What is the loading unit

Loading unit

A loading unit consists of the load, the load carrier (loading equipment) and, if applicable, the loading unit securing device. The formation of loading units is used to efficiently design transport, storage and transshipment processes. According to DIN 30781, a load carrier represents a load-bearing (e.g. pallet), load-bearing and enclosing (e.g. lattice box pallet) or load-bearing, enclosing and locking means (e.g. mContainer) for combining goods into one loading unit , Individual packages falling down (see packaging), before the loading unit is fanned out, individual layers or the entire load slipping, before damage to the packaging or the means of transport and the loss of packages (see packaging) due to theft. The methods of securing loading units include tying or strapping (e.g. with plastic or steel straps), wrapping (e.g. with nets or foils), the use of attachment or attachment devices (e.g. folding box attachments) and additional security measures such as roughening packages or the use of Anti-skid agents in question.

In freight transport, a loading unit is the transport object that can be dispatched and manipulated as a single piece. It consists of the cargo and the cargo carrier that summarizes the goods. Load carrier is z. B. the sack, the barrel, the box, the tank wagon, the container and the pallet, in or on which goods arrive from the sender to the recipient. For the rationalization of transport, storage and handling, standardized loading units, which are independent of the means of transport, with standardized and usable load carriers (pool pallet, ISO containers) are increasingly being used.

Transport aids; it serves to rationalize the transport and handling of goods through • standardization of the packaging (grouping of individual items), • optimal use of the cargo space of a mode of transport (truck pallet, aircraft container), Capacity of the loading facility), • Coordination of various transport systems (piggyback traffic).

Lim. f. the goods receiving packaging means (such as containers, barrels, crates, pallets, etc.), which form a closed goods unit with the goods contained in it from the point of dispatch to the point of receipt (for transport, handling and storage processes).

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