What are the tallest buildings in Atlanta

The tallest building in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States and has amazing skyscrapers unique in design and size. These buildings, built in different years, are home to some of the most prestigious companies in the world that attract investors from around the world to settle and work in this southern side of the US. The city of Atlanta is home to at least 37 skyscrapers that reach more than 400 feet tall.

The tallest building in Atlanta

Bank of America Square

The Bank of America Plaza is located on the southeastern side of the United States and is the tallest building in Atlanta. At 1,023 feet tall, this reputable building is easily accessible due to its location on Interstate 75/85 Downtown Connector, where several bus routes service the area. Built in 1992, Bank of America Plaza was also called 13th the tallest building in the country and the 93rdapprox the highest in the world. The design of the building incorporates a postmodern architectural style with a creative twist. The landscaping of the building is perfected with a lush green park that provides a spacious dining area that takes advantage of the premise. Atlanta's tallest building is home to several companies in the finance, real estate and legal sectors, which is why it has received so much attention over the years.

SunTrust Plaza

Also called "One Peachtree Center", SunTrust Plaza is gray with a postmodernist architectural style that was constructed in 1992. At 871 feet tall, this building is 60 floors above the ground and is the 27th floorth tallest building in the USA. One of the objects that are easy to see for the users of the building are the works of art, which give the lobby an artistic feel associated with the sculptures by the architect John Portman. SunTrust Plaza is primarily used for commercial purposes and is home to various organizations such as Portman Holdings, LLC.

An atlantic center

Proposed for construction in 1985, One Atlantic Center ended in 1987, this was the tallest building in Atlanta then at 50 floors above ground and is 40thth the tallest building in the country. At 850 feet tall, this skyscraper is made of a composite structural material that gave birth to its light brown color. The building is mainly used for commercial purposes. It is important to note that the rooms on all floors are spacious and guarantee civic-free spaces. The surrounding area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis prestigious center is a 2.5 acre park that has been beautifully landscaped with water features and courtyards. The postmodern architectural style of the building has a shaft modeled after the famous "Tribune Tower" in Chicago, which inevitably increased the popularity of this building, which is one of the tallest in Atlanta.

191 Peachtree Tower

Located in downtown Atlanta, the 191 Peachtree Tower is the creative work of architect Kendal / Heaton Associates Inc., which was completed in 1990. This glass granite building is 770 feet tall with 50 floors above the ground and is the 63rd floorapprox tallest building in the USA. The two rooftop crowns are the specialty and the building was awarded the BOMA Building of the Year Award in 1991 and 1998. The gray skyscraper has a postmodern architecture and is mainly used for commercial purposes. The 191 Peachtree Tower is opposite the famous atrium.

History of the skyscraper

The history of skyscrapers in Atlanta dates back to 1892 when the Equitable Building was built. The construction boom was experienced in the mid 1980s through to 1990. This is the period in which four of the tallest buildings were completed. Of the twenty tallest buildings in the state of Georgia, 18 are in Atlanta.

The tallest buildings in Atlanta

rankSurnameHeight, feet (meters)Construction year
1Bank of America Square1,023 (311.8)1992
2SunTrust Plaza871 (265)1992
3An atlantic center820 (250)1987
4191 Peachtree Tower770 (235)1990
5Westin Peachtree Plaza723 (220)1976
6Georgia Pacific Tower697 (212)1982
7Promenade II691 (211)1990
8AT&T Midtown Center677 (206)1982
93344 Peachtree665 (203)2008
101180 Peachtree657 (200)2006
11GLG Great609 (186)1992
12Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta580 (177)2008
13The Atlantic577 (176)2009
14Two Peachtree buildings556 (169)1966
15Marriott Marquis Hotel554 (169)1985
16TWELVE Centennial Park Tower I491 (150)2007
17Office tower Midtown-One487 (148)2009
18Park Avenue Condominiums486 (148)2000
19Term 100485 (148)2007
20Viewpoint480 (146)2008

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