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How happy you are depends less on external circumstances than on your thinking. The website Learn.net has put together 12 tips and exercises with which you can learn to think more positively and become more satisfied.

What positive thinking is and what it will bring you

Thinking positively means seeing the famous “half-full glass” in a situation, that is, to perceive its positive aspects rather than its negatives. It also means having confidence in yourself, believing in successes and opportunities, and doing things that others think are not feasible. Almost all of the great successes in history have to do with positive thinking: someone believed in an almost unbelievable possibility and implemented it.

Positive thinking has many benefits for your life:

  • Focusing on the good things makes you happy.
  • Positive thinking keeps you able to act and ensures that you can always get up and move on.
  • Thinking positively makes you healthier: Those who believe in their healing have a much higher chance of conquering even serious illnesses.
  • Optimism is an important prerequisite for professional and personal success.
  • When you learn positive thinking, you learn at the same time: You are the master or mistress of your thoughts, you can decide for yourself up to a certain point what you think.
  • A positive view of yourself and your successes strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Positive thinking makes you open to new things and helps you to broaden your horizons.
  • It has been found that the sense organs of positive-minded people function better. Negative thinking does not only seem to lead in a figurative sense that we “turn a blind eye”.

What positive thinking is NOT

When it comes to positive thinking, many people first roll their eyes. The reason is a misunderstanding of what that actually means. Positive thinking doesn't mean simply blocking out everything negative. And it certainly doesn't mean just dancing through the world with a soul, as some might imagine. Optimism is just as realistic as pessimism: after all, there is next to nothing that is only positive or all negative. However, we decide for ourselves which aspects we concentrate on.

12 tips and exercises for positive thinking

01. Take your attention away from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can have tremendous power. They destroy our mood, our courage and our joy. But you don't have to give them that power. You can simply withdraw your attention from negative thoughts. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't be there anymore. But they don't have that much of an impact on you anymore. And this is how it works: If you find that you are dealing with worries, fears, self-reproach or other negative thoughts again, you draw an energetic line in your mind and turn to other things. Distract yourself from the negative thoughts, they won't help you anyway.

02. smile

There are people who go through life grouchy and others who always have a smile on their face. The smiling ones are almost always the happier people. The reason lies in the smile itself: Researchers have found that a positive facial expression releases happiness hormones. The brain seems to get information about how you are doing from the muscles of the face. So smiling makes you more relaxed and happier.

03. Always look for the good in a situation

There is almost always something good about a situation, if only something you can learn from it. You can also interpret obstacles as challenges, mistakes as learning areas. If you haven't found a parking space near your apartment, you can either get annoyed or enjoy the little evening stroll. If the food you need for your recipe is sold out, this is a chance to experiment with something new. Admittedly, when it comes to big, existential issues, it is often very difficult to find something positive. “It'll be good for something” is unhelpful advice for someone mourning a bad loss. But on a small scale, there are countless ways to take a closer look and find out the positive. And finally, this will also be possible with larger issues.

4. Keep a gratitude journal

Even if everything looks bad sometimes, there are definitely a lot of things in your life for which you can be grateful. By keeping a gratitude journal, you will focus your gaze on these things rather than the lack of perception. Just write down three things that you are grateful for every morning or evening. It doesn't matter if it's the same over and over again. The main thing is that you notice that they are there. Over time, you will notice more and more positive things in your life.

5. Dose the news

Disaster reports on television, radio, social networks and other channels can quickly give us the impression that there is only bad left in the world. That is of course not the case. In addition to major disasters and acts of violence, there are millions of positive things every day. But these are not the messages that come first on the news. To mitigate the negative impression, it can help to dose the news. Just stop watching the news for a while or at least isolate yourself from the constantly popping messages in the social networks. Don't let the negatives bombard you all the time.

6. Get away from grumpy people

Whether we are positive or negative also depends on the people around us. If you constantly deal with people who complain and complain, then this negative attitude rubs off on you too. Conversely, cheerful, fun people can also make us happier.

7. Say goodbye to your victim role

Thinking positively also means taking full responsibility for your own life. Say goodbye to the thought that you are the victim to whom bad things keep happening. You have a lot more aspects of your life in your own hands than you think! Once you understand all of this, it will be much easier for you to perceive the possibilities in a situation.

8. Avoid comparisons

The neighbors have such a nice apartment and a big car, the colleague is slimmer and prettier and the cousin is much more successful in his job ... Such comparisons make us unhappy and they are an expression of negative thinking. We could just as easily compare ourselves to the many people who are worse off than us. But we rarely do that. We tend to compare ourselves in every area with someone who is supposedly better off. If you manage to avoid these comparisons, your basic attitude will almost automatically change for the better.

9. Make your successes clear with positive thinking

Even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes: You have already achieved a lot in your life. Make a list of all the successes you can think of: your school-leaving qualifications, your driver's license, difficult situations that you have mastered, the children that you have raised reasonably well, the move to a nicer apartment, completed projects, etc. If you think about it, a lot is sure to come together. Then add to this list again and again with the little things that you come across every day. Have you finally made an overdue doctor's appointment or fixed the leaky faucet? Great! A daily "I-did-it-list" is much more motivating than a to-do list.

10. Pay attention to your limits and needs

It's very hard to stay positive when your boundaries are being trampled on all the time. Paying attention to your needs and limits is therefore an important step on the way to positive thinking. Take good care of you!

11. Start the day with positive thoughts

If you start consciously thinking positive things first thing in the morning, the rest of the day will be better. This exercise helps: Put yourself in a situation every morning in which you were doing really well, in which you were happy and carefree and in which you felt really good. Try to empathize with this situation again and enjoy this positive moment.

12. Read books about happiness

There is a lot more to be said about positive thinking and happiness than there is in an article. And: Dealing with these topics helps to rethink. So keep reading a book about happiness and other positive topics.


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