's international success to this day.

IMDb rating: 7.3

# 3: "A shot in the dark"

The great, unforgettable comedian Peter Sellers made it to the podium! In the second part of the Pink Panther series, the dodgy Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is looking for a murderer alongside the seductive Maria Gambrelli (Elke Sommer). Clouseau is only a police officer, but even as such he fails miserably. However, that does not prevent him from plunging into an undercover investigation, which of course is not approved. Clouseau's espionage activities leave a trail of devastation and eventually lead him on the trail of some secrets.


Even after more than 50 years, Inspector Clouseau is still a guarantee of humor. Peter Sellers' role in the previous film "The Pink Panther" was only created as a secondary character alongside screen legend David Niven. However, his talent for combining dignity and idiocy in his comedy made Peter Sellers so popular that the sequels, written especially for him, finally became popular just turned around him.

IMDb rating: 7.5

# 2: "Kingsman: The Secret Service"

How bad can a lisping villain be? Really angry. But also really funny! In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Samuel L. Jackson aims to free the world from the plague called humanity. Colin Firth can't let him get away with it like that.


Yes, that's right: This comedy agent takes Colin Firth, the cultivated English gentleman himself, and sends him on a world rescue mission as a secret agent. This man spies and beats his way free to the super villain embodied by Jackson. Of course, as befits a Kingsman, he remains extremely polite and elegant:


In addition to the British stars Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Mark Strong, the star of the young Taron Egerton rose in this film. In his first leading role as a junior agent Eggsy, he was trained as a gentleman agent and was allowed to try out a lot of cool gadgets.

IMDb rating: 7.7

Place # 1: "Charade"

When Regina (Audrey Hepburn) comes home from vacation, she experiences several surprises. Your newly wedded husband cleared out the apartment and then passed away under mysterious circumstances.


In addition to a letter, her husband left one thing above all: a lot of trouble. The CIA and a group of blackmailers are after the completely unsuspecting Regina. Fortunately, she has the charming Peter (Cary Grant) at her side, who turns Regina's head a lot. But Peter is not who he claims to be ...

"Charade" by master director Stanley Donen ("You should be my lucky star") breaks all genre boundaries and is often referred to as "the best Hitchcock film that is not by Hitchcock". The brilliant cast around Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Walter Matthau and James Coburn play great in this lively mixture of spy film, comedy and romance.

IMDb rating: 7.9

THE SPY NEXT DOOR also mixes espionage and comedy with a bit of romance and shakes the whole thing up well! The action flick with Dave Bautista also has a lot of boom!

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