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The currently best MMORPGs in 2021 - which one suits me?

There are numerous online role-playing games on the market, and each one has its own concepts and ideas to win the favor of players. The choice is not easy, which is why we present you the best MMORPGs in 2020/2021 and thus help you with the decision.

Anyone who decides to play an online role-playing game must be aware that these games are time-consuming and that you have to put in a lot of effort to be successful. So check out who is joining an MMO!

And so that this bond does not lead to frustration and suffering, we have selected a selection of special online role-playing games and present them with their strengths and weaknesses. This is how you can see which game is suitable for which type of player.

Update: We updated this article on January 4th, 2021. We have adjusted information about Shadowlands, Greymoor, the expansion of GW2 and general links and descriptions.

World of Warcraft - The complete package

genre: MMORPG | developer: Blizzard Entertainment | platform: PC | Release date: November 23, 2004 | model: Pay2Play with subscription and item shop for cosmetics and boosters | Combat system: Tab targeting

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Gigantic fund of content thanks to 7 add-ons
  • New content regularly
  • Big community
  • Complex, epic story
  • You can tell the age in some places
  • Some fans criticize the casualization of the gameplay

That's why you should play WoW

WoW is ideal for: Fans of classic MMORPGs, for whom it is also important that a large community and a lot of history stand behind their game. WoW is and will remain the largest PC MMORPG for an indefinite period of time, which continues to guarantee high quality new content.

It is also the “most complete” MMORPG, which appeals to almost every type of player and can sink a number of hours into it. Whether as a PvP player in battlefields, as a collector of animal companions or as a group player in raids or dungeons.

WoW also appeals to casual gamers because it is easy to consume in smaller bites.

Is there a catch? One should sympathize with a timeless, comic-like graphic style and the conventional, little action-heavy tab targeting combat system.

And for some players, the current version of WoW is not complex enough. For such players, WoW Classic, which has existed as a separate MMORPG since August 2019, would be more attractive.

What is WoW?World of Warcraft has been on the market since 2004 and after eight addons are more beautiful than ever. Because the old-fashioned comic graphics have been spruced up since the addon Warlords of Draenor at the latest and with the current expansion Shadowlands you can no longer see WoW its old age, especially in the new areas.

If “eight addons” put you off - don't worry, they are all automatically included in the latest expansion “Shadowlands”.

WoW Shadowlands: All information about features, zones, story and release

If you want to recapture the feeling of yesteryear, you now also have the opportunity to get into WoW Classic.

What is WoW Classic? WoW-Classic contains its own servers, which are roughly on the status of 2004. The idea behind it is that players wanted to experience the old feeling from before. Classic is aimed primarily at players who cannot do anything with the new add-ons and features of WoW.

If you pay a subscription for WoW, you can play Classic and the current retail version at the same time.

The features of WoW

This is how easy it is to get into WoW: But not only graphically, a lot has changed, because with Shadowlands the entry into World of Warcraft is easier than ever. If you bring your hero to level 50 with the level boost, you will receive a detailed tutorial before the start so that you understand your class straight away. Then you have to contest the last 10 levels yourself

This is ideal for complete newbies and returnees. Thanks to the radically reduced skills and talents, you always have an overview of our skills and can easily and conveniently build a meaningful skill rotation.

All of this comes at the expense of complexity and compared to previous WoW versions, Shadowlands is now greatly simplified. Not everyone might like that, but the gameplay is always fun, even if the static tab target system of World of Warcraft is no longer up-to-date for some. However, the last new class of demon hunters still plays dynamically.

In addition, thanks to its long existence and the high update density of Blizzard, World of Warcraft now offers an enormous amount of content. Because the old content is still there and if you like, you can spend months in Azeroth.

This is how you get WoW: However, if you want to play World of Warcraft, you have to pay 13 euros per month. However, up to level 20 you can use a free trial account.

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