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1 magazine of the German Bridge Association e.v. ISSN January 2018 BRIDGEMagazin March Dresden Annual General Meeting October Darmstadt Women Couple Bundesliga The Bridge Year May Berlin German Bridge Team Trophy 2018 July Berlin Championship Week The DBV tournaments June Kassel Open German Team Championship June Wyk at Föhr Bridge Festival

2 1st Prize Trophy Euro The Bridge World meets in Berlin for the 9th German Bridge Team Trophy 2018 Where: Maritim Hotel Berlin, Stauffenbergstr. 26, Berlin, Tel, When: Saturday May 5th to Monday May 7th, starting with the Captains Meeting at. Award ceremony at around o'clock Who can take part? The open, international team tournament has no admission restrictions. Each team consists of 4-6 players. However, the organizer reserves the right not to admit individual players in accordance with 6 of the tournament regulations. For the top-class tournament, Year Points are awarded by the World Bridge Federation and, of course, master points by the DBV corresponding to 20 MPO. Costs: The entry fee is 300 per team. The entry fee is reduced by 30 for each player who was born in 1993 or later. The entry fee is payable before the start of the tournament and can only be paid in cash on site. If you want to transfer the entry fee in advance, please do it to the following account: Deutscher Bridge-Verband e.v .; Sparkasse Herford; BIC: WLAH DE 44; IBAN: DE There is an early bird discount of 30 for payment by March 20th. Please be sure to include the team name and the name of the captain when making a transfer! Prize money: The prize money table is based on the actual registration situation. Approx. 75% of the entry fee will be distributed as cash prizes. The 1st prizes in the A group (4,000), the B group (1,000) and in the groups of 4 at the end of the field (270 each) are guaranteed! Please also note the notices on site! Tournament management: Peter Eidt (main tournament director), Jacob Duschk (Denmark), Marc van Beijsterveldt (Netherlands), Klaus Kersting System category: The EBL's systems policy applies. This means, among other things, that highly artificial systems and brown sticker conventions are not allowed: The EBL alert rules apply: Details and questions will be discussed during the captains meeting before the tournament. Convention cards: The German Convention Card or the International Convention Card (English) according to Appendix C TO 2016 (update version for) may be used. The German mini convention card is therefore not permitted. Protest fee: The protest fee is 60. If a protest is withdrawn before the hearing, the fee is forfeited. Competition mode: Generally there are 8 board rounds in total 17. First, 10 rounds are played as a qualification phase in a group according to the Swiss system, 7 of them on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. (The first two rounds are set by the organizer.) Then the sum of all VPs earned (including penalties) is halved and a final phase is played. The best-placed 8 teams play in the A group, the teams ranked 9-16 in the B group each play 7 rounds of round robin, of which 4 rounds on Sunday and 3 rounds on Monday. All other teams in group C will initially play another 4 rounds according to the Swiss system, with opponents from the preliminary round being possible again. Before the last 3 rounds on Monday, depending on the number of participants, groups of 4 (D, E, F ...) are separated from the end of the table for the C group and play round robin, while the C group continues the last 3 rounds to Schweizer System unsubscribes. The tournament is played at tables 1 to (approx.) 38 behind screens. The organizer reserves the right to make changes at short notice due to the actual registration situation. Registration: In teams (4-6 players) by Sunday at the latest. Further details can be found on the DBV website, please also pay particular attention to the information on data protection with regard to the publication of results and reports with images and / or Video material. Phone number. for short-term cancellations from the afternoon of the day before the first day of the tournament: +49 (0) (main tournament director Peter Eidt). Accommodation: The Maritim Hotel Berlin has a limited number of rooms available at special rates (single room 79, double room 119 per room and night including breakfast and free use of the swimming pool). Please book directly in the hotel using the keyword BRIDGE: or telephone: All rooms not called up by March 9, 2018 will go back on sale. So please book in good time. Miscellaneous: The use of cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. is prohibited during game times. This also applies to active players outside the gaming room. If devices are brought into the gaming room, they must be left open and switched off on the table. Any active or passive use of these devices (including ringing, vibrating) results in an automatic procedural penalty of 2 VP the first time, and 4 VP for each further violation. Sunglasses with a non-reflective coating must not be worn while playing without a screen. During the tournament, the consumption of food and drinks that you have brought with you and, in accordance with 10 of the TO, smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks is not permitted in the gaming room. This also applies to spectators. Please also note the further information on the 9th German Bridge Team Trophy 2018 on the DBV website

3 Bridge Magazine January 2018 Contents 3 Contents 04 TOURNAMENT CALENDAR 04 Tournaments and Events EDITORIAL 06 NEWS 08 COVER STORY 08 The DBV and its tournaments SPORT 10 Hat-trick for Munich DBV Cup final The little tournament director 16 Rules for beginners 17 YOUTH 17 Karo 10 and friends in Böblingen 20 TECHNOLOGY BASIS 20 The right moves at the right time 23 Riddles 25 Bridge-Puzzle 1 27 TECHNOLOGY 27 Bridge with Eddie Kantar 29 Our forum 32 Expert quiz 38 ENTERTAINMENT 38 Crack the nut solution for episode 11 / Crack the nut episode 1 / REGIONAL Years Bridge Club Plön Bridge -City Championship of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 40 DBV INTERNAL 40 Tender DBV Club Cup Brief & Important Annual General Meeting The GemSi viewed from close up 42 Imprint 43 Tender 10th Challenger Cup Even more successful than the footballers: Munichers make the triple perfect 25 Our new technology section shows: An irritation is very similar to a puzzle 08 As at the bridge table: From East to West, from north to south There are DBV tournaments in all directions NEW DBV Cup Final 2017 in Kassel 17 A delicious tournament: Böblingen shows how you can win over the young TITEL The most important stations in the DBV calendar at a glance 32 Michael Gromöller moderates the first expert quiz of the new year

4 dates January 2018 Bridge Magazin TOURNAMENT and EVENT CALENDAR 2018 JANUARY FRANKFURT / MAIN / Tournament at the turn of the year KASSEL / 1st matchday team national leagues ASCHAFFENBURG / district team tournament Hesse FEBRUARY MUNICH-OTTOBRUNN / 15th Scarlett-Schmid memorial tournament team KASSEL Bundesliga KARLSRUHE / 5th Open Team Championship Neckar-Oberrhein MARCH CHALLENGER CUP PRELIMINARY ROUND / Club level DRESDEN / DBV Annual General Meeting DELMENHORST / Couples tournament APRIL GÖTTINGEN / 14th charity tournament BC Göttingen-Uni KASSEL / 3rd matchday Team Bundesliga Open COLOGNE Cologne City Championship REGENSBURG / 9th pub tournament BURGHAUSEN / 2nd bridge marathon tournament KEMPEN / Thomas-a-Kempis pub tournament MAY BERLIN / 9th German Bridge Team Trophy BONN / 38th Bonn Cup WEINHEIM / barometer tournament JUNE KASSEL / 71 German team championship WYK / FÖHR / 20th German Bridge Festival OBERREIFENBERG / German school and junior weekend CHALLENGER CUP INTERMEDIATE LAPS / regional level Without special addition: only couples tournament JULY HANNOVER / KARLSRUHE / promotion round to 3rd Bundesliga MOSBACH Baden Championships - team tournament MOSBACH Baden Championships - couples tournament LANDSHUT / 20th Landshut Bridge tournament 6th German Championship Week BERLIN / 12th German Mixed Team Championship BERLIN / 58th German Mixed Couples championship BERLIN / 35th German senior couple championship BERLIN / 75th German couples championship AUGUST KOBLENZ / 14th pub tournament SEPTEMBER CHALLENGER CUP FINALE / location to be determined later OFFENBURG / Ortenau autumn tournament HANNOVER / KARLSRUHE / DBV-Pokal, eighth and quarter finals / AUGSBURG 10th regional association tournament BC Augsburg I BÖBLINGEN / team tournament Karo 10 & friends OCTOBER TITISEE / bridge days in the Black Forest DARMSTADT / women's couple league ERKRATH / Rheinische mixed championship WÜRZBURG / open team tournament WÜRZBURG / open couples tournament NOVEMBER 35th DARMSTADT couple tournament / Open couples league Years BC Contact DBV-CUP FINAL / Location will be determined later DECEMBER The DBV has no dates yet. The DBV wishes a good start into a successful bridge year!

5 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Editorial 5 For some, participation is limited from the outset, such as the team Bundesliga. Others are open to players of all strengths, especially the championship week tournaments in Berlin, which therefore also has a certain amount of popular sport. Regarding the number of participants, it is unfortunately our problem child. The Maritim Hotel offers a stylish setting for such an event, and Berlin itself should be reason enough to participate. Dear Readers, As last February 2017, Sigrid Battmer gives a preview of the numerous events of the DBV at the beginning of this year. The intention is clear: we want to lure you there. For example to the bridge festival in Wyk auf Föhr. Everyone knows about its existence, but the majority of our members have not yet arrived. Sure, last year we had a record attendance, but based on all of our members it was just 1.5%. In other words: 98.5% did not find their way to the island in 2017. Can so many people be wrong? At least I did, because until my election in April 2016 I wasn't interested enough in the festival to go there. A few weeks later I was there and immediately impressed. At the Challenger Cup, the numbers look different. The majority of our clubs and more than a third of our members participate. Well, in the first round it's only an evening in the club where you would play anyway. For the DBV, on the other hand, the logistics behind it are quite complex, and incidentally also in the intermediate round at eight locations, because it is played with duplicated boards. Clearly more participants could use our championships. Overall, would you have known? there are ten of them: a team Bundesliga, two team championships (open or mixed), two pair federal leagues (open and women), four pair championships (open, mixed, seniors, juniors) and finally the club cup. We will continue to test changes from year to year, see what works and what doesn't. In any case, it is not easy to bring all the different interests under one roof. Some only travel to individual tournaments and do not want to start early in the morning, while others play several tournaments in a row and could therefore start right after breakfast. The same problems arise at the end of the individual tournaments: some leave and prefer an early tournament, others stay for the next tournament and would also play into the evening. Couples under 60 years of age have to sit out during the senior championship. But if you put this at the beginning or the end of the week, it takes place on the weekend, and younger players who are more likely to still be at work ask why the seniors can't play during the week. I could go on and on with this list for a long time. But hopefully the first examples already show the challenges for the organizers. This bridge magazine would also like to address all members and do justice to the most diverse interests. However, you can simply skip through articles there that are of less interest to you. In the hope that you will only make use of this option in exceptional cases, your warmest greetings from Kai-Ulrich Benthack, President of the DBV

6 6 Current January 2018 Bridge Magazine VISITING FRIENDS and a great result The Radschläger from the Düsseldorf Bridge Club Contact Now, one after the other A few years ago, various bridge clubs from the Düsseldorf area came up with the idea of ​​organizing a special team every year. Match match. Our club, the Düsseldorfer Bridge-Club Kontakt, wasn't there at first. However, individual players from our ranks also competed for various of the participating clubs and always reported with great enthusiasm about the fine atmosphere of the tournament. This year the time had come: we wanted to be part of the 6th edition. The four-city tournament with 4 clubs became a four-city tournament with 5 clubs. The organizer was the Bridge Club Ratingen. With the prince-electors from Jan Wellem, the Lucky Kids from Meerbusch, the Erkrath Neanderthals and the Dumenklemmern from Ratingen, we are going to the start as wheel racers. A total of 80 participants (4 teams from each club). The bar is high. Many well-known names, German champions, world championship participants and current Bundesliga players are in the teams of the competition. Respect, yes, but we don't know fear. We want to respectfully pull ourselves out of the affair. After all, good friendships have their limits when it comes to bridge. bridge & art 30 years ago, on November 14th 1987, the Braunschweig bridge club bridge & art was founded. That was of course a reason to celebrate. 80 members met in the Ölper Waldhaus. At the beginning of the event, the 1st chairman, Norbert Hoffmann, welcomed the participants and pointed out that, in keeping with its name, the club, in addition to its focus on bridge, also duly honors art. Art exhibitions take place regularly in the club rooms. The club recently acquired The Competition keeps what it promised. Best bridge at a solid club level. And then, after almost 4 hours of struggling for each IMP, the final result was announced: Clearly, we won the tournament. First shaking the head in disbelief, then pure joy! The competition congratulates the surprising and outstanding winning team with reference to an excellent team performance. Thank you very much! The overall result: 1st Düsseldorf Bridge Club Kontakt (199.90 SP), 2nd Bridge Club Meerbusch 1993 (162.53), 3rd Bridge Club Jan Wellem 1934 (151.74), 4th Bridge Club Erkrath-Hochdahl 69 (147, 07), 5th Ratinger Bridge Club (140.03). Special thanks go to the organizing Ratinger Bridge Club. The tournament was a lot of fun despite all the sporting rivalry with a good mood of the participants and organization and catering that left nothing to be desired. Thomas Jacobs also celebrated its 30th anniversary with a homepage, namely here you can read the results of the bridge tournaments and, in addition to all relevant information about the club, even see a film that the NDR shot in the club rooms last year. Rainer Klepper, who has been working in China for a few years and who came especially for the anniversary, was particularly welcomed. Then Michael Seiffert, the sports manager of the club, who was already there when it was founded, gave an overview of the history of the bridge club. Of the 30 founding members, 8 were present at the celebration. The club developed rapidly in the following years and is now one of the largest clubs in Lower Saxony with 150 members. The increase in members is mainly due to the fact that bridge courses for beginners are offered regularly. The Braunschweiger Club provides not only quantitative, but also qualitative young talent; Marie Eggeling from Brunswick recently became German champion in the national couple league. After the speeches, an exquisite buffet was lavishly dined in the Ölper Waldhaus; before it came to the highlight of the day, a four-hour bridge tournament based on the Butler rating. In the end, Maria Suckow and Andreas Land were celebrated as winners. But the other participants also agreed that they had spent a nice day together. Norbert Hoffmann

7 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Founder's picture in the garden 25 YEARS OF BRIDGEVEREIN News WILDESHAUSEN 7 Sad news after the celebration Bridge-Club Lüdinghausen turned 25 years old 23 women and men founded the Bridge-Club Lüdinghausen on March 16, 1992. On Sunday, November 12th, 2017, the Bridge Club Lüdinghausen celebrated its 25th anniversary in the chapter house of Lüdinghausen Castle. The club's 20th birthday had been celebrated in the same rooms five years ago. The chairwoman Elke Drews, who unfortunately could not take part due to illness, founded the Bridge Club in the Kolping House in Lüdinghausen with 23 members a quarter of a century ago. The club emerged from VHS courses that Elke Drews has offered since 1989. In the same year the club also became a member of the DBV. A few weeks after the anniversary celebration, the club members received the sad news that Elke Drews had passed away. The mayor of Lüdinghausen, Richard Borgmann, insisted on congratulating the Bridge Club and especially Elke Drews. Elke Drews was not only a co-initiator, but also a bridge teacher and was chairwoman of the 80 club members from the region from Bösensell to Lünen, the second strongest bridge club in Westphalia. For this year's anniversary, the deputy chairwoman Elke Möllers welcomed the founding members Agnes Finkenbrink, Heidrun Heyrich, Elisabeth Lütkefels, Doris Runte and Ursula Wockel.A special welcome went to the bridge players from their friend BC Werne. The board then awarded other deserving club members with a badge of honor: Elke Drews, Inga Gaubig, Ursula Schulte, Renita Stein. Then it was time for the big anniversary tournament. An individual tournament was played with tournament director Peter Eidt. The winner was Monika Sandkühler ahead of Christa Sander and Elisabeth Cordes. After that there was still time for a cozy get-together. Winners of the anniversary tournament, v. l .: Hedwig Stüer (6th), Hildegard Uhlenbrock (4th), Dr. Dietmar Malwitz (5th), Elisabeth Cordes, Christa Sander and Monika Sandkühler Mayor Richard Borgmann and the chairwoman and club founder Elke Drews at the celebration of the 20th anniversary. The Bridgeverein Wildeshausen e. V. celebrated its 25th anniversary on in a festive setting. The chairwoman, Christa Stroot, welcomed the mayor Jens Kuraschinski as a guest of honor, as well as the chairwoman of the Northwest Regional Association, Ms. Ellen Munderloh, and guests of the Delmenhorst, Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg associations. During this celebration, several honors were given for long-term membership and special commitment. The culinary lunch buffet is followed by an individual tournament with evaluation and award ceremony. The subsequent coffee table with delicious cakes, naturally baked by the ladies of the association, rounded off the celebration. It was a harmonious day, which once again emphasized the good climate and the solidarity of the club. (Christa Stroot, Doris Reiser) The DBV congratulates the 1. Bridge-Club Nürnberg-Fürth, the Stuttgart Bridge-Club years 60 on the 85th anniversary, the Aachen Bridge-Club 1953 on the 65th anniversary of the Bridge-Club Mainz, the bridge club Neumünster for the 60th anniversary the bridge tournament club Dortmund, the bridge club Soest years years years for the 50th anniversary the 1st bridge club run for the 45th anniversary the Lindenthaler Bridge Club, the bridge tournament sports club Hanover 35 years for the 35th anniversary, the Bridge Club Bonn II, the Bridge Club 25 Mönchen-Gladbach for the 30th anniversary, the Bridge Club Pinneberg, the Bridge Club Rheinfelden, the Bridge Club Schopfheim for the 25th anniversary Bridge Club of the Bridge-Colleg Hannover for the 20th anniversary and the Bridge Club Ettlingen for the 10th anniversary

8 8 Cover story January 2018 Bridge Magazin The DBV and its tournaments 2018 Text: Sigrid Battmer The Christmas days are over, the weather is cold and uncomfortable. Since you don't want to stay outside longer than absolutely necessary, you sit in the warm and think of the beautiful, sunny season in which the spirits are awakened again and we can face new challenges full of energy. For the toughest bridge players, the year begins with the league games, initially at regional level. There is something here for all skill levels, because the leagues are staggered. So if you enjoy the competition and want to compete with other players, you will find a platform here. Oh yes, the game is played in team mode. To take part, you need another couple with the same ambitions. Since these events usually take place on weekends, but mostly only around three, this time is filled with action and you can at least relieve the sofa at home during this time. The first competition, which will be held nationwide, begins in the home country. You already guessed it, I'm talking about the Challenger Cup at club level. This tournament is becoming increasingly popular. In the week from March 5th to 9th, 2018, the clubs nationwide will play for the qualification to participate in the inter-regional rounds, which will then take place across the country on June 24th. Anyone who is successful there is allowed to do so on 1/2 Participate in the final on September 30 But let's see where we can go this year in terms of bridge, apart from the extensive range of bridge trips. A special date occurs to me. Have you ever been to Dresden? This year there is a special opportunity. The DBV will hold its general meeting there on March 17th. If you want to represent your club, I highly recommend that you participate. Not that there will be new elections again who are interested in the fate of the association, but in the evenings there is always a nice tournament with participants from all corners of Germany. And this beautiful city, which is not called Florence on the Elbe for nothing. A trip there is therefore definitely worthwhile. The year goes on. Internationally, the German Bridge Team Trophy will continue in Berlin at the beginning of May (July 5th). This is again an event in team mode, but all skill levels are represented. It's definitely worth taking a look.

9 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Cover story 9 The Open German Team Championship will take place in Kassel from June. Every team can take part, dare to take part. Kassel is fairly central and can be easily reached from anywhere. The next big event is the championship week in Berlin, which takes place in the week of July 22nd to 29th. The championships for couples, mixed couples, mixed teams and seniors are held here. As is well known, Berlin is also worth a trip, and not just one. If you don't want to play all of the tournaments on offer, you can also enjoy other of the countless facets of this city. Try it. You have probably already planned your vacation for the Bridge Festival, which will take place from June 9th to 17th in Wyk auf Föhr. In addition to many different types of tournaments, there is also the opportunity to deepen your bridge skills. The loosely designed lessons by Wolfgang Rath are very popular, as evidenced by the high number of participants; it is also a good opportunity to see familiar faces again. Many have been looking forward to it all year round. Be there again. If you are female, you may still be interested in the Women's Pair Bundesliga, whereby there are usually still places available in the 3rd season and you do not have to qualify for it. To do this, you would have to go to Darmstadt. But if you don't like it that special, the pair of regional leagues also take place in October in the four cardinal points of the country. I can recommend this to you very much: No long journeys, no changing of the usual pair strategy in the game, but still high chances of winning with silver points (master points) and the chance to play in the Bundesliga for the next season. Give it a try, because trying makes you smart. With that we have almost reached the end of the DBV bridge year, after which only the finals of the eliminations such as the Challenger Cup and the DBV Pokal will take place. Maybe there is something for you and you combine vacation and bridge once more? See you soon? Bridge trips to the Canary Islands since 1992 GRAN CANARIA 2018 ***** Luxury Hotel Palm Beach Maspalomas For the 4th time we can enjoy the hospitality, the exquisite cuisine and the unique ambience of the legendary Seaside Hotel: Bridge holidays at the highest level! The 5-star hotel impresses with its beautiful, thousand-year-old palm grove (with pool 25 + Thalasso pool with sea salt and minerals 28 + brine bath with special minerals and salt water 33!) And the privileged location a few meters from the 6 km long sandy beach and the dunes . April 25th May 7th Days: Double room p.p. from 1.990, (single room from 2.550,) Karin and Günter Buhr Kesselhutweg 5, Darmstadt Tel Handy: G. Buhr:, K. Buhr:

10 10 Sport January 2018 Bridge Magazin Text and pictures: Elke Weber Hattrick for DBV Cup final 2017 in Kassel Munich Playing well with Paul Grünke as a partner is easy, he never says anything. and He has improved very quickly before, but since playing with Roland Rohowsky he has made another giant leap. These were two sentences I heard from David Cole over breakfast in the hotel. Of course, Paul Grünke is only one of four top players who were able to bring home the cup victory for the Munich team after Munich had already won the 1st Bundesliga and the German team championship in 2017 this year. Together with Peter Jokisch, however, he is one of the two players who also took part in two other victories in the major German team tournaments. In addition to Peter and Paul, David Cole and Max Ellerbeck were the Munich team members in the cup final, a mixture of two old hands and two almost juniors. With 110: 58 IMPs they won the final against the team of Hanseatic BC Hamburg (Dror Padon - Ralph Retzlaff and Janko Katerbau - Martin Rehder) after defeating the defending champions from Mannheim with 97:77 IMPs in the semifinals. The Mannheimers (Ulrike Schreckenberger Gregor Sieber, Robert Maybach Wolf Stahl and Elke and Fried Weber) won the game for third place against Oldenburg with 127: 75 IMPs and thus took the bronze medal. The game was played in the beautiful rooms of the Bridge Club Kassel I, which meant that the players got drinks and snacks much cheaper than in a hotel. In addition, Waltraud Vogt had reserved a large table in a nearby restaurant long in advance for Saturday evening, where otherwise a table for 2 would have been problematic. Conclusion: The organization was perfect and everything was inexpensive, that's how it should always be! BRILLIANT IN THE TRUE SENSE DBV President Kai-Ulrich Benthack was also there again, as always with an open ear for questions and suggestions, but mainly to award the medals at the end. In addition to the medals, there were two diamond needles this time: The two almost juniors Paul Grünke and Max Ellerbeck both won their sixth DM title this weekend. But until then it was a difficult path for all teams to cover with turbulent boards and against strong opponents. In action: v. l .: David Cole, Ralph Retzlaff, Paul Grünke and Dror Padon A hand that made people laugh at Munich and by the way also got 12 IMPs was there in the first segment of the final:

11 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Sport 11 In the Closed, David Cole reached the contract on West alone against all of them, which was also achieved in the fight for third place at both tables, albeit in one case without a contradiction. 5ª is unbeatable and earns 650 or a counter 850 points, a nice address in a team tournament. Peter Jokisch went the scientific way here in the south with 3ª: The bid was agreed as a short suit trial bid, i.e. H. it initially showed brevity and interest in the full game. Nord declined this invitation with thanks and Janko Katerbau on Ost already noted 3 «as the final contract on his scoresheet. When the sledge came back through the screen, he and Max Ellerbeck thought they could tidy up, but no: there was still 4 "and 5" on it, and even that was not the end, the next time there was also 5 "and 6" over from the other side. Despite all the tension at a DM final, the following applies to such situations: You can laugh! And that was really taken advantage of! Bidding over 3 "or 4" yourself is very unusual and can bring the tournament director into play in the event of hesitation. Here, however, the situation was clear: According to the motto Six-five come alive! do not give the south hand below 4 "when the partner has raised. Peter Jokisch was not interested in an invitation to the full game, he obviously wanted to find out what the next sensible action is if the opponent bids over 4 "or 5ª. Since Max Ellerbeck's contra got stuck in the throat (or in the bidding box) after this irritation, he then consistently irritated 5 «. Martin Rehder on West had deliberately waited for 3ª and concluded from the irritation of the opponents that 6ª should have good chances. He wasn't entirely wrong either, 9 additionally on the dummy or 10 on him instead of the dummy would have been enough to fulfill. With the current card status, however, he had to concede a faller for 200. Another particularly exciting board from the finals, albeit no swing in this fight, was the following: How would the bidding go if you were seated on all four axes at the table? And how many tricks would presumably be achieved in the final contract reached? In the small final, my husband and I believed we had a good board on OW when he gave a penalty pass on 3 «- X with pass and we collected the maximum 9 tricks in return, which brought in 1,100. And this board actually brought in 12 IMPs, because at the other table had already been penalized at level 2 and one trick less had been scored in defense. In the final, however, it would have cost 8 IMPs, because here you were greedy and successful! Schlemm was stimulated and fulfilled at both tables! Ralph Retzlaff simply announced the Schlemm: Here, too, Munich chose the scientific path again this time in the person of David Cole: He first shows the 4-part cœur and its spade stopper. When, at 4ª, Ost made the assumption that (at least) a 4-4 fit was there, he asked the ace question to be on the safe side, less out of fear that the slam might fall than to make sure that he wasn't a big slumber lost. (Just swap the 4 points in diamonds, i.e. East gets the Ace and South KB!) V. l .: Martin Rehder, Max Ellerbeck, Janko Katerbau and Peter Jokisch 4 “as a kick-back ace question on a Cœur basis saves bidding space, which in this hand was no longer needed in view of the missing ace. The disadvantage of this bid was that East became declarer and the lead of spades came through the fork. But with Paul Grünke

12 12 Sport January 2018 Bridge Magazin, this difficult contract was in good hands. He explained his line as follows: The best chance for me was to guess diamonds correctly and then grab two spades in my hand. For this to work, the ª9 must either be in the north or in the south with a maximum of one double in Cœur. So ace of spades, diamonds to jack and ace (I was pretty sure that Nord would enter with the ace if he had it). Now Trump came back and Nord has put the ª9 to simulate a 4-1 score for the Cœurs. With that I was now able to take the rest of the tricks relatively safely: spades caught with the ace, clubs to the ace, spades caught with the 8, back to the table with cœur and trumps drawn. The course of the game would have been identical if Nord had placed the little Cœur first. WELL PLAYED, EARNED WON At the other table, the play was identical, except that Nord Treff played and the ª9 was not played. It is noteworthy that it is by no means a mistake to trick the second round of spades with the ace and only the third with the 8. All that remains to say is: well played and deservedly won, congratulations on the title and, to the repeat offenders, at least as much congratulations on the diamond needle and / or on winning all three team championships in 2017! Gold and thus the cup to the BC Munich I, v. l .: Peter Jokisch, Paul Grünke, Max Ellerbeck and David Cole The silver medal to the team from Hanseatic Bridge Club Hamburg v. l .: Ralph Retzlaff, Martin Rehder, Dror Padon and Janko Katerbau Bronze went to the Bridge Club Mannheim v. l .: Elke Weber, Fried Weber, Gregor Sieber and Ulrike Schreckenberger. Robert Maybach and Wolf Stahl are missing (small picture).

13 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Sport 13 QUESTIONS TO THE LITTLE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR Christian Farwig answers your questions. Ost is wondering whether he will pass or make an announcement. While East ponders, South makes a concerned face and North takes back his passport and says that he made a mistake. To our protest, Nord replied that he had the right to change the announcement and that Ost had thought too long. North places 2, South 2 in the upper suit and North passes. We also fit. Answer Can North withdraw its bid? The rules of 2007 say in 25: Until his partner makes an announcement, a player may replace an announcement made unintentionally with the announcement intended by him, but only if he does or tries to do so without a pause in thought. If East has had enough time to think about his command and this has also been expressly confirmed by North, this requirement is certainly not fulfilled. But the pause in thought is not the actual criterion either: the tournament director should allow the replacement if it was an obvious slip of the tongue or a mechanical error, but not if the cause of the wrong command was inattentiveness or a lack of concentration. In the new rules, which apply from October 1st, this is also formulated more clearly and the silly paragraph with the pause in thought is replaced by a clearer formulation: If a player notices that he has not made the announcement he wanted to make, he can he replaces his unwanted announcement with the intended announcement until his partner has made an announcement. (...) A change of the announcement can only be allowed if it is a mechanical error or a slip of the tongue, but not in the case of a concentration error regarding the intention of the action. But even after this formulation, Nord has no chance to withdraw its announcement. It is not credible that there is a mechanical error here, for example the bid placed next to it in the bid box, or that a card was accidentally pulled out of the bid box. Apparently, Nord did not see his partner's opening and put the pass in his mind. The rules do not help against such errors of concentration, North has to leave the pass. $ Inquiries can be made at.

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16 16 Sport January 2018 Bridge Magazin RULES for beginners and to refresh (part 2) Inexperienced players do not know the rules as well as experienced players. For fear of breaking the rules, they do not exercise certain rights. This little series aims to remedy that. As in the previous month, I would like to thank Helmut Häusler for the critical review. First we deal with the penalty cards. You know the mishap: As an opponent, you can use a suit that has been played, e.g. B. no longer use spades and throw off z. B. Diamonds. Stop, no, what a shock! You still have a spade; it was at the meetings. You quickly say: I have to serve and exchange the diamond you have already played for your last spade. But the declarer is adamant: the diamond is a penalty card. You mustn't take them up again. You must now leave it open to you. He is right (cf. 50 A TBR), only it would actually be the sole responsibility of the tournament director (cf. 10 A TBR) to express these consequences. But in almost every club it is regulated without the tournament director, because everyone thinks they know how to deal with a penalty card (in this case: a main penalty card): You have to play it at the first legal opportunity, regardless of whether it is the lead, the Serving a suit, as a discard or if the penalty card is a trump by tripping at the first possibility (50 D 1 TBR). The declarer would have better brought in the tournament director. Because the existence of a penalty card has, in addition to the compulsion to play it at the next legal opportunity, a second consequence (50 D 2 TBR), and this is not known everywhere. If the other opponent is on the lead and the penalty card is still in front of his partner, the declarer has the choice of three options: First, he can request that the color of the penalty card in our example diamond is played now. Or, secondly, he can demand that precisely this color is not played out. In either case, the penalty card ceases to be one and is resumed. If the declarer has requested a diamond lead in our example, the penalty card does not have to be added in this trick if its owner has another diamond. THREE OPTIONS FOR THE SOLE PLAYER And the third option? The declarer does not give the player the lead. Then the penalty card remains a penalty card. Let us assume that the ace of clubs is played that wins the trick. Again, the partner of the penalty card owner is on the lead, and the penalty card is still on the table. Again, declarer has a choice of three options, until the penalty card has disappeared because it was either picked up or played. Do you find this a little complicated? Then get the tournament director next time and let them explain it to you. Now a short overview of important rights and restrictions of the dummy. He plays the cards on the table as instructed by the declarer (42 A 3 TBR). And not before the instruction! And especially not before his opponent on the right has played a card! Both are bad habits and incidentally also rule violations (45 F TBR), which occur again and again with some impatient dummies. The dummy may not draw attention to an irregularity during the game, regardless of by whom (43 A 1 (b) TBR). This right is only revived after the end of the game (42 B 3 TBR). But if another player has drawn attention to an irregularity, e.g. For example, in the case of a revoke, the opponent himself can call the dummy (9 B 1 (b), 43 A 1 (a) TBR) and then even tell him what happened, which, by the way, he is always allowed to do if someone called the tournament director (42 A 1 TBR). On the other hand, he may in no way advise the declarer if he has an option with the penalty card as above (10 C 2 TBR). The dummy may try to prevent any irregularity (42 B 2 TBR). If the declarer tugs at his hand even though the table is on the lead, the dummy may warn him. If the declarer no longer serves, the dummy may ask him (61 B 2 (a) TBR) and only him, i.e. no opponent (61 B 2 (b) TBR) (no spades, partner?). And if the declarer or an opponent puts down the card incorrectly after the trick, i.e. vertically instead of horizontally or vice versa, the dummy may draw his attention to this, but only until the declarer plays the next trick, regardless of whether from hand or from the table ( 65 B 3 TBR). Finally: The dummy is not allowed to look into the opponents' cards, neither openly nor secretly (43 A 2 (c) TBR), just as, by the way, the opponents are not allowed to show them their hands (43 A 3 TBR). Kai-Ulrich Benthack

17 Bridge Magazin January 2018 Karo 10 Text and pictures: Marie Eggeling and friends in Böblingen A very special Bridge Sunday Most organizers of bridge tournaments, be it a regional tournament or a German championship, are struggling with falling numbers of participants. More and more often we are confronted with the question: How can we get more people excited to participate? To answer this question, it helps to take a look at the success stories that still exist. The Karo 10 and friends tournament, organized by the young Karo 10 club in Böblingen, is a fine example of such a success. On October 29th the national association tournament took place for the 5th time, this time with 18 teams in three groups. Due to lack of space in the event location Treff am See, 18 tables corresponded to the maximum number of participants, which had already been reached two months beforehand. But what is the recipe for success of this tournament? THE TOURNAMENT'S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS 1. A group in which everyone helps. When I arrive at the venue an hour before the start of the tournament, I am by no means early. Various teams of helpers spent their morning setting up the game room and preparing the buffet. Everyone helps, people talk, laugh and taste. It is immediately obvious: This tournament thrives on everyone taking part. Some club members even only came to help, although they did not even play in the tournament! There is also a matching cake 2. Physical well-being is taken care of An important feel-good factor on this day is that there is never a lack of food and drink. So many volunteers have brought something with them that the buffet will be refilled over and over again during the course of the tournament. First there are snacks, then coffee and cake and the breaks between the rounds are long enough to be able to enjoy it extensively. 3. Enthusiastic participants Most of the participants come from the region, of course, but there are also guests from Hesse, Bavaria, Switzerland and even Denmark. My impression is that if you've played the tournament before, you'll come back from a long way off. And there is usually a reason for that! 4. All skill levels are represented At Karo 10 and friends, everything from beginners to Bundesliga players is represented. So that everyone feels comfortable, the game is played in three classes, where everyone competes against everyone else. WODNIANSKY Bridge & Culture Travel Phone: APULIA in spring culture as far as the eye can see PIETRA BLUE RESORT & SPA **** days: double room from 1,240.00 14 days: double room from 1,540.00 single room: + 18.00 / day CALABRIA Tropea Luxury and relaxation Capovaticano MGallery by Sofitel 10 days in a double room from 1,590.00 (single room + 35.00 / day) VIENNA in late summer GRAND HOTEL BIEDERMEIER **** Strolling through Schönbrunn, walking on the Ringstrasse, playing bridges in one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Double: from 1,260, single: from 1,420, - from 990, - if you arrive by yourself up to the city center tour and VCC including royal game along the LOIRE Paris, Orléans to Tours. Visit Versailles, Blois, Chenonceau, Chambord and much more with us. Fixed location from 21 to All excursions start at 9:30 am with a planned return at 4:00 pm. 10 days: double room from 1,790.00 / single room from 2,040.00 SOUTH ITALY Caribbean flair on the Ionian Sea 14 / VOI Floriani Garden Resort **** 14 days: double room 1,660.00 / 10 days: double room 1,390.00 CRETE Sunbathing in autumn Pilot Beach ***** DR from 1,290.00 (+ SR 15.-) All trips incl. DR / HB / flight / transfer / bridge program All incl.