Can you have sex in witcher

Overview of the Witcher 3 sex scenes

Geralt can have one-night stands with five women in Witcher 3, be in a relationship with Triss or Yennefer, and of course have insignificant sex with the countless whores of Novigrad. In the following we would like to explain to you how these highlights come about:

Keira Metz - Sex in the Forest

Keira Metz tops this list because Geralt first meets her on the witch hunt and can't avoid sex with her. Keira begins to seduce him from the very first encounter with a revealing bath. After completing the hike in the dark main quest, Keira lets Geralt look for a magic lamp and use it to drive the plague maiden Anabelle out of the tower full of rats. The next "favor among friends" Geralt has to get the ingredients for a romantic dinner that leads to sex. When Geralt wakes up again, however, he only realizes Keira's whole plan ...

This one-night stand does not affect later possible relationships with Triss Merigold or Yennefer von Vengerberg.

Triss Merigold - Sex in the Lighthouse

Geralt has had a romance with Triss in the past, but they ended it by mutual agreement. When Geralt meets Triss again at the stake in Novigrad, this love slowly flares up again. After completing their last major adventure together to find Count Reuven's treasure, Caleb Menges property goes up in smoke and Triss asks Geralt for a vital matter. At this masquerade ball, Triss drinks a little too much and both ends in a romantic embrace on a park bench. If you give Triss compliments on the occasion and then kiss her when she falls into the arms at the fountain, the foundation for a relationship is laid. Subsequently, Triss is thrown out of the apartment by her landlord and flees Novigrad with the other magicians. At the end of this "now or never" task, Geralt and Triss say goodbye to each other in the port of Novigrad. Have you kissed Triss at the masked ball and now you confess your love in the harbor, then don't put it down with the other magicians, but stay with Geralt and seduce him on the lighthouse.

This is the possible beginning of the relationship with Triss Merigold. Please note that if you start something with Yennefer at the same time, you can screw this relationship up in the sand.

Yennefer von Vengerberg - unicorn sex

Yennefer is Geralt's eternal companion in the Witcher novels and at the start of the game, he reminisces about Yennefer in Kaer Morhen. However, as the game progresses, it takes a while before it comes back to that. During King Bran's funeral ceremony on Ard Skellig, Yennefer took the opportunity to steal the mask from Uroboros. That puts Geralt and Yen in a dicey situation that they can only get out of by teleportation. The destination in this case is determined by Geralt and when his thoughts, "Damn it, I want to kiss you, Yen." they end up in Yennefer's guest house room, unfortunately Yen's dress breaks and they both have sex on a unicorn.

Some time later, but still on the Skellige Islands, Yennefer is banished from Hindersfjall for her outrage in Freya's garden (nameless main quest). Before she leaves, however, she has one last wish for Geralt. With the help of a djinn, she wants to break the spell that binds Geralt and her. The termination doesn't change anything for Yennefer, but you can then decide whether to continue the relationship ("I still love you too.") Or to end it ("I'm sorry, but I don't want to be with you anymore." ).

If the romance with Yennefer continues, there will soon be another opportunity to sleep with Yen in Kaer Morhen. During the "It's Most Beautiful Home" main quest, she asks Geralt for a chat in her room that evening, which of course ends with sex. At that point at the latest, Geralt is in a relationship with Yennefer.

Jutta to Dimun

On Geralt's countless adventures, he comes across the Skellige island of Faroe. Among the Skelligers there lives Jutta an Dimun, also known as the Iron Maiden, because she has never been defeated by a man in battle and has promised her virginity to the one who succeeds! After Geralt has made a name for himself and got a legendary sword, Jutta finally lets him take it. However, there is no marriage, but remains in a one-night stand.

Madame Sasha

The highlight of the Witcher 3's Gwint games is the high stakes tournament in Novigrad. During the tournament, Geralt meets Madame Sasha, who makes him an immoral offer. If Geralt agrees and ends up catching the pot thief, Sasha invites him to dinner with himself for dessert. The next morning there is only one farewell letter left on Sasha's pillow.

Threesome with Triss and Yennefer

Have you got Geralt to confess his love to Triss Merigold in the "now or never" quest and then also to Yennefer at the last wish, then the two visit him together during the final preparations shortly before the showdown of Witcher 3. In "All good things are three "they order Geralt in the evening to their room in the Eisvogel. Dressed in hot negligés, they seduce Geralt, tie him to the bed, drink the expensive wine and then leave. The next morning he finds Delphinium Geralt and frees him. Due to this self-inflicted misery, Geralt remains alone at the end of Witcher 3.

The whores of Novigrad

Of course, the world's largest city doesn't just have a brothel. "Die Krüppelkati" lies in the port of Novigrad. A rather inexpensive establishment, in front of which you will first find a howling whore. Do you have the "Now get out!" Completed the side quest, you can sleep with Berta, Mercia and Susi in the Krüppelkati for 20 crowns each.
In the north of Novigrad, next to the St. Gerog Bridge, is the noble brothel "Passiflora" by Maquise Serenitz. In the brothel you can have sex with three exquisite ladies for 40 crowns each: Viola, Amrynn, Narcissa.

Shani - Best Friend's Wedding [Hearts of Stone]

Geralt's deal with the Mirror Master, Gaunter O'Dim, drives him back into Shani’s arms. At the wedding party of Shani's girlfriend, the countless attempts at getting on by Vlodimir von Everec and ultimately the kiss lead Shani to ask Geralt who actually kissed her. A clear midnight gives Geralt the opportunity to invite Shani for a walk and a romantic boat trip in the moonlight on the lake with a gift. If you have filled Shani with rowanberry brandy or mead and then let her drink some wine on the jetty, she will throw up during sex. The right choice is of course to stick a bouquet of rowan berries in Shani's hair. Then sex will work too ...

Sylvia Anna - Sex in the Clouds [Blood & Wine]

Syanna is the evil sister of the Toussaints ducal family, who were banished from the duchy because of the curse of the Black Sun. In the "Night of Long Teeth" Geralt has to make a decision whether to use Syanna as a decoy or to ask the invisible for help. If you decide to free Syanna from fairy tale land and climb over the bean tree into the sky, Sylvia Anna expresses one last wish. With the thought "Oh, let her do what she wants with you." there is a love scene in the weightlessness of the clouds ...

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