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Daredevil (Season 1)

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seasontitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date[2]11"In the ring"Phil AbrahamDrew GoddardApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Crime cartels, including the Russian mafia, yakuza and the Chinese mob, have taken advantage of Hell's Kitchen since "the incident". Blinded in an accident that sharpened his senses as a boy, Matt Murdock begins fighting this rising criminal at night as a costumed vigilante while opening a law firm with friend Foggy Nelson. Her first client is Karen Page, a secretary for the Union Allied construction company who was charged with the murder of her colleague Daniel Fisher after accidentally suspecting money laundering. Murdock prevents Karen from being prosecuted and protects her from a professional killer before he starts the Ben Urich scandal New York Bulletin reveals. Page is grateful for her help and offers to work for Murdock and Nelson. James Wesley hides his employer's involvement in the scandal and orders Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov, the leaders of the Russians, to deal with Murdock ("the man in black"): They kidnap a boy in order to lure him into a trap.22"Cut Man"Phil AbrahamDrew GoddardApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) When Murdock was a boy, his father was murdered by the Hell's Kitchen Irish mob for winning a match to be thrown. After the kidnapped boy failed to save a seriously injured Murdock, Sister Claire Temple found him in a dumpster. Nelson, meanwhile, tries to comfort Page after her recent traumatic experience. Temple brings Murdock to her apartment, tends to his wounds, takes off his mask, and discovers his blindness. He refuses to reveal his name, but reveals his heightened senses when they point out a Russian ransacking the apartment building, giving Temple time to hide Murdock and convince the man she knows nothing. Murdock realizes that the man didn't believe her, overwhelms him and takes him to the roof. Murdock and Temple torture him to reveal the boy's whereabouts before Murdock pushes him off the roof into the same dumpster. Murdock says he will survive. Murdock enters the building where they keep the boy, defeats the guards, and rescues the boy.33"Rabbit in a Snowstorm"Adam KaneMarco RamirezApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Wesley, known to Nelson and Murdock for their involvement with Page during the Union Allied scandal, hires them to defend an assassin, John Healy. Although Nelson does not want to get involved in an overt criminal element, Murdock wants to find out who Wesley's employer is based on the case, so he accepts Wesley's offer, which includes a substantial sum to ensure her silence. Page receives a similar offer from Union Allied, which doesn't want her to speak to anyone about the scandal, and threatens to sue her for leaking corporate secrets to the press if she doesn't agree. Nonetheless, Page goes to Urich, whose editor Ellison forces him to write superfluous stories instead of the big detective breaks of his youth, and offers to tell him more about the Union Allied scandal. After successfully defending Healy, Murdock confronts him in costume and forces him to reveal Wesley's employer, Wilson Fisk. Healy commits suicide instead of learning the consequences of a levy from fisk.44"In blood"Ken GirottiJoe PokaskiApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Murdock cannot find a record of Fisk and continues to interrogate criminals for answers. Wesley informs the Ranskahovs of an offer Fisk has made to help with their operations, given their recent failures. Annoyed by this obvious trifle, they try to stop the Man in Black once and for all by visiting the Russian who Murdock threw off the roof at the hospital. After the Russian tells them about Temple, they send men to kidnap her, but she manages to call Murdock in time to alert him to her kidnapping. The Russians try to torture Murdock's name out of the temple, but Murdock comes and defeats the gangsters. Given the consequences, the Ranskahovs decide to accept Fisk's offer. Anatoly will tell Fisk personally by storming into the restaurant where Fisk is having dinner with an art gallery curator named Vanessa Marianna. Fisk takes a confused Marianna home and is upset at this intrusion and embarrassment. Fisk beheads Anatoly and orders Wesley to send the body to Vladimir.55"World on fire"Farren BlackburnLuke KalteuxApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Fisk explains the situation to his allies, including Chinese leader Madame Gao, from whom he asks a special favor. Elena Cardenas, a tenant of powerful businessman Armand Tulley, joins Nelson and Murdock after Tulley, who wants to remodel her home, sends men to demolish her home. Nelson goes to Tulley's lawyers at Landman and Zack (where he and Murdock were once interned), represented by Marci Stahl, Nelson's ex-girlfriend. She explains that Cardenas and her neighbors can either close a large settlement or be evicted. While searching for complaints against Tulley at the police station, Murdock discovers that detectives Carl Hoffman and Christian Blake are corrupt when he overhears them killing a Russian. Murdock later incapacitates Blake and uses his cell phone to find Vladimir. Fisk pays Turk Barrettum to reveal Vladimir that Fisk killed Anatoly, and while they prepare for war against Fisk, their forces are destroyed in a suicide bombing by Gao's workers. Vladimir survives, but Murdock finds him as they are surrounded by police.66"Sentenced"Guy FerlandJoe Pokaski & Marco RamirezApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Murdock takes the police out as they try to kill Vladimir on Fisk's orders, and he takes Vladimir to an abandoned warehouse hoping for answers about Fisk, while Nelson and Cardenas are injured in the bombings. With Temple's help, Murdock cauterizes Vladimir's wounds and alerts a non-corrupt police officer to their presence. The officer calls Murdock and Vladimir, and the warehouse is soon surrounded. Blake and Hoffman take control of the situation, waiting for Fisk's orders. Fisk speaks to Murdock on police radio, telling him his admiration for what Murdock is trying to do, even though it clashes with Fisk's own plans to save the city. Fisk then frames the vigilante group with a NYPD ESU sniper fire on other officers from the roof of the camp, including Blake as Urich and the media watch. In exchange for Murdock avenging Anatoly's death, Vladimir gives him information about Leland Owlsley - the accountant for all of Fisk's operations - before giving his life so Murdock can escape.77"Floor"Brad TurnerDouglas PetrieApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Murdock tracks down Owlsley but is distracted by the arrival of an older man: Murdock's mentor Stick, who taught him how to master his skills as a child but abandoned him when Murdock developed a bond with him. Now he asks Murdock for help in destroying Black Sky, a weapon that the Japanese, led by Nobu, are bringing to New York. Stick agrees not to kill, but breaks his promise when he kills Black Sky, who is actually a young boy. After fighting in Murdock's apartment, Murdock defeats Stick, who agrees to leave town. Urich, who has agreed to help Page uncover the further scandal and corruption surrounding Hell's Kitchen and Union Allied, says they need evidence before they can publish anything. In search of a connection between Tulley's men and Union Allied, Page is confronted by them. Nelson helps her escape, and she and Urich explain their investigation to him. Stick later talks to a severely scarred man about Murdock's role in the upcoming events.88"Shadow in the glass"Stephen SurjikSteven S. DeKnightApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Page and Nelson bring Murdock into their scheme, and he agrees as long as they stop putting themselves in danger and use the legal system instead of underhanded tactics. Owlsley and Nobu, angry at being confronted by the vigilantes and losing Black Sky, express their displeasure with Fisk while he also deals with Blake, who wakes up in the hospital. Fisk persuades Hoffman to kill Blake before he can speak out against Fisk, but Hoffman is incapacitated by Murdock, who receives information about Fisk from Blake before he dies. Gao visits Fisk and warns him that if he doesn't want her, Nobu, and Owlsley to step aside, he'll have to get everything under control. An angry Fisk is later comforted by Vanessa, telling her how he murdered his father as a child while beating Fisk's mother, and convinces him to stand up and go public with his intentions to save the city. This negates any information from Murdock von Blake that Urich wanted to publish.99"Speak of the devil"Nelson McCormickChristos Gage and Ruth Fletcher GageApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) After Fisk's public disclosure, Murdock, Page, Nelson and Urich look for something from Fisk's past to use against him. Murdock visits Vanessa in her art gallery in the hope of getting a glimpse into Fisk through a conversation with her, and meets Fisk himself. Nobu demands a promised city block from Fisk, who agrees on the condition that Nobu give him a "specialist" makes available to take care of the vigilante group. Cardenas lives in the block Fisk bought from Tulley, and she is one of the few tenants who stands in the way of Fisk giving it to Nobu. When Cardenas is killed by a junkie, Murdock realizes that Fisk was behind it and follows him to an abandoned warehouse where he is confronted by specialist Nobu. Murdock eventually defeats Nobu and accidentally has him burned alive; but is seriously injured. Fisk then confronts Murdock and almost beats him to death. Murdock barely escapes only to collapse in his home in front of Nelson.1010"Nelson v. Murdock"Farren BlackburnLuke KalteuxApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) After Temple tends to Murdock's wounds, Nelson confronts him with his "blindness" and vigilant activities. Murdock explains that after experiencing Landman and Zack's twisted morals, Murdock went on to confront an abusive father against him with no legal evidence, but that Murdock discovered through his keen senses. Since then he had done everything possible to make the city a better place whenever the law couldn't. Unable to look past Murdock's lies, Nelson leaves her company. After his sick wife's hospital stay was denied extension and he was offered a better-paying job as an editor rather than a reporter, Urich decides to drop the investigation. In an attempt to change his mind, Page takes him to a rest home she just discovered, where they meet Marlene Vistain, Fisk's mother, who tells them that Fisk killed his father. Meanwhile, Fisk is holding a charity gala to publicly raise money for the victims of the bombings. Many guests there, including Marianna, were poisoned.1111"The way of the righteous"Nick GomezSteven S. DeKnight and Douglas PetrieApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Still recovering from his injuries, Murdock says goodbye to Temple, who is leaving for some time. Before she leaves, Temple suggests that he be given better protection if he is to continue his crusade. With the help of Barrett, Murdock finds Melvin Potter, a mentally unbalanced engineer who has been forced to make armored clothing for Fisk and asks him to wear a protective suit to prevent Fisk from harming others. Page wants to tell the story of how Vistain lives and says that Fisk killed his father, but Urich explains that this is unreliable given her state of mind. While Fisk won't leave Marianna's side while she recovers in the hospital, Wesley receives a call from Vistain and learns that Page and Urich have visited her. He confronts Page and tries to blackmail her not to expose Fisk and threatens to hurt her friends. When Fisk calls Wesley to find out where he is, the ringing distracts him long enough for Page to take his gun and kill him.1212"The ones we leave behind"Euro LynDouglas PetrieApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Using information from Urich, Murdock finds the basis of Gao's heroin operation and dismantles it. Gao is able to hold his own against Murdock, escapes and decides to return to her homeland to think about the future. Fisk's men find Wesley and the grieving Fisk realizes that the last person he spoke to was Vistain. Fisk wants to protect those he loves by sending them out of the country. He can't convince Marianna to leave him, but he's taking Vistain away and the sick Vistain can't tell him what her call to Wesley was about. Nelson continues his work without Murdock, bringing what they know to steel. Page, who tries to stop killing Wesley, persuades Urich to write the story, but it is turned down by Ellison. When Urich Ellison is accused of being paid by Fisk, he is fired. Urich decides to start his own blog to get Fisk's story out, but Fisk is a real source of information in theThe bulletin tells him that Urich visited Vistain and upset him so much that he breaks into Urich's apartment and kills him.1313"Daredevil"Steven S. DeKnightSteven S. DeKnightApril 10, 2015 (April 10, 2015) Murdock and Page attend Urich's funeral, while Fisk learns that Owlsley and Gao conspired to poison Marianna, whom they considered a distraction, and that Owlsley hid Hoffman as an insurance policy. When Owlsley tries to blackmail him, an angry Fisk kills Owlsley by throwing him into an open elevator shaft. Murdock and Nelson reconcile their differences and begin building their case against Fisk. As a vigilante, Murdock finds Hoffman with information from Stahl and convinces him to testify against Fisk. Based on this testimony, federal agents arrest Fisk and his co-conspirators, but Fisk manages to escape custody. Before he can escape the city, Murdock intercepts him and wears the new armor that Potter made for him. After a brutal fight, Murdock defeats Fisk and leaves him to the police. Arrested with Fisk, Marianna leaves town. Murdock, Page and Nelson celebrate their success and get back to work. The vigilante group is called "Daredevil" by the media.